He’s not a Lizard, But a Dragon


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Ten years have passed since Michika transmigrated to another world at the age of eighteen. Now almost thirty years old and working as a traveling merchant she has managed to accumulate a lot of wealth from selling rare ingredients and due to her special skill.

However, Michika was tired of living alone and wished for a family.

So one day, when she encountered a woman whipping a young lizard boy who was wearing a s*ave collar, she impulsively ended up spending all of that day’s earned money to buy him from his master.

“Well, lizard boy, won’t you become my child?” She offered, planning to adopt him and have him become her son.

(But, I’m a dragon…)

And four years later, Michika, who by then was a thirty-two-year-old lady, was suddenly pinned down by her eighteen-year-old child who then confessed his love for her.

Being told of his love… she ran away.

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Tokage Janakute Ryuu datta
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Anikarp rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: Completed
As usual, these descriptions aren't the best...
It will take a while before it reaches the synopsis.

Michika is a woman who's traumatized domestic violence and transmigrates into another world.
After isolating herself, she meets a traumatized boy, s*ave at that time, whom she decides to adopt.
From there on, it's about their lives together as they adjust and try to move on.

I like this story. It's not too long, and there is character development.
My only complaint is that it can feel a little rushed sometimes, and the transition from
family to lover doesn't really click for a while. A few time I felt a little weirded out with
where... more>> the plot was headed, too.

The thing that bothered me most:

Suddenly, her ex husband finds his way to her new world, and they basically have a showdown.

I feel like it was rushed by the author to quickly give her closure to make Michika accept Cedric faster.


Ah, the snu snu is nice too. I wish there was more, but the plot is enjoyable. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
This was a short novel with plenty to smile about, perfect other than some trigger worthy bits that might put other readers on edge.

Both characters have backstories of being sexually abused. Don’t read if this makes you squeamish. Also don’t read if you have a problem with imperfect characters who make some mistakes along the way.

Overall this is a HE so I do recommend it if these things don’t impact enjoyment of the overall plot for you. I honestly found the plot a little shallow in... structure? Everything is laid... more>> out in black and white. The villains do bad things. The good guys survive this. The characters have approximately one ‘misunderstanding’ or otherwise dramatic mini-arc each. The ending ties up every plot nicely unlike real life despite the story going into some pretty heavy topics. This is better than an unstructured plot 10/10.

The character and world building are both strong. There were only a few things that didn’t add up for me, but part of that may have been because I didn’t wait for the translation to finish.

Something I couldn’t figure out near the end due to language barrier:


The witch has this monologue where she exposes her own motivations. It’s clear that the MC is under her protection, but hard to tell if she has altruistic or twisted good feelings for the other woman. Is it friends or a secret crush? Something is revealed here, I just don’t know what LOL.


Something that seemed to violate character settings of the male lead (18+) ++ Something about the scene that made me LOL (bonus - sorry for length) :


There is a chapter where he masterbates and reveals his s*xual attraction to the FL. I’m not saying ‘#consent2020’, this chapter has a clear purpose as a scene within the story and makes sense from certain perspectives. What confuses me is that he is super considerate of her, yet ejaculates on her face while she is sleeping. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but masterbating next to a sleeping person is already near the line. Ejaculating onto a unwilling person is a type of s*xual assault in a large part of my country. This feels out of place for his character considering his setting as a fellow victim who has realized her trauma and is being very cautious not to cross lines until she is ready.

[LOL Bonus] Not to mention she would have noticed. To write it out longhand:

1. There is something wrong with you if warm (not to mention salty) liquid suddenly squirts on your face and you don’t wake up. Most animals (including people) have a hard-wired reaction to having liquid anywhere near where we breath.

2. The smell airing out of the room would not take the smell off of her skin (ie face).

3. Wiping her face with something dry would not remove the smell.
4. Wiping her face with something wet would wake her up.

5. She isn’t a virg*n, and it sounds like she had a pretty active s*x life with her ex-husband, willing or not. If any scent is left, she would recognise what it is and there is a pretty clear culprit for who it is.

So either she knew and pretended to be unaware (unlikely) or he cleaned her with magic (Most convenient, butI think the story specifically mentioned using clothe of some type to wipe her). Lol

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DJNorman rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: c40
Can anyone link to me the raws for this series? Or even better, if anyone has a copy of the translations can you message me them. I have read this one once, but I am dying to reread it.

As for the review, I can recommend this series as I felt the story and romance comes from a different direction than others that I have read. It a fairly fast paced series, but doesn't leave much room for dissatisfaction. The characters are likable, and the smut is nice... yep.
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October 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Fair warning, it contains content that may be unsettling for some readers but nothing too overly descriptive.

Story focuses on relationship dynamics

If you're looking for a short to medium length story with r18 then this might be for you? Does involve some time skipping, age gap (check description) and other plot devices to speed up the story so some things do come off a little rushed. There's a few POV changes but thankfully it's not enough to be confusing. There's also extra content that seems to be updating as of last... more>> time I checked which is nice. <<less
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sinsinsin rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: Completed
It's good. I mean other than ... more>>

that scene where he masturbated to her while she was asleep. He's manipulative, kinda. Of course he's gonna be messed up though. At least he's better than her ex husband. Her ex husband sucks, and I'm happy that she stood up to him. She's a strong woman. It's weird that she's okay with sleeping with him, letting him see her in her underwear but when he suddenly gets a potential lover all of a sudden she's gonna be like "what's this I'm feeling... why am I not happy?" I hate it. Also I hate that cat girl (?) lover was also 14.

It's fiction at the end of the day so, eh. <<less
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pearlception rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Its a short fast-paced story. I finished reading the MTL and it was okkk. I was upset about the abused that male lead received before he was sold to Michika. Sooo readers, beware.
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CKJnovelFANatic rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: c20
I’m enjoying this creative fantasy world love story of how two damaged people can find solace in each other. Really looking forward to seeing how it plays out so thanks translator-sama🙏
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Smtha rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: extra 4
Really like this story. Quick and straight forward romance. Both MC and ML have been abused in the past and it’s really healing thats both both found love and happiness with each other. Recommend short read. Thank you
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