While Killing Slimes for 300 Years, I Became the MAX Level Unknowingly


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The very ordinary company OL (Office Lady), Azusa Aizawa, died from overwork.

For that reason, I decided to live a slow life in a house in the mountains as an immortal witch with the figure of a 17 year old.

The main source of income is to defeat slimes inhabiting the area to acquire magic stones. I sold these at the Guild in the village. Besides that, I made medicinal herbs, became known as “The Witch of the Highlands”, and lived with respect and trust.

However, as a result of continuing to beat slimes for 300 years, the experience values accumulated too much, and I unknowingly became level 99, the world’s strongest witch.

The level 99 witch now works together in the village with her dragon-girl apprentice in moderation, while helping everyone in the village.

Associated Names
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I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
Max Level Witch
Slime Taoshite 300 Nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level MAX ni Nattemashita
持續狩獵史萊姆三百年,不知不覺就練到LV MAX
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July 30, 2017
Status: --
Edited (4/25/18) to reflect current state. I'm Flowingcloud, the main translator of the series. I thought I should leave some thoughts on the novel here. While Killing Slime for 300 Years, I Became The Max Level Unknowingly (aka Max Level Witch) is a novel that is full of slice of life, but has a decent plot. The story is full of fuwa fuwa (cuteness), so give it a try if you have time. The main character, Azusa, is not your stereotypical passive or reserved MC, but someone who actually has a brain, and puts her priorities first. So if you're done with the reincarnated female MC otome game plot, this is something certainly refreshing for you. Currently, the story is very slice-of-life, so it's good for a casual and binge read.

There are other characters that join over time: slime spirits, dragon, elf and demon. They greatly contribute to the story's cuteness, so please read!

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Altair545 rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: v4
Cmon just look at that volume cover you already know this is gonna be cute, this series isn't gonna blow your mind away with epic plot twists and engaging dialogue but what it sets out to do it does extremely well, its a cute slice of life series that let's you relax.

The main character has a good head on her shoulders and seeing that her previous life sucked so much she's very interested in living this new life completely for herself just loafing around, along the way she realizes what... more>> it means to build relationships with others and it's all very cute, anyone that enjoys this type of novels will find a gem here.

It starts out a little slow since she doesn't really want to talk to anyone at first thinking it'll just stress her out and ruin her "let's relax in this new life" mood but when she starts living with others she realizes that she was pretty lonely and that she had been wrong about wanting to be alone.

All the other side characters are pretty cute as well, slime daughters that are cute as hell, tsundere dragon cuz of course, big breasted, blonde and blue eyed ditzy elf cuz of course x2, and surprisingly the most enjoyable side character demon onee-san that always lends a hand.

Pretty good fluffy stuff. <<less
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sgrey rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c52
This is a little funny, cutesy fluff story. I am fine with an OP MC and slice of life, but it became too boring. I was able to tell what is going to happen several chapters in advance. Also, the writing is not that good. In some places there is lack of details, in others, there are too many details. For example the author sometimes instead of describing when someone is coming or appearing, just uses dialog and it looks like an extra person appeared out of nowhere. Also, MC... more>> is a bit s*upid. She has creation magic, which allows her to make her own magic to do pretty much anything, but she never uses it except in 2 places in the novel. She even forgot about it until the dragon reminded her. Good for her to forget the most powerful ability she has... <<less
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yellingbrian2 rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: c7
Adorable little series.

Nothing like a story going on. Just a witch who unknowingly got Max level killing slimes on her way to work, she's just trying to avoid conflicts and all the comedic great powers gathering around her.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LemonOni rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c8
The translations aren't too far (chapter 8) at the point of this review, so you may take the rating as a grain of salt. (Apologies for the jargon, but if you're confused, Google is your friend ;3)

So far, it's pretty much a standard isekai fluffy slice of life, and not much more or less. If you like slice of life transmigration novels (a la Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear with less adventure and fewer foodie moments, at least so far), you will like this. If they aren't your cup... more>> of tea, this won't be either.

The writing/translations are pretty solid, and I think out of 8 chapters there were at most 2 sentences that were either a little off or had grammar errors.

The main lead is pretty mature and laid back, with a protective streak when it comes to house-chan, and she tries to be kind while realizing that it would be easy to make people dependent on her, so she takes the role of the village herb woman. She's pretty focused on just living a quiet, laid back life, and is trying her best to keep it that way. I'm expecting things to pick up a little bit at this point now that there's a housemate (who is pretty kawaii), but I wouldn't be surprise if it sticks to a laid-back atmosphere, given the main lead's personality. <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c76
I used to read it, expecting something, but in the end, this is basically an Isekai rip-off of Maid Dragon, but worse. If you expect a reasonable plot, think of it like this:

A woman died from overwork (that actually happens in Japan), so she gets isekai'd by an angel pitying on her (With how many people have died like that though in Japan, did they all get isekai'd?), gets immortal life cheat, and lives for 300 years isolated near some random village, one day she gets to check her status... more>> for the first time, and she is lvl 99, the strongest. Thus, she ends up attracting the attention of other characters, including a rip-off Maid Dragon. And that's it.

