Gentle Beast


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A girl crossed over to a different world, running into a small wounded animal.

She thought it was completely harmless. She never expected that once he grew up, it would be this world’s most ferocious beast.

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Wen Rou De Ye Shou
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New Goldeneyeddragon rated it
June 5, 2019
Status: c77
Well, ML is anything but gentle. If you like Stockholm Syndrome, this is the stuff.


P.S. why do chinese novels describe s*x scenes so weirdly - do all of them have a pain/humiliation kink or what??? It really weird to read the gratuitous descriptions of how she cried a lot and was it pain every time ML f*cked her but it's treated like it's ok?!? I mean not all novels, but I've seen exactly the same "style" in Doomed to be Cannon Fodder and it's really weird...

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RAGA rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c55
Current: (c24)

Great flow. The world building is excellent and the characters are set up (background/development/personalities/etc.) far better than what I have come to expect to see from a cn web novel. Much recommended for others to read.

... more>>

What I love greatly about this is that, even though the ML isn't incompetent by any means, the ML is clearly handicapped at the beginning of the novel. So the MC is the one who manages to save the day by relying on her wit and ingenuity to get through most of the obstacles and troubles the ML and MC encounter. The author at least attempts to keep the MC's abilities and reactions believable. The best part, imho, is that most of the times those attempts are done well enough that a reader can buy into them too.

The other thing is that the MC's and ML's interactions are the best! There's not really any romance so far because of the ML's situation:

The MC thinks the ML is a child but treats him like a pet because (1) he has yet to reveal his true form to her and (2) his injuries forces him to resign himself to her treatment. This leads to some extremely funny moments, like her trying to determine his gender or taking his temperature the same way we would a cat's. His poor dignity lol!

The ML decides to tag along with her because she saved him first and she's going to a place he thinks will cure his own problem. It's cute to see him slowly warming up to her.


Update: 3/4/2018 (c37)

Still going strong. The story's character developments and timeline structure is commendable and keeps the each arc from feeling episodic. The author manages to keep to the "rules" set in universe, which allows the reader to be able to feel the weight of the MC's/ML's previous actions in how they develop their path.


Especially so with the ML, who the author shows to be NOT human. This is one of the best aspects the author creates with this story. The author clearly defines the differences between the beastmen and humans and the differences in the various beastmen types. Through various interactions the MC has with different characters, we get a better understanding of how a human's common sense wouldn't match with someone from a different species and way of life.
This rule of non-human behavior colors the ML's character-development as his affections for the MC grows. Although it's refreshing to see an ML who doesn't immediately fall for the MC, it's even more so to be able to observe how he falls for her. Usually, stories tend to show why we, the READERS, would expect the ML to fall for the MC, but rarely do we see the ML's POV of how and why he fell in love AS he's falling in love. His uncertainty and confusion, as his feelings battle with his sense of normalcy, give his character more depth than what we usually see with any ML.

And props to the author for having the MC stick with the goal of finding home. She's in a totally different and more hostile world, where she doesn't truly have a reason to expect a way back home. But instead of giving up and coping with how to settle, the MC holds onto the slimmest of hopes that she might be able to get back and perseveres. She continues to keep trying despite setbacks. Readers are able to see when her spirit strains but, nonetheless, never breaks, and we're able to empathize with her because of how believable the author makes it. I love how the author can realistically showcase the strength of hope without making it seem like something that would only happen in stories.


Update: 4/13/2018 (c55)

Can I just say how much I ADORE the author's ability to build up a truly believable romance? Nevermind, I'm saying it. What's even better is how the author spins the romance while correlating it perfectly with the character growth of the couple. It's just a beautiful thing to read.


I also adore how much perseverance and resourcefulness the MC has. The author makes sure to not make her OP and gives her abilities pretty solid foundations. I continue to be impressed with the author's characterization of the MC, in how empowering she is on her own. She finds out that her original plan of going home is no longer available to her, but doesn't let that stop her from finding a new path. She also continues to rely on and develop her own abilities to get her out of rough situations instead of just waiting for someone to come save her.

I also love how the author subverts the MC's "space" and prevents it from being a typical deus ex machina. Instead, the author actually cares to explore its mystery and makes it a plot-point in the story.

