Hero’s Redo ~ A Hero That Once Saved the World Reborn as a Girl ~


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The Hero was traumatized by politics and people afraid of him for being too powerful, so the mage in his party decided to turn him into a girl. But he was so traumatized to interact with humans that he just hid inside the mountains until two girls who came to the mountain were caught in danger. After saving them, they decided to bring her to their town to pay her back for helping them.

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Yuusha no Yarinaoshi ~ Sekai wo Sukutta Yuusha wa Bishoujo ni Umarekawaru
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April 13, 2020
Status: c1
Honestly, I think the hero is whining too much. He does not want to work because he felt entitled after he slew the demon king. The King and the people are not completely innocent either but the hero should not expect the government and the people to continuously give him free stuff just because he saves the world. His other three companions also saved the world but they did not receive much hated because they still work. The people did not see them leeching of the kingdom's wealth like how... more>> they see the MC leeching off the people's hard earn money while lazing around. Being strong does envoke envious and jealousy, the MC should have used his strength to find a job and eliminate any excuses that could be used against him rather than blaming his opponents. I did not rate the book yet because the book is still new.


"It was natural as I wasn't working at all, I just ate and drank every single day without holding back and I walked around the castle as if I was owning the place."

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SkadiPirate rated it
September 12, 2020
Status: c6
For me this story do not have too much sense. Autor loses in his own story.
For example:

... more>>

He wrote that it was 300 years since he was living as a girl, but it was few decades as he lives in mountains. Yet, he do not used to being a girl, nor he didn't even thought about female name for himself.


Main protagonist personality is quite boring and he become lonely right after he meet random girl, but he was fine to be alone for 100 years. Does it make even a sense? For me : not. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c30
TLDR: 1 star imagine hentai without the sex, or a screwball comedy without the laughter

Another just really bad "I'm hiding my true power" novel.

The opening should let you understand how bad it is

  1. Hero driven out of society because he's anti social
  2. best friend the wizard shows up says I got the fix for ya bud
  3. Turns him into an immortal woman
  4. Hero spends 300 years as a hermit in the wilderness

The only problem is the above makes it more exciting than it is

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GGFBank rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: c8
It was surprisingly quite good. Enjoyable read.

The main problem is the 1st chapter of the story. Start with MC acting like someone who didn't want to work after defeat the demon king. Yet later in the story MC is quite enjoy with the work she got and doing quite well. It is obvious contradiction. Author should give a more reasonable reason for MC being an outcast.
But aside from that. It is slow-life fantasy story as an enjoyable pace.
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enkiros rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c22
yeah, it's okay. Exactly what it promises. Typical passive MC that gets pushed around and then curses the consequences of their own inactivity which serves as the only driving force of the plot. Romance is merely platonic at the moment, but I feel something more risqué would kinda ruin the tone of the novel. Characters are actually not that one-dimensional but I wish the author would focus on exploring these characters and having them be recurrent additions to the story.

In short, very typical JP shounen novel shenanigans but it's still... more>> entertaining. I'd definitely recommend reading it, and at least skim through the early chapters to see if it's your cup of tea.

Goes without saying that the translation/editing and the frequency of updates are great. <<less
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Mike757 rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: c20
It's very catching story. I've read so far till ch20 and can't wait for next. And obviously I rate it 5 stars.

What I can see on all mediocre reviews here that all of them done based on first two chapters. It only appears at first sight that author contradicts himself or MC badass or so on. It's only starting point - read further, you will not be disappointed!
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Microgiant rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: c9 part1
It’s what you expect a overpowered person in a fantasy setting. It’s enjoyable though.
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cavler rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: c197
This is a story about healing, mentally.

The hero wrongfully scorned and feared by everyone in the past has to learn to trust people again.

Because she now puts human relations first, she can slowly reveal her true self without receiving the same judgment.

... more>> Thusfar the character growth is amazing and I hope the MC continues to grow as a person.

The only downside is the vast gap in power between the MC, the supporting MCs and the enemies.

Sometimes the plot feels like: The supporting MCs get in a situation with the enemy, realize they are not strong enough, off to some training somewherealong with the MC. And repeat. It is wel suplemented though.

I enjoyed the story and hope it continues in the future. <<less
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Mama Cayna
Mama Cayna rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: c30
MC (male) is a former tragic hero who was gendered into a beautiful girl.

