How to Eat Melons While Strategizing the Villain?


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Yu Keke is bound to a system after transmigrating into a book, demanding the redemption of the blackened villain.

If the task is not completed, she will die. She has a sincere attitude: How should she approach Ji Jingye and prevent him from turning black?

The system answered confidently: How do I know?

Yu Keke: ? So what’s the use of you?

System: I know everything in this world. For example, the top star person in front of you is already secretly married and had children with his agent, but is secretly dating a female celebrity who he has recently fried CP with. The female internet celebrity over there is about to get married, but she is still having a lot of fun outside. She and her friend P plan to play exciting games on their wedding night… balabala

Yu Keke: ! And then what? Has she been discovered?

System: ?

After discovering that they were the same kind, one person and one system immediately became addicted to eating melons, so happy that they completely forgot about tasks and villains.

Until one day …

System: Host, I suspect the villain has been secretly in love with you for a long time. He actually has a lot of photos you sent him on his phone – wait, why are our channels still connected ? !

One person and one system were shocked and turned around. The big villain who was processing documents looked up and smiled at them, saying, “What’s the matter, won’t you continue chatting?”

Yu Keke: ! !

System: ! !

So system, is the task considered completed?

Ah, this… may, maybe?
– – – – – – –

Ji Jingye was unexpectedly reborn and somehow connected to the system and Yu Keke’s mind channel.
He sat with cold eyes waiting for Yu Keke to attack him and prevent him from blackening.

However …

Yu Keke: [Really? Really? Wow, then what?]

System: [Then the man…]

Yu Keke: [Woohoo, exciting!]

Ji Jingye: …… I feel like a fool for taking precautions seriously.

After Ji Jingye took the initiative to appear, Yu Keke finally saw him and her eyes lit up.

He waited silently for her to speak, but heard the system’s [wow] appear again.

[Host, I just ate a big melon! The woman is actually pregnant, she’s keeping it, this is absolutely first-hand news!]

Yu Keke quickly turned around: [What, what, whose child is it?]

Ji Jingye’s face remained expressionless: … Do they still remember what their task is?

Wait, so whose child is it?

Reading guide:

1. All melons and characters have no original counterpart. Any similarities are purely made up. Please do not substitute them.

2. The novel world has no logic, please remember to put away your brain when reading (dog head)

3. The variety show in chapters 44-47 involves lily melons, which is described but not considered as a side CP. There is no follow-up after the variety show, so if you are not interested, you can skip it directly~

One sentence summary: Damn it, the villain actually eavesdropped on us eating melon!

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Conquering Villains Isn't as Enjoyable as Eating Melons
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8 Reviews

Dec 06, 2023
Status: Completed
A very cute story~

FL and her system are all about eating melons, leaving behind their "original target", the forgotten ML.

... more>>

ML was a reborn person, having his 2nd chance at life. The story doesn't really talk about his perspectives or experiences of his 1st life, so no input on his view on that.

FL was a transmigrator, but maybe I missed something when they talked about the original, because I don't remember much about the original.


FL and the system had a blast all the time talking about other people's melons. FL was even recognised as a melon-eater by the netizens. She got off scott-free from all her antiques because she's rich, rich and rich.. Oh, and cute~

What's funny is that people trust her 'intel' very much. Her melons are genuine and trustworthy~


ML doesn't seem to have a presence at first. But as time goes on, he finally has a place in the FL's life, and finally has more "screen-time".


