The Witch, Who Once Was Called A Saint


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The ‘Patriotic Saintess’ Astraea, who defended the kingdom from the empire’s invasion 400 years ago, became an immortal witch, set up her house in a hidden forest, and spent her life with as minimal a contact with others. However, one day, she came across an avalanche site, and naturally, saved the young man who was dying. Even though she quickly sent him away after treating him, and told him to never come back, the young man brought back delicious-smelling food as thanks–?

This is a story about an awkward witch, once called the Saintess, who hides her whereabouts, and a sincere young man.

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Katsute seijo to yoba reta majo wa,
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06/08/19 American Faux c3
05/30/19 American Faux c2
05/29/19 American Faux c1
05/28/19 American Faux prologue
03/07/19 Rebirth Online World c5
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12/15/18 Rebirth Online World c1
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Kalmaegi rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: Completed
I remember fondly reading this story on syosetsu so I was happy to see someone translate this (even if it's a teaser).

It's about an immortal witch who, thanks to the person she saved on a whim, began to live again instead of merely going through the motions.

Besides the emergence of a plot that served to introduce the Witch's past, the romance is pretty straightforward and food is in abundance here.

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As the only living relic that knows about the monsters that plauge the fort, she eventually went to aid in the war effort. She's a big softie, this tsundere former Saint. Her reluctance to enter a relationship is understandable, given her immortality. Thankfully, they didn't have to go for a bittersweet parting and lifted the curse.

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