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Programmer Tao Zhiyue transmigrated into a cannon fodder in a bloody CEO article. He was the first love in the book that caused the protagonist Huo Ran to become disabled and heartbroken. In the end, he was revenged to death by the protagonist’s husband and wife, especially miserable.

Tao Zhiyue ran away without hesitation.

As a dead house, he firmly squatted at home with the computer as a companion, indulging in the wonderful sand sculpture online world, so unhappy.

Just kidding, even if the plot wants him to meet Huo, there is no chance, okay?

When browsing the forum one day, he saw such a delusional phishing post:

  [Title] I was pursued by four people of the same s*x, but I am a straight man, how should I politely refuse?

Tao Zhiyue, a gay man, replied with a sneer –

[Director Tao of the No. 7 Mental Hospital in Jinbei City: Hello, how long has this situation been going on? ] A few minutes later.

[Original: Hello, Doctor Tao, it has been going on for more than a month, and I am really distressed. Is this the business scope of your hospital? can you help me? ] Tao Zhiyue:?

Then he inexplicably had met an old-fashioned netizen.

Tao Zhiyue tried to teach the straight male netizen some coquettish manipulations of rejecting other people’s love, and the effect was remarkable, and he successfully strangled the other party’s peach blossoms!

Later, the netizen, who he had an increasingly ambiguous relationship with, invited him to formally meet him, and he went to the appointment with a throbbing heart.

The tall and handsome man stretched out his hand nervously, blushing: Hello, my name is Huo Ran.

Tao Zhiyue:! ! ! ! ! !

A decisive programmer who loves life and never works overtime × Occasionally the pure love of elementary school chicks straight ball rich second generation attack, double first love.

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Ecirteab rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c100
To me, this novel is like eating a tangerine - a bit sour but with a bursting sweetness that lingers.

It's a simple and cliche premise but executed well and with a lot of tenderness. Plot is relatively slice of life sprinkled with emotional introspection. Seemingly lighthearted and fluffy, I enjoyed how the novel tackled the concept of transmigration (psychologically) and what it might mean to find yourself living in a 'paper world'.

The romance is so sweet and lovely. I love how MC and ML fit together and have so much... more>> respect and love for each other. From online strangers to lovers, the build up of their relationship is cute but I love even more how they interact once together.

MC, on the surface, seems like a somewhat asocial handsome programmer who doesn't work overtime (relatable lol) but is actually lonely and scared. ML gives him the courage to open himself up again and step into this new world properly. I feel really bad for him the more the novel talks about his other life and it really impacts his character.

ML is seriously one of my favourite male leads. Gone are the days of domineering CEOs, instead, give me respectful CEOs who doesn't understand internet slang and likes bears. He's a bit childish but also really intuitive. A real breath of fresh air even if he's rich.

The romance was so tender and cute. One moment just being regular fluff and then heartbreaking. ML gave MC space and allowed him to open up, and MC also knowing when ML desperately needed time alone to think but still trying to be a part of his life to make sure he wasn't isolated. The plot does address the whole novel world thing and that's low-key the central conflict. It's done very well.


I think my favourite line that made me so bitter sweet was the

" He's not sure of anything.

But he wants to go home"

Ahhhh my heart really hurt for both of them.


There's also occasional alternating POV which I really liked because it gave depth to MC and other characters and was done at opportune times.

Original protagonist shou


I was worried but in the end, I felt bad for him. I'm happy he was never a bad guy and that he eventually has a proper chance of happiness.


On a technical level, I think this novel is written in a simple poetic way. It's not too flowery but the author has an evocative writing style which cuts to the heart of the matter. It's also very simple to MTL aside from the occasional internet slang and I feel like the poetic vibes comes through too.

Anyways, if you enjoy slice of life romances, I highly recommend this. <<less
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Shortk rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
So, I don't use the same username for the group but I am the one who did the first chapter to put this series on novel updates. Selfishly to add it to my lists to remember I read it. This author is an expert in writing soft characters. Honestly if you don't appreciate the unique parts of people that aren't screaming "I'm unique or I'm the drama b*tch", but are just like "here's how I go about my life a little differently than you and am a decent, good person"... more>> LIKE HOW MOST PEOPLE ARE IN THE WORLD then I dunno what to say... It's not your cup of tea?

But it is mine. It's not fluffy for the sake of fluffy. It's just an enjoyable romance with leads who are not a**holes to each other. Who are trying to get together but also not hurt each other to do so. Who are considerate to each other. How my f*cking taste.