The story ends with an unknown melon only to the FL and ML (not even the system knows!). It's a fun HE~

For those who like eating melons, this story is absolutely recommended 🌈🍿🥤 <<less
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Nov 06, 2023
Status: c40
I really liked the MC and system in the beginning, but the novelty of her genuine lack of interest in saving the ML wore off quickly. Besides eating melons, she has no other goal and is like a puppy with a new toy every 5 minutes. There seems to be no over arching plot, it's just one gossip session to the next, which was fine in the beginning but it gets old very quickly. ML is your typical iceberg who doesn't know how to communicate. He can listen to MC... more>> and system conversations and when they say something he gets upset or disagrees with, he turns from an ice block into a freezer and MC and system are left baffled as to why. Please learn how to communicate. But I will be dropping this novel, because I skipped to the end and she's still eating melons and that's just too much melon for me. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 22, 2024
Status: Completed
Just like the title said, its full of melon seed, no it is a melon field. I found it hilarious at first, but the repeatation make it hard to pass. The romance progress only happen bc the villain happen to be in their brain wave. Just like the system said, MC really didnt do anything, and the villain start blushing and feeling hot just from MC casual and unintentional words. The romance only start in the latter part.

It supposed to be 5 stars, because the romance is short and nice,... more>> the melon is sweet, but the netizen chattering was just too long and sometimes unnecesarry it take almost half chapter otherwise its a fine journey <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 02, 2024
Status: Completed
MC's only meaning in life is to eat melons, and I respect that. Wherever there is melon, there she is. It's hilarious.

  1. Melon eating is almost the whole point of the story, I didn't get bored nor did I think it was too much.
  2. Romance was gradual and natural. I don't like too much romance and this amount was okay.
  3. Pace was alright and ending was alright. Wrapped up without any loose ends or questions.
All in all, a very enjoyable light read when you need a break from the heavy stuff. 9/10 would... more>> recommend. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 13, 2023
Status: c15
The melon is the story.

Reading a little bit I became curious and came to NU, coincidentally this novel is here and even better that it has several reviews, because I had a question and those reviews gave me the answer. Although the beginning is upbeat and the style of this author is witty and funny, but you can't help but notice one thing right away that the story is more about consuming melons than anything else. Like the main point is just watching FL consuming gossip, but if the story... more>> is to be filled with gossip only there will be two possible pattern happening - you will find it funny and follow along, because of the author's style and FL is likable to me (she's pretty naughty, black-bellied and thick-skinned) OR you will find that the gossip oversaturated the story and there is no substantial content except from catching gossip here and there.

Also, I consider there is active melon and passive melon and passive melon prevailed. E.g. The situation of the Yu famly was an active melon, since Yu Keke used the knowledge she received from the system to pull her uncle and aunt apart. And it would be cool if such things happened more. While for the most part she is just witnessing gossip like a passer-by and doesn't do anything with it, just enjoys it. The value of those gossips is pure shock and tease value, but it also has a little development moment, so if you like some twists and turns it can be quite entertaining. But searching for some sort of depth in this type of story will be fruitless. Example: Like the complicated situation on the set of Keke's new drama. 4th female lead came in through unspoken rules, thinking further she went to the 1st male lead, was turned down, went after 2nd male lead, who was away having an affair with a married woman, 4th FL came few times, so saying she knew 2nd ML was not in the room made him think he was busted. This part has 0% impact on anything, it's purely entertainment, but because it's more dynamic development instead of static statement (like if someone simply said - oh, he has an affair, but skipped on development), things seem more fun.

So yeah, this is the questionable part that I thought of when reading - the balance between her activities in eating melons and the content when she's more of a protag of her own story and not a passer-by for others. If it doesn't bother you, then I'm sure you'll enjoy it, if it does, then you know what to do :)

PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: If you're into gossip-loving characters or plots with gossips I recently follow 路人甲心声泄露后被反派全家团宠了 by 夕朝南歌. It's on-going but it's hysterical, although it should be BL. But the premise is about the young man Ye Leyao who awakens his memories and realizes that he lives in a world with many novels cross-overs and the Huo family that adopted him is a family full of villains in other stories. On a fateful day when the second Huo brother wanted to leave the house with his White Moonlight and their child entire Huo family heard Ye Leyao's inner voice talking how White Moonlight's child in the belly does not belong to him and he's used for money. Since then entire Huo family embarked on the road of eating melons, even if it is their own. The difference of this novel is that Ye Leyao knows the plots perfectly and also expresses his opinion too, which shaped his lively personality. Don't forget 'I Became A Melon Exposing Expert In The Entertainment Industry' [BG], which can be found on NU, but it's more about exposing stuff herself as a reporter. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 29, 2024
Status: Completed
That was entertaining and funny! Plot-wise, there's really not much going on here. Eating melons here, eating melons there, provoking the villain here, taunting the OG ML there, etc. It's repetitive but I didn't feel bored because the FL and the system were funny, coupled with the speechlessness and (gradually being interested with melons too) of the ML, this trio were really hilarious lol.