I'm also impressed with how the author is able to illustrate the changes in the ML's behavior in a way that doesn't seem forced or out of character. He still has the traits of being overly independent, impatient, almost cruel/cold, and arrogant in himself, with both his race and his abilities. But he's developing the ability to have trust, patience, and understanding in the MC to a degree that it's also affecting his previous stated traits. I like how the author shows that the MC didn't "fix" the ML, but merely influenced his perspective of the world. The ML's new outlook in turn causes his character developments.

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Axia rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: Completed
Twisted like my brain... I like it and I hate it and I like it.. It is good to read if you are not an impulsive, bitter person like me that I think I stomped my foot countless times over her determination and his stupidity.. The thing that make it beautiful is a total sweet family reunion and lol moment ending. I think I developed another impulsive personality with this but sweet sweet sweet. I give it five star mainly due to the translator manage to make me come back... more>> to read the TLed chapter even after I finished my brain frying MTLed. <<less
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ACloudOnTheHorizon rated it
April 8, 2018
Status: c59
For those wanting a sweet ride story, this novel definitely doesn't disappoint.

Our precious female lead is intelligent for her age (physics and chemistry are NOT easy, especially at 16) and her appliances of her knowledge to the literal social Darwinist world she is forcefully thrown into is compelling and gratifying. She's not quite a damsel in distress since she thinks quickly, acts independently, and knows exactly what her end goal is. The author does an excellent job describing the beastmen and the flow of the story is phenomenal, short yet... more>> satisfying, with a touch of a thrilling experience. What really makes the story work is the realistic relationship between the female and male lead (no instant liking in the very beginning but slowly evolves into a likable impression to love). I personally am a fan of some possessive lover stuff; the male lead certainly doesn't like to show the female lead off to others and everything he does is sweet, even his words although demanding are quite heart-swaying to our female lead. However, he is greatly considerate towards the female lead and obeys her wishes so as not to scare her off. The other mentioned beastmen aren't too expendable; they're perfectly placed to progress the plot and the tension is definitely delicious since the male lead is so territorial.

I can't wait for more chapters! Authors, translators, and everyone participating to gift us this lovely novel, you're all too amazing! You have my gratitude and applause for all your hard work! <<less
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Syash rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: c77
If you want to read it, note the tags. Be warned. The tags happen to the protagonist after she matured, which she allowed completely. There is a heavy emphasis on how different beastmen's (non-existent) morality bar with humans' are, which makes the story both realistic and uncomfortable if you can't take your mind off that. So, to read this, you need to overlook a lot of things and never view the male protagonist as a human. He's a beast down to his core (I mean he's a beastmen too so).

However,... more>> this actually shows the good and solid (although scarce) worldbuilding in the story. The author never tries to make the male protag less cruel or humanize him, just because he fall in love with a human. Ten points for that.

Even though she knew that, our protagonist... has... um... a really big heart to be able to love and accept the male protagonist. Yep. Love makes you blind alright. This paragraph will makes sense if you know the things the ML did.

If you can't handle what the tag said, then go, go far away! If not, you're gonna regret reading this.

Now, if you are bored and want to read some 'romance' and male yandere action? Sure, read this. I mean I stayed for the yandere lol

Edit: If you liked Chongfei Manual and still reading in joy to this point, cheering Wei Luo and Zhao Jie wholeheartedly, then this novel will just be right for you. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: c77
A well written transmigration story in my opinion, though it is different from a lot of other transmigration stories.

Overall summery: Following primarily the human protagonist who starts her journey of survival as a teenager and whom is eventually courted by a predator (resembling a beast-man in other stories) from the world ruled by the law of the Jungle.

The protagonist is a seemingly normal girl in terms of physical capacity, skills, intellectual and emotional intelligence, (though she does posses a trump card as you will find out in the first... more>> chapters). She struggles with surviving and dealing with the cultural and moral clashes of her own and the new world she has found herself in.

Recommended for mature audiences: because of violence and s*xual content. It's at the very leas R-15 and at times skirts the R-18.

Concerning the Yandere tag: The Male Lead (guess three times who it is) is a predator, along with this nature comes certain overbearing characteristics. However, without giving any spoilers, I'd like to point out the excellent title of this novel.

Character development: Definitely, and a realistic one at that in both direction and amount considering the time frame.

A good read in all. <<less
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love-cutter rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: Completed
I loved it!!!!