There are themes:

life & love that is questioned whether it is dictated by an inescapable "fate/plot" or love/life that you can fight for softly for yourself despite your fears of it, opening yourself up to the world/people even if you're afraid... Etc. aka this is NOT JUST ABOUT IF HE COULD ESCAPE. He just inexplicably ended up liking the guy even if he's afraid for his whole ass life.

If you couldn't get that from reading this, then either you didn't read hard enough or this is not for you. Also, the author clearly notes what kind of novel this is in the first chapter note so... Now you know. Personally I recommend this. <<less
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allegna rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: c100
This is really soft and calming! It's really perfect for reading just before bed because it leaves your heart warm and cozy.

The MC, Tao Zihye, is very relatable. He transmigrated as a character whom he knows will meet a bad end, so it's understandable he wants to stay away from the ML. What I like about him is how decisive he was when he realized he had still fallen in love with the ML. I like how open he was to stepping out of his comfort zone and just really... more>> growing into a more confident and free version of himself.

I also absolutely love the ML, Huo Ran!! He is just so sweet (but not to the point of cringe) and sincere, even my heart feels full at the chicken noodle soup for the soul style of quotes he sometimes say. He always gives it his all, and he feels three dimensional.


Especially with how he reacted when he learned that his world came from a novel. He felt disillusioned, but he eventually got enlightened by the same words he once said to MC. 😭


I liked the other characters as well, from the ML's lively sister, to the MC's comical workmates, to the ex-suitor of ML who pops up every now and then, and even the original protagonist of the story! This story is a light read, but will keep your heart full ❤️ <<less
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adoring rated it
January 25, 2023
Status: c1

he failed at running away

For those who don't like the tropes where the MC swears they won't interact with the novel characters to change their fate but proceed to unintentionally interact with them.... I got bad news for you, although this one is pretty light and not very serious like those villainess manhwas lmao. This is a cute, lighthearted story with the occassional existential crisis in it so don't take anything too seriously. MC and ML talk anonymously so MC doesn't realize the other's true identity, and because of that humorous misunderstandings occur.

From what I've read, MC is really likeable. He is nice and courteous but isn't a pushover, and is trying to do his best to live a normal, peaceful life away from the dog blood of the novel's plot. The character he transmigrates to was a villainous cannon fodder who gets pushed towards his own death, and so the first thing MC does is run away and stay in his own little bubble. However this makes him pretty socially isolated with no real sense of reality, and while he does talk to his coworkers, he doesn't make any deeper connections. But with his interactions with ML online, he begins to reach out and his monotonous life slowly changes for the better...

For ML, he's pretty sheltered and internet illiterate. He is perceptive, genuine, and kind, but because of this he has many unwanted suitors and he doesn't know how to respond. In a way he is kind of naive because he doesn't understand people's ulterior motives and takes things very literal, but this doesn't make him dumb. He gets better though as MC teaches him about this stuff, and it's pretty endearing seeing him copy MC with his emojis. But overall he isn't very unique compared to other ML's I've read. Him being rich and handsome is a plus though.

MC is basically like ML's counselor in the beginning and their interactions are pretty cute. There isn't too much drama between them, and they learn and grow together. But eventually, I kind of lost interest. This novel isn't bad by any means and I didn't hate anything, but I didn't particularly like anything enough to keep reading either. Maybe it's because I didn't get the nuances from the MTL, or maybe it just isn't for me. The build up between them is slow and sweet, but I was really only fond of MC. I still read to see if this might grow on me, but nothing else stood out to me unfortunately. This novel is fluffy and lighthearted without too much drama, and I'm sure many people will enjoy it. I loved reading about MC and how he lived his daily life. Maybe I'll pick this up again, but for now I'll just put this on hold and read other novels. Those who MTL won't have too much trouble understanding it.

Edit: ahhhhhhhhhh I accidentally gave this 1 star and it seemed to piss some people off O-O;; I didn't want to rate it at all but I can't take it away... so I'm just gonna give this 4 stars
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nitan rated it
February 24, 2023
Status: Completed
"It is full of the wonder of life and the romance of the world."