... more>>

As a hero, MC managed to save the world from the threat of the Demon Lord and bring world peace. After that, the MC was rewarded with a luxurious life in the palace. But because the world is too peaceful, practically MC just spends his time lazing around all day and this is what makes the Nobles hate MC. The nobles also colluded evilly to bring down the MC. And yeah, MC ended up being wasted and living alone and lonely. When the MC was almost desperate, his friend changed the MC's identity to a beautiful girl in the hope that the MC could live a peaceful and happy life. But hundreds of years have passed, MC is still living alone in the deep forest until she (or he?) meets an adventurer (female). Long story short after helping the adventurer, the MC was brought to the city and the MC registered as a receptionist at the Adventure Guild and this is where the slow story of MC begins. So far, the story is quite entertaining, at least for slice of life readers


I haven't (and hope not) find the MC to be romantically involved. Yeah, even though it's like a typical gender bender fantasy novel where the MC is admired and loved by those around him, the MC is the same but the MC hasn't been found to deviate from romance. I hope MC stays single for life and enjoys his peace and slow life.

I can quite recommend this story to readers of the slicw of life story which is full of meaning in life and touches the heart and I hope that this web novel will get a light novel adaptation. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: c33
Honestly this book has gone to shit... The concept was good in my opinion but its all just been a downhill train wreck, especially once politics start getting involved... I always hate stories where the main character is broken as all f*ck yet still acts like authority has reason, and no I'm not saying that they should ignore the law, what I'm saying is if the government is doing something bad why the hell does the main character act like its impossible to fight against. The saying that a character... more>> cannot be smarter than the author I thinks very apparent in this book, the main character is so overpowered and suppose to have lots of life experience yet they still don't do obvious things like killing enemies. The plot armor on the villain is so thick, a supposed ancient overpowered hero sees you using demon magic, knows its demon magic, but spares your life because... Wait, there isn't a reason?

Anyways, the issue with this book is that its all over the place... You can't enjoy overpowered protagonist since they bend to government and politics acting like its impossible to resist law, you can't even enjoy them beating up enemies or bystanders shock from op protag because the protag will do something s*upid like sparing a villain using demon magic. The slice of life aspect it had going at the beginning is dead now, the main character doesn't have anywhere near the mentality someone who is an ancient long-living hero should have, the plot development is forced and just painful to follow...

I think the series had a lot of potetial but with how the story is progressing its just not enjoyable to read, just annoying at all of the things forceful plot armor is forcing... <<less
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meepilee rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: c48 part1
Honestly it's quite the enjoyable read, just v wholesome and has throughout printed a grin on my face for every chapter past ~10. Would recommend if ur a fan of Yuri, power fantasy, that one story about the main character being op and the guild receptionist, or kuma bear arent looking for romance/ecchi. (Might be romance later tho who knows) Kinda sad all the bad reviews are c1-2 and while I totally understand ending a story there cuz of a mediocre and slightly contradictory start (probably due to mistranslation/typo) I... more>> really don't think some people writing are knowledgeable enough on this story to write reviews :/ just my take tho. 5/5 to balance out these randos but objectively it's 3/5 being my new guilty pleasure. Amd again, 100% recommend if you like cute wholesome power fantasy without much romance. <<less
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Yun K.M
Yun K.M rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c106 part1
So I am gonna express the elephant in the room about this story. Around chapter 30, the former hero, he/she explain why he close himself out and leave for years before got turn into a girl by his former comrade, but he choose to explain too vaguely which make that reason very s*upid. Only recently (chapter 105), did he tell the exact story lead to his curcumstances, it is better than the synopsis he told before but not by much because it just cliche power stuggle of noble type that... more>> seen beter elsewhere. <<less
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SilvaLau rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: c111
This is a light-hearted story about the hero's growth as a character, but it's not just about the hero, the story will change the point of views to that of several characters every so often so if you dislike that kind of stories, this is probably not your cup of tea.
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Piknos rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: c21
I cannot begin to describe how much this story shits all over itself in a poor attempt to create plot. The premise of a guy wanting to escape the snakes that come with power is completely thrown out around 20 chapters in. This is because she's a doormat, plain and simple.

I cannot stand her character, she's the type of person you want to ruin simply because she doesn't react to anything. The only time she does something is when her friend was beat up by another group of people and... more>> her subsequent torture of them is so out of character it's completely unbelieveable. Not only because she's a doormat but I actually doubt she cares about them enough to warrant that kind of reaction.

