How a Nuisance Character Survives in a Horror Game


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Unfortunately, I was reincarnated as a nuisance character in a horror game.

I have one goal.

I need to find an escape gate to avoid the demons living in the abandoned hotel, but…

“S-Sister… They say a monster has appeared. Are you going to leave me alone?”
“Sister, what on earth are you looking for?”
“I want to stay next to you.”

The final boss, who approached me pretending to be a child, never thinks of falling from me.

[Holloway opens the door to check if you’re there.] [Holloway breathes a sigh of relief after confirming that the ‘comedian’ is in good hands.]

Evelin’s eyebrows twitched as the system windows appeared one after another.

“…Is he crazy?”

Who is the comedian?

Evelin thought she was raising Holloway that well.

And she soon realizes that it was arrogance.

“If you want, I’ll even lick your feet.”

So don’t get out of here, Evelin.

Holloway kissed Evelin’s knee.
The eyes toward Evelin were filled with mad obsession.

The one who was raised, was herself.

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공포 게임 속 민폐캐가 살아남는 방법
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