As for the romance, I really like how (shameless) proactive the FL was. Their romance can be said to be gradual but their characters fit so well.... more>> I like them both!

However, I still haven't forgotten the first chapter though. It was said that when the system appeared, the FL was in the hospital and the system said that when she succeeded in saving the world through redeeming the villain, she can be reborn in her original world. I actually thought that this would be part of the plot. But after the 1st chapter, it wasn't mentioned ever again.

Anyway, aside from that, there's really not much going on here. Nevertheless, I was really entertained by it because it was really funny. 8/10. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 25, 2024
Status: Completed
Okay so don't take this novel so seriously. Its a fun comedic novel that made me laugh so hard with all the drama that goes on. Minimal romance.

Its basically full of gossip, drama kinda like S** in the City, HIMYM, ya know all that sitcoms? Our FL and system loves gossip and where else but the entertainment system and rich people fam that has tons of gossip and drama? So FL and her system goes around getting juicy gossip and sometimes helping people who are involved in those drama.

She supposedly... more>> has a task to help the ML reduce his blackening value so that he doesn't end the world but FL is too busy chasing drama that she doesn't actively try to save the ML. ML however is somehow also connected to FL and system and slowly gets into listening to all this drama too.

It is hilarious when FL goes around finding out all this juicy gossip. It does mean however that 90% of the novel is just conversation between her and the System regarding the drama/gossip.

Just read it for fun.

Honestly would've liked more romance and more substance to ML's backstory which I felt wasn't fleshed out properly.. But this novel made me laugh a lot and I did enjoy reading it so I'm still giving it a 5.

edit: I read 路人甲心声泄露后被反派全家团宠了 as recommended by hy-dr-a and it is also super hilarious! Its fun because even more people can hear the gossip/melons. <<less
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Dec 09, 2023
Status: Completed

its a 3.5 for me. like someone else mentioned, it's definitely all about MC 'eating melons'. Literally that's 90% of the strory with ML in the background passively listening in on the MC n system's 24/7 gossip XD. im ngl the various gossips in the entertainment n wealthy circle were just too much and at a point a lil annoying especially when thats all there is to the plot apart from the occasional interaction with ML... as mtl also makes it a bit annoying to follow up with so... more>> many different characters/names/gossip plots I did ignore a lot in the last bit of the noevel. I mostly wanted to know how MC n ML develop and the system confrontation n after and well im not gonna spoil it for yall but if anything the mc's proactive and shameless thoughts are always entertaining. Im not sure how the MC ended up liking the ML n vice-versa but it felt like they just somehow got together somewhat naturally...?

idk what more to say except it was entertaining enough and easy to read n pass the time. Not really complicated, no real villains or brainless plots with cannon-fodders tryna steal the mc/ml... maybe a slight bit bout ogML messing about but hes pretty much ignored by them XD.... oh if anything I just wonder what happened to ogML and ogFL

this would have prolly been a lot better fully translated.

-right someone mentioned the ML being reborn??? idk even in the early chapters I dont remeber seeing that... idk could have missed that bit but fr cant recall that... the only reason why he knew so many things happening was simply because of MC and system gossiping bout stuff so ig after investigating things became even more clear and he could take action earlier.

thsi also reminds me the story seems to have poor worldbuilding and background info on both main characters but ig it doesnt really affect the story but would be nice to know.

3 stars would prolly be a better ranking actually

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