I absolutely detest her character with every fibre of my being. She wanted to get out of the whole power struggle so badly that she left, changed her s*x and became a hermit for a few centuries before someone stumbled across her. Now, soon after she's reintroduced to society she willingly goes to meet up with royalty again. There's no worth to her backstory when it has zero impact on the story. It's like watching someone with a phobia of snakes knowingly walk into a snake pit.

More than that, she has no autonomy, this is where the doormat comes in. She never refuses anything, even when she clearly wants to. Power isn't everything, but what good is power if you don't use it? She's constantly reacting, and aside from a couple moments is entirely without her own will. The plot pushes her to something and makes her do something about it instead of the other way around.

The only good thing that I like is the other characters. They at least don't have the bland personality of flour. There's some perspective changes to explain their POV, and it's neat to see that they have their own thoughts. If they were a spice they'd be salt and sugar. Good to have but found pretty much everywhere. Still, they suffer from a lack of background and remain flat characters with only a couple of descripters attached to them. Least it isn't that damn MC who suffers from being a goddamn doormat. Maybe this story gets better and with some character development I can see it doing so but I sincerely doubt it. If you liked Naruto and other plots where the MC makes absolutely zero sense you'll probably also like this. <<less
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shinidoshi rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c111 part1
There is a lot of exposition around the 90th chapter onwards about the exact circumstances of the Hero's childhood. As you can infer from the synopsis, they led a socially deprived childhood. What makes it worse is the Hero's friends did not make the empathetical link during their journey; it was all contractual.

I can see why the author was so late, because developmentally, the MC hero was literally a man child. However, the execution of that was very sloppy. Why? The very person who turned the Hero into a woman... more>> both makes an appearance and reunites with the Hero around chapter 30 or 40 iirc.

She had the chance to talk about the Hero's past trauma, but she was too scared of "opening old wounds" by talking about it. But no, the author decided to save that moment when the Hero and her new party

tl;dr if I had a nickel for every moment a shounen NL/Manga had plot exposition involving the past in the mid-to-late-game of the story, I would probably have about $5 to $10 dollars. <<less
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Hexxy rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c103
I'll be honest, I went into this with low expectations ready to dislike it, but this story has surprised me at every turn.

Most stories of this flavour typically follow cliché developments such as the protagonist spending a large amount of time learning how being a woman works, dipped in fanservice at their expense, endless reiteration of gender differences and the like, etc. Often misogynistic and sexist. This story does not.

Refreshingly, such things are never once mentioned; no ecchi fanservice, no such sexist ideas, and no boring genderbend tropes. Lapis, formerly... more>> the great hero who defeated the DK, uses her change in name and appearance to try to find a new place in the world having previously been rejected for being overpowered.

Her character arc mainly revolves around her trauma from her previous treatment, learning how to socialise and make friends who act more as a real family. While many might think going in "she whines too much, she should just use her power to end the conflict", the story isn't really structured for that.

The real main conflict isn't necessarily the foes Lapis and friends fight, but moreso her struggle with acceptance, her desire to do something that makes her happy with people she cares about and who care about her in turn, and her desire to not simply be a super weapon that is easily used and tossed aside when no longer needed.

I would have given this 4 stars but the more recent chapters make me want to bump it up to 5, as Lapis's mental health, and the importance of healthy social interaction in general is addressed at length as of my writing this. I like the breaks in fighting more so than the action-packed fight scenes themselves - which admittedly I skim reading most of, as fight scenes don't generally interest me. <<less
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Firebomber4 rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: c92
Was about to give it 4 star but then (for me personally) the story has taken a turn for the worse at current arc of me writing this. It started out interesting for me who likes this gender-bend kind of fantasy story, the story also progresses the way I like it... but when the demons comes into place the story started to (kinda) lose focus and became boring to read, so I deducted 1 star from it.
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albreo rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: c20
The plot is absolutely generic and the entire novel is filled with filler and multiple points of view that didn't shed light on anything more. The outcomes of the events were very predictable and follow the most standard JP fantasy. The MC is being dragged left and right without being able to decide anything for herself. MC also follows the general Jap mentality of not being able to refuse any order of the person in a superior position. Despise she can destroy the country on a whim or can just... more>> move to other countries without anyone being able to stop her.

The initial synopsis turns into an Adventure guild receptionist kind of story and it's not the leisure kind. The MC has been delegated so much work to do that she didn't even have a rest day. Running left and right for other people's sake and the story fails her 300 years resolution of not messing with politics and people in power. <<less
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