I enjoyed it, I don't think there's anything else to add that haven't been said. Reading this novel (and contemplating about the journey afterwards) feels like indirectly looking at the reflection on the water surface; seeing the clouds, skies, yourself. Observing a pond in a garden after the spring rain, but never looking at the view directly until the end. Perhaps the skies are grey-casted, and the light is too bright/harsh before. Even though there's clouds and... more>> mist to diffuse some of the light, it doesn't mean it can't be harsh on the person. Regardless, this novel has a light, hazy and dreamy filter-feel to it. It's amazing because it's very intentional and reflects the 'unreality' the character feels/plot wise as well.

When I was reading -- to be honest I was abit nervous the entire time, because I didn't know if I'll be suddenly pushed into dog-blood. Since the overall handling of the reader is so gentle, I was nervous if it was going to flip on me/if the other shoe is going to drop...

Thankfully, I can come write this review to reassure you guys that it's a very peaceful novel. Most of the journey and conflicts are more about the self; investigating internal activities rather than external conflicts. Don't even worry about the OG shou... this novel's overall theme is focused on something larger, it's also very pacifist and has an optimistic subtext between the lines. It's very hopeful, and that's mainly the reason why I find this novel so so charming.

Honestly I'd recommend, it's only 100 chapters and it has a literary-feel to it (as in like, an artistic feel, kind of like an artistic movie as opposed to commercial or blockbusters?). It's definitely a feel-good novel, the idea and subconscious behind it is to boost morale and uplifts the spirit. It's a good gift for someone who's been a little down lately. I hope you can enjoy this novel as a gift to treat yourself right

Also, the author's ending note at the end:

'This is my love letter to myself, and also to everyone who can see it. Loving yourself is the best love, so ordinary days can be full of happiness. Everyone is the soul of their own universe, always the brightest star.' -- is really touching. I think this sums up the story pretty well. <<less
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mrews rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a refreshing love story about a transmigrator who's suddenly thrown into a strange world and a guy who's supposed to be that world's protagonist. It's also a story about how a small thing can make a huge change in someone's life, even a miracle.

When the MC, Tao Zhinyue, was first transported into the world, everything seemed foreign and unreal to him, so he seemed distant and lonely at first, until the ML, Hui Ran, came barreling into his life. I adore this story's ML; at first he might... more>> look like one of those overbearing CEO characters, but he's a sweet, childish, and loving guy with a penchant for traveling, and his cold CEO persona is something he learned from his father. In fact, the MC is the more rational and cold of the two, and the ML's bluntness is what managed to smash through the MC's defenses and encourage him to face his fears.

The first part of the story is about the two main leads meeting and how they fell in love, but the second part is kind of a meta story about the MC's transmigration and whether or not they live in a fictional story. Despite that, there are no antagonists or baddies in this story—not even the original story's protagonist. It's just a sweet love story about two people who somehow meet across a huge gulf of time and space. <<less
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rorowingaway rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: c99
  • chtrs: 8.5/10 (very interesting but I have to say the MC was a bit too paranoid that at times I felt like you really do not have to thinkt hat much like I get that its transmigration but you dont have the system-san arnd you anyways so that should have been the #1 hint that the world is not like how it was in the book, the ML and MC both are very funny also their duo is just hilarious, the side characters are really entertaining too like MC colleagues and ML ex persuers HAHAH tht jin.. Sumn guy keeps gettin fed dog food LOL)
  • storyline: 7/10 (its filled with fluff back to back but I still felt that something was missing but if you are bored and want to read something comforting this is the novel for u)
  • overall: 8.5/10
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Yennn rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: Completed
This is such a light hearted and sweet story! The author did such a good pacing and characterization. The pacing is neither slow nor fast, allowing us to understand the MC. It is as if I could feel Tao Zhiyue's helplessness and disconnectivity with the world. The main conflict is his existentiality, to which he got through together with the ML.
This also contains a lot of dog food, please bear in mind... I feel so abused while reading because wow, I'm really single, huh.
This is a good novel... more>> to pass time (or for procrastination). Waiting for it to be fully translated so I can read it (and be salty) again! <<less
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MissZer0q rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: Completed


The reason why I really adored this novel was

Tap Zhiyue didn’t miraculously felt that he belonged to the world he transmigrated in. Nor did he actually want to since he might be involved in the plot. He’s also very very scared of death (cuz he died once duh) and you can see bits of information about it.

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ghoststories rated it
May 21, 2023
Status: c31
Extremely cheesy and doesn’t feel that fresh or unique. A lot of moments that I think are meant to be cute but just make me cringe. Not loving the characters’ personalities, as they