Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times


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Chi Yuyang transmigrated into another world in ancient times.

The first creature she encountered was a wounded tiger cub.

As a cat lover, Chi Yuyang looked at the hairball in front of her and helped it.

But no one told her that the cub was an extremely powerful beastman.

Before transformation:

Hairball: Awoooo (you’re not allowed to touch me).

The cute Chi Yuyang: Tuan Tuan is so cute.

After transformation:

Hu Jin: Aowu aowuu (wife touch me).

Chi Yuyang who was thrown down: Get off of me.

As the only adult beastman in the tiger clan that reached the fourth tier, Hu Jin never thought there would be a day that he would fail his advancement and be reverted in his child form.

However, looking at the female who saved him, the tiger Hu Jin felt that the female he always sneered at became his treasure.

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March 19, 2021
Status: c2
I won't vote on this story because I can't tell if either this is good or bad since I only read two chapters.

The impression i've got is that it doesn't seem like anything overly different if your used to beastman settings, just MC transmigrating to an ancient world and having to live in a backward society where she develops romance with the ML.

Now you wonder, why after only reading two chapters I decided to write a review.

I'll be frank here, this book bothers me a lot. Not because it is... more>> bad but because I'm astonished that someone would actually write about a ML being a freaking White tiger and someone would actually translate it.

I hope the translation team doesn't take this in a bad way, after all they might've thought the story was good but I feel that the way the author decided to romantacize a white tiger, as if its the most normal thing in the world, is a bit insensitive and contributes to the widespread of myths and misinformation.

For those who're not aware, White Tigers aren't a race of tigers and they shouldn't EVEN exist. They are a result of humans forced inbreeding of Tigers, the mother tiger is forced to copulate with her own sons in order to give birth to 'white' little babies, or in reverse, for beauty and tourism. For this reason, this little tigers who're born out of inbreeding don't live long, that is if they happen to survive their childhood. Face deformation, cognition problems, hear problems, heart abnormalities and vision impairments that result most of them being cross-eyed.

The worst of all some Theme parks and Zoos around the world not only do this practices but also get away with it because the governements don't give an f about them.

I feel like authors, even fanfiction authors, and yes even translators should know that they have a responsibility with the public and should be careful about what they write and translate, specially when it comes to sensitive issues such as this one. This is a barbaric practice and should not be romanticized.

I don't want to say to take it out but maybe try to 'change' the ML description of white tiger to Bengal or any other. <<less
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SkyRocket rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c22
Very cute and funny. Has a similar feel to gentle beast at the beginning. Tho it's different enough to still be a refreshing read. As the chapters progress it seems to differ more from gentle beast.

The translation is awesome.

Fingers crossed that this will continue to be updated

Couldn't wait for updates and ended up google translating the raws... Too bad that as of chapter 23 you have to pay ;-; sad noises
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agathe rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c29
Another beastmen story written by people who know nothing about animals' behaviors, biology, sexuality, plant growth and evolution (like wild sheep don't come from plains (they are steep mountain creatures) - you need way more than a bit of cacao to poison a tiger (there's a body mass ratio, thankfully!) - cacao is a tropical plant that would hardly survive 3 months of an icy winter : dumb ? And so on...

so here you also have the full nonsense, an animal who would mistake period... more>> and fertile times, monkeys who knows nothing about sensually (see how bonobos knows more than most humans, even chimps knows quite a bit) , sexuality that only exist to reproduce (search m*sturbation in animals) there are too many bias and prejudices I can't count...

don't even start me on « hierarchy « and these ridiculous ideology about « strength « : do we know what « strength « is about for other species ? At a time when we teach our kids about trophique cascades and draw animals relationships with spiderwebs instead of pyramids, we'd hope to finally see enlightenment in writing with animals as main characters - but no !

this story is very similar to many, the bad ape orc the good tiger, the smarter (albeit useless) human (by that I mean the girls would simply never have survived a week without a furry pet/boyfriend to feed / instruct / house / occasionally save them from the environment)

luckily the MC in neither to silly or boss, we're also spared the reverse harem little submissive boss (yeah go figure, but that is really the way that goes) , the relationship can't be considered equal either as the MC is simply too different, and end up being a half pet owner / lover - then again, why make a half veterinary with so little culture ?

so nut much of a plot not much characters, but well fluffy ears and tails - for 'big) cat lovers

it' ok for a little bit as a sleeping read, it has high chances of becoming even more s*upid

but it's not worse than the rest of this registry (it might even be better for the fore mentioned points)

if you never read anything like that and are not as stubborn as I am about minimal nonsense when it comes tothe animal kingdom, it's a bit fun <<less
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nyxzi rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c23
Quite nice story tho. Like what mentioned, if you just read few chaps it looks like a gentle beast but its totally different plotline.

