Gentle Beast


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A girl crossed over to a different world, running into a small wounded animal.

She thought it was completely harmless. She never expected that once he grew up, it would be this world’s most ferocious beast.

Gentle Beast average rating 4.4/5 - 85 user ratings
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New RAGA rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c37
Current: (c24)

Great flow. The world building is excellent and the characters are set up (background/development/personalities/etc.) far better than what I have come to expect to see from a cn web novel. Much recommended for others to read.

... more>>

What I love greatly about this is that, even though the ML isn't incompetent by any means, the ML is clearly handicapped at the beginning of the novel. So the MC is the one who manages to save the day by relying on her wit and ingenuity to get through most of the obstacles and troubles the ML and MC encounter. The author at least attempts to keep the MC's abilities and reactions believable. The best part, imho, is that most of the times those attempts are done well enough that a reader can buy into them too.

The other thing is that the MC's and ML's interactions are the best! There's not really any romance so far because of the ML's situation:

The MC thinks the ML is a child but treats him like a pet because (1) he has yet to reveal his true form to her and (2) his injuries forces him to resign himself to her treatment. This leads to some extremely funny moments, like her trying to determine his gender or taking his temperature the same way we would a cat's. His poor dignity lol!

The ML decides to tag along with her because she saved him first and she's going to a place he thinks will cure his own problem. It's cute to see him slowly warming up to her.


Update: 3/4/2018 (c37)

Still going strong. The story's character developments and timeline structure is commendable and keeps the each arc from feeling episodic. The author manages to keep to the "rules" set in universe, which allows the reader to be able to feel the weight of the MC's/ML's previous actions in how they develop their path.


Especially so with the ML, who the author shows to be NOT human. This is one of the best aspects the author creates with this story. The author clearly defines the differences between the beastmen and humans and the differences in the various beastmen types. Through various interactions the MC has with different characters, we get a better understanding of how a human's common sense wouldn't match with someone from a different species and way of life.

This rule of non-human behavior colors the ML's character-development as his affections for the MC grows. Although it's refreshing to see an ML who doesn't immediately fall for the MC, it's even more so to be able to observe how he falls for her. Usually, stories tend to show why we, the READERS, would expect the ML to fall for the MC, but rarely do we see the ML's POV of how and why he fell in love AS he's falling in love. His uncertainty and confusion, as his feelings battle with his sense of normalcy, give his character more depth than what we usually see with any ML.

And props to the author for having the MC stick with the goal of finding home. She's in a totally different and more hostile world, where she doesn't truly have a reason to expect a way back home. But instead of giving up and coping with how to settle, the MC holds onto the slimmest of hopes that she might be able to get back and perseveres. She continues to keep trying despite setbacks. Readers are able to see when her spirit strains but, nonetheless, never breaks, and we're able to empathize with her because of how believable the author makes it. I love how the author can realistically showcase the strength of hope without making it seem like something that would only happen in stories.

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Axia rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: Completed
Twisted like my brain... I like it and I hate it and I like it.. It is good to read if you are not an impulsive, bitter person like me that I think I stomped my foot countless times over her determination and his stupidity.. The thing that make it beautiful is a total sweet family reunion and lol moment ending. I think I developed another impulsive personality with this but sweet sweet sweet. I give it five star mainly due to the translator manage to make me come back... more>> to read the TLed chapter even after I finished my brain frying MTLed. <<less
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