... more>>

Eng Translation is up to ch 68 as of today and I got impatient and read the last few chapters through Google Translate. It's a good ending!! She goes back to Ryan. She and Ryan can freely go back through both worlds and they have a healthy and strong son!! I cried for the last ch though because her parents passed away due to an illness and old age too. So Ryan comforts our female lead by saying that he'll die after her. I'm just like noooo. Dammit!! The tears!!

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shouahang58 rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c48
This is a good read for when you got nothing else to read. But, I thought that the MC would be much stronger and able to protect herself but she isn't. She's always getting rescue by the ML......
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jufiasca rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a very good story. Well, some might find it boring at first but eventually it will be really interesting and I can't stop reading it in one seating the whole day. Though I ended up reading it in 2 days, half a day each because, of course, I still have things to do.
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Lunica rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: c77
At first I wanted to give this story 3 stars because it pissed me off, but after reading the ending I change my mind and rate it 4 stars. I would rate it 3.5 if I could, because while it's worth a read, I definitely will not be rereading anytime soon.

First, the main character and male lead are kind of stupid. ... more>>

There's one part in the beginning where they both are almost dying and struggling after the MC picks up the ML (who is a leopard cub due to reasons) and they get helped out by this dude called Eric. Basically the ML is a carnivore animal who eats herbivores, and this deer guy called Eric is the one who helps them out and he's a herbivore. Both the MC and ML are kinda incapable of doing anything by themselves and they constantly get helped out by him. But he's not even a second male lead, he just appears there for a while to help them out then disappears.

Then later on, while the ML is in his defenseless cub form and the MC can't do anything, the ML goes on board the enemy boat and gets captured. Later he defends it by saying he's scouting out the enemy or something. Okay... so the author has set up all this hinting you are a defenseless person but now you can infiltrate enemy place? Well okay author. Suddenly the MC also pulls out a stun baton and whacks people and helps them navigate the boat through a dangerous reef. I don't even know how the MC can just navigate it by looking at a map but the enemy can't. Like wut?

There's also one part where the MC falls asleep in a cave which belongs to a bear, and the bear almost wanted to rape her / eat her cuz he thinks she's a herbivore. Like... he already showed hostility to you and you just FALL ASLEEP NEXT TO HIM?? I wanted to facepalm. By the way the bear takes her bag which ends up being sold and passed around and sent to conveniently the enemy ship which they infiltrated. So of course she gets it back.

Like... okay. I get the not being able to barter for your bag when the seller who got it from the bear was trying to sell it. She's just an original teenager, she can't haggle like grown ups at markets. But the bag conveniently being bought by the enemy and she gets it back? Like wow deus ex machina.


The author is really biased to the main characters which is okay but kinda squicky at times. She doesn't put that much thought into the world build and it feels very cold.


For example, at the epilogue, when the MC has a baby with the ML, the baby grows up into a carnivore of course. Then when the ML is talking with the child and training the child to hunt, the child is like "well okay you can't tell mum I hunted some deer" and the author is like "because the MC had friends with the deer community, but other herbivores could be hunted to be eaten". And it's like... did you just imply that her son probably killed and ate Eric who saved the MC and ML??? There's also the whole ML being a yandere and he doesn't like her crossing worlds to see her parents. Like okay, she gives up completing her college education, and even has to give up seeing her parents. The author just kills them off with the father dying of disease and then the mother becomes sick and the author literally writes "Fortunately, she soon died."


It's like the author doesn't care about any character except her MC and ML. Which really makes for some irritating things.

Then for the ML, he's just okay. He's a typical male yandere and he's not that great. You'd expect him as a cub to have some mofu mofu cute moments but not really. The good points about him is that he pampers her for example

she blows up his house while experimenting with bombs (yes bombs don't ask me how she knows about how to make BOMBS as a normal teenager) but he says it's okay since it was built for her and he builds another better house for her and him.


The reason why I rate it 4 stars is because the ending is quite satisfying. It's hinted they live together in comfort and happiness for a long time and it is quite satisfying, you see that their village is saved by the MC's cheat knowledge

of crafting bombs

That's what I mean by the author is biased btw. SO MUCH HANDWAVE.

Also for the transmigrating part, don't bother, it's just a convenient tool and it's never fully explained why the MC gets a space or whatever. It does save her but it's never explained in detail.

Overall this story is okay. If you like male yandere, only focus on main character, don't mind some lampshading you can read this and feel satisfied. If you want something good to excite you, this is not it. It's just a "not bad" kind of read. Also thanks to the translator, the translation is very clean and I had no problems reading it. The sentences flowed very well and I never felt any phrasing was awkard. <<less
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maiha-sama rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a short, pleasant, no hassle read. Our FL lead falls out of a bus window and ends up in a world where humans are extinct. She's surrounded by beasts on all sides, left with limited help from her 'space'. Her adventures keep you interested and her struggles feel very plausible. You empathize with her situation on several occasions.

I feel Ou had the potential to be a really great FL but ended up just a bit short of my expectations. It feels like the author positioned her as a... more>> kickass MC who's not necessarily OP but can take care of herself.. But lost the thread mid way. I liked how the relationship between the leads developed. Especially, how Ryan made an effort to accept and understand her perspectives because that is such a rarity even amongst human beings. The relationship issues that came from dating a 'beast' were drawn up well. And that ending was just special. Definitely worth a read. <<less
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kakistory rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: c77
Well, if you put yourself in their perspective and according to their characters, then you'll understand why the characters make those choices. The author made the situation has the background to cover for it.

At last few chapters, it seems rushed.

The male lead is very yandere, I think and the female lead is very accepting of it. That's all about it, the story doesn't give warmth or any other feelings, except for few moments where you felt like hating the male lead for his selfishness.
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SakuraChii rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c77
If you want a break away from the usual 'Reincarnated to get revenge' plot, then this novel is will definitely NOT disappoint you.

The story is unique, simple and refreshing. There's no major 'plotting against each other' or over the top smart MC or ML. Rather than that, the novel leans toward a more realistic MC reaction if they were thrown in a new world.

The romance department is a bit slow but you can appreciate how the ML's effort trying to woo his spouse (♥ω♥) ~♪

Be warned though that there are... more>> some missing sub-plots about how the animal transformed and the MC interdimensional space <<less
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AtnVhlod rated it
June 16, 2018
Status: Completed
This is among the more "proper" novels among the plethora of web novels I've read. Like another reviewer states, the author doesn't try to humanize the ML who is a beastman though he does great adjustments in his lifestyle for the MC, he remains integrally a beastman. The MC has two cheats, one supernatural but is not a weapon, another is her advanced knowledge but she is not OP, in fact she's fragile and has emotional breakdowns but she is level headed and immediately gets back up, albeit a little... more>> masochistic? Or resolute? Up to you. Its commendable how the author doesn't go so far as to glorify how smart she is etc but even for a reg human I think its hinted and exemplified that she has great calculation abilities and she's on the track of being a legit scientist. The ML is OP but his beastman aspects balances out his OPness, later on he shows signs of an OP brain, mafia boss type.

Some "uncomfortable" aspects of the story were retained. Although not all animals have "evolved" (more like mass mutating or simply supernaturally transforming), the law of the jungle applies, however, the ML like other top predators feed on big game, mammals, who have humanoid forms so... conflicted, but the author really makes you "grudgingly" admit that he makes sense.

If anything, I wish this novel had "more" maybe details? World building? It has very good foundation for a sequel, if I say so myself, there so much potential for that, civil development in the world they are in, cross world action... And my rating is based mostly in the potential to expand and extend the novel

ps: to the readers who judged this and dropped it after 5 chapters, u dunno what ur missing and another, don't let the tags scare you <<less
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June 11, 2018
Status: --
Got this series in the to-read list for a while, but didn't have the courage to touch it cause of the frightening tags, at the same time, the rating is good and the summary is atractive, so there I was at a crossroad, but then I decided to swallow the doubt and read the first few chapters, if there were such depravities in it I'd be out!

But instead got myself hooked! Such a nice story..

Gooosh, when I saw those tags I didn't know what I'd be reading - the reviews... more>> are pretty good for the type of story these imply: Yandere male lead, possessive, stockolm symdrome, rape and pregnancy...


From what I've understood, Ryan is protective and possessive of Ji Xiao Ou because she - who he thought was an infatile herbivore - picked him up and nursed him to health when he was injured, and did it out of a good heart... In a world where its kill or be killed, being shown such selfless kindness, I can only guess at his wish to shelter it.