I like how the MC trying to survive and understand that she is now in a different world. Also, giving a chance to the ML to be her partner.
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Yunxieee rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: v9
This is good.. These days I like the story of transmigated to another world with possessive ML especially this.. Beastkin mate *ehem.* I personally think ML is likeable and MC is okay. I hope someone pick this novel up.
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Cleclerc rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c28
This review is going to be spoiler heavy.

I really enjoy the romance between the ML and FL. It's sweet and slow. They really grow into their relationship. The miscommunications and cultural differences between them seem realistic. I like how they come together to solve the 'external conflict' of the story.

... more>>

Basically the ape tribe wants to conquer the rest of the tribes, and have found a way to poison the tiger tribe. FL uses her vet experience to deduce that they are probably using cocoa beans. ML investigates with her to gather evidence. They face off with the ape patriarch together. The couple routinely work together to face obstacles. It's a sweet dynamic.


If you are worried about 'adult relations' :

FL and ML discuss 'mating' prior to having s*x (albeit not at great length). Everything seems to be above board with giving consent. S*x is not described with any great detail, but it is mentioned that they have it. They are married.


I've never read Gentle Beast or many other beastkin novels so I can't make a comparison.

I've been constantly checking for updates for weeks now and my love for this series only grows. The translations are great and fairly consistent.

I don't want to poke a bear with the whole discussion around the unethical breeding of white tigers. However, for those who would like more context of how the ML's appearance is used in the story :

In my opinion, his white coloring is not fetishized in this story. The author uses the unique white coloring of the ML and his father as a tool to highlight the significant ostracization the ML suffered from his tribe. ML believes that he was abandoned and rejected by his mother at a young age due to his appearance. (He looked like his father that supposedly abandoned them.) He was also bullied and nearly mu*dered by his three half-brothers. Basically the only person he had on his side growing up was the tiger tribe patriarch who raised him. FL likes the ML's fur for its softness, but never harps on the fact that it's white. ML would be just as adorable to FL if he were orange. However, the same can't be said about his relationships with his mother, brothers, patriarch, and tribe members. This leads me to assume that his coloring is used as a literary tool and doesn't significantly contribute to the hype around white tigers.

I hope this information helps you to make an informed decision. <<less
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April 22, 2022
Status: Completed

I love how the ML is respectful to MC. They say that it's similar to Gentle Beast, but it's only the premise. Hu Jin is much much much better that the other story's ML. He is so sweet and gentle. Same with Chi Yuyang. They both respect each other. Well, this is just pure fluff for me. A good read.

Btw, smut tag is annoying, it's actually misleading and just full of crabs. Hmp
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May 23, 2021
Status: c23
So far so good, I’m waiting for the translation to get complete as I was unable to find mtl raw section. It’s not that I didn’t find it but rather to lazy to do it as the story is okay-ish and I’m reading it as I have been craving for romance quite a time now. Both MC and ML are okay characters, however, sometimes I wish MC would use her brain rather taking actions as she hasn’t able to figure out the entire beastmen continent yet but I can only... more>> wish. Yet, the MC still persisting on saying one step at a time or being confident in her “IQ”. However I have already said it’s an overall okay story, so before reading heed in mind that it’s a fantasy, so trying to find logic behind everything will be futile just read it for fun like me. Anyways, I will come back to edit my review (or rather ranting) once I’ve completed it. <<less
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Cixivy rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: c37
Idk how to say this.. At first I really have high expectations after read the first chapter but slowly I feel everything is so absurd. I mean, MC have just crossed and say "hi" to the new world yet suddenly there is so much problem that have to solved. At some chapters, I wish author will give us time to rest and let us read their sweet and fluff interaction in piece for few chapters (the plus here ML is super duper sweet, gentle, innocent yet we can still see... more>> the characteristics of beast). But here what we got there is problem here and there that have to be solved. I know it for the plot, but bruuhhh.. Can you put that in the later chapter? I mean they just got together, let them have their moment in piece..

Will edit this review in future after completing reading this novel. Dont know when it is, cus I feel like I need some rest and go to other novel.. <<less
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Bluestone rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c29
I have high expectations of this since I read Gentle Beast a long time ago. A reply to the comment above, she did use her phone to call 110 but unfortunately, she can't get any signal so she just used it for time. Quite similar to gentle beast since we have herbivores and yes, the feline ml. I like the MC here more than GB, she's more practical and straightforward. But the story is quite confusing sometimes, I don't know if it is the translation or the way the author... more>> writes, some parts seem to be missing and confusing. Like what are they talking about? <<less
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SAddict rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: c1
Only in chapter 1 but I already feel it's dumb.

She's lost in the middle of the forest but instead of using her phone to call someone she uses it as a clock. It didn't say she even attempted to call anyone. When she realize she does need to call someone she wouldn't cause her battery is about to die. Like now or never girl. Plot is the same as "Gentle Beast"

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