She also completely remembers everything from 300 years ago like it was yesterday, even though she was able to rest for over 10x the time she lived in that old modern world Japan.

Everything is solved through friendship, and when it doesn't, she beats the crap out of them with her loner power to make them understand friendship and love. The supporting characters are all treated as family: The daughters, the maid sister, the airhead sister, the reliable sister, and so on.

And of course, MC is exactly that OP, she may be a witch with high INT and MP, but she can punch dragons with her bare hands. And anything that she can't do or doesn't know, she will exceed expectations the moment she tries it for the first time.

In essence, this is a fluffy slice of life with no plot whatsoever, no villain besides temporary ones (like Vegeta), the protagonist feels very Mary Sue, and besides the good illustrations, I can't understand how this got so much attention. I mean, many stories that try to rely on Comedy with similar plot, like Average Girl, at least offered a plot, and as slow as it may progress, it's there. I have read up to meeting the Demon King,

just to find out she too is friendly and everything, acting like a little sister.

I couldn't predict what would happen in the future, but I knew that this story will absolutely not try to capture my interest with anything interesting or relevant.

Of course, I do understand that some people like stories like these, and I just happen to not be one of those people, so if anything of my impressions caught your attention, beware of this story.

If you are in for random empty slice of life, then this may be just what you want. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ceireavne rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: v4
This novel reminds me a lot of Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! In short, it's about a group of cute girls living together and doing silly/cute things. There is a bit of a plot, but by and large that's secondary to the cute content. It's got good artwork and the writing is suitable as a vehicle for the cute shenanigans. If you like cute stuff, give it a read. Not much more to say about this one.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lazygeko rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c6
I got through 6 chapters.

I enjoy the concept and the characters were fine. It is just I am so tired of the super strong person with no desire to learn the common sense of the world they end up in and whenever trouble finds them they just deal with it as it comes then complain about being troubled rather than fixing it. I know she likes the village but if she really finds it troublesome, she could find a new, very nice village and start again. It is a trope... more>> used a lot and I am tired of it.

That being said, I find nothing wrong with the story itself, if you aren't tired of this trope give it a go. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lohwengk rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: c86
First few arcs were a lighthearted and fun SoL suitable for all ages. But after that, the story obviously became targeted at kids and some parts made me cringe with their simple-mindedness.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bkwrm rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c57
Slow moving and not much tension at all. Very much slice of life. But I love the idea behind the story and the MC is well written. All the side characters are fun as well, although the lewd elf girl is a bit one note.

Basically adorable sums up the series nicely.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mideris rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: v2
A light hearted, cute, fluffy story about a witch and her companions. Honestly, I started this because it interested me, I finished it because I enjoyed it. It struck a special cord in my heart and the comedy and fun being had by the girls made this feel like it's one to ease tension and be a purely enjoyable moe. This seems to be the time I find myself leaning towards half the time and this is one I plan to follow and recommend.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
theothersamb rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c45
Not much to say here because this is a slice-of-life story and there's some recurring characters and themes, which leads to an almost blank world that allows the characters to develop and enjoy themselves. Absolutely adorable story, and one that I'm looking forward to reading more of. Definitely a good relief from other isekai stories where either the main character is God, Machiavelli, or totally bland and unentertaining.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dsdasfaf rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: --
story title makes zero sense as time goes on.

If the max level exists in this world then all the other witchs, dragons and demons should have reached it already.

Even her so called double stats for killing slimes makes no sense.

The only explanation is if the god made her able to level up with less experience points than any one else in the world.

Basicly she has another skill that is more op than the ones stated at the start to increase her exp gain.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anirudh4321 rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: volume 13
This is quite unique in it's wholesomeness. No power struggle, royalty are laxed, not satisfied saving shite, pure Wholesome. Humans worship our Witch but they don't disturb her by and she lives in a normal house and live lives there way. Aaj the characters are fun and likable. Love the series.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ojamayellow rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: --
Great concept, great potential but it became very boooooooring. There was no comedy to lighten up the story there wasnt even any conflict that would make the story exciting. I thought that even if she had the max level, she would be receiving a limit break for level or something but I guess I expected too much from it. Its great if you like very light stories just to pass time but if you're a hardcore ln reader, this type of stories wont even be giving enough satisfaction.
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