Along Ji Xiao Ou and Ryan's adventures, she's risked herself many times selflessly to protect him, so he thought to repay her - if it is to protect this reckless and weak little human, than its best to have her in the tribe where he's chief.. I don't even realise when he falls in love with her, but it is a mixture of her kindness, appereance (the most human like a beastman is, the more evolved they are) and pheromones...

Not a Beauty and the Beast in the slighest - because Ji Xiao Ou, despite being physically weak is very witty and resourceful.. When Ryan's strenght fails him, she helps him, when Ji Xiao Ou suffers from not having claws or teeth or fur, Ryan will be those things for her..


All in all, the tags are scary but are swallowed by the bigger picture? Jungle rules apply anyway.. <<less
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Kurobito rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: --
This novel is almost similar to an english novel named Transcendence by Shay Savage just that this is a beastman while the other is just a caveman. Overall, it was quite enjoyable novel.
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Czarinananana rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: Completed
THIS novel is more of Beauty and the BEAST than my beastly husband. I love it😍

... more>>

People are being too harsh. What did you expect after seeing the tags? 🙄
Like I said, I LOVE it! It’s what I signed up for and it was worth it!

The female lead is relatable ish. She’s like Belle. Beautiful and smart. I like her.

The male lead, I am able to understand (after reading My Beastly Husband, Broken winged angel, and other novels where the guy is a BIT twisted), he’s actually not that cruel.🤭 He’s sweet and how he fell in love with our MC was actually as realistic as it could be (considering the plot Has fantasy included). It was slow but sweet and it wasn’t boring nor torturing to read.

I REALLY RECOMMEND IT. But if you’re OA AF, then, please don’t. It’s a great light novel to read once in a while. Read the tags and read at risk. Don’t go complaining and rating this novel low because your stupid ass didn’t read the tags or if you did and still didn’t like it then you have no life and is stupid. ENJOYYY😍😍

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Thymrman rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: c77
I really can't recommend it personally. The romance in the novel left a bad taste in my mouth. You have a MC who falls in love with a man who essentially held her in captivity.

The world building left a ton of unanswered questions that I wish got answered. They never answered any questions about the history of the world, or the reason she was even transported the to other world.
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fltstrt rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: c77
Story 4.5/5, TL 4.5/5

A very well rounded plot from start to end, the ending left me satisfied as well as it tied up all the loose ends from the two worlds. I agree w many of the reviewers here, the animalistic aspects of the beast men are v well represented/realistic.

This isn't the usual fluffy story about cute animal spirits, author built a parallel world that has its own species, hierarchy and system.

Was a ride journeying together w the MC exploring the beast world and seeing her carving out a place... more>> of her own in that world. She has a good head on her shoulders, she doesn't abandon one world for another and did her best to resolve all conflict in a level headed manner.

The 'problematic' aspects some readers had may come from the romance w ML. But bear in mind he is ultimately a beast and thus should not be morally judged by human values. Personally I enjoyed their unconventionally love. This story is a rare gem amongst others of similar (non-human w human relationship) genre. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
January 7, 2019
Status: Completed
I love this book. I love that the two leads find a way to be together despite their difference (physical form, society, race, culture, time, etc). Despite that, they didn't sacrifice their own responsibilities in the two worlds.

... more>>

MC remain filial to her parents until they died and find way to visit her parents, also, finished her study on the human world despite living in the leopard tribe.


The MC is quite intelligent and independent especially in the first half of the book. There are times that she became whiny & flighty that can make other readers frustrated, however, her emotional distress and doubts are all understandable especially when she came from other world.

I just hope that she became friends within the tribes. But due to her being being different plus the tribe's nature and ML's possessiveness are the reasons why she can't... LMAO

ML is a beast so despite being forceful sometimes, you can understand him due to the violent nature of the world. I love seeing how he changed to accommodate her (only for her). Thus, being supportive son-in-law.

Plus points is the ML getting jealous to his own son. Hahahaha <<less
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lynnell246 rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: c77
I adore this story. It was the first translated story I've ever read and it made me obsessed with the genre. The MC is relatable and isn't TSTL. She has her moments but overall I liked her. The ML is also a great character he's so great you almost forget that he's a literal animal. However, what truly made this a great book was the fantastical world that was introduced. The world building is great and it wasn't overly complicated. All of this added up to a great story that... more>> and the fact that the character's names were easy to remember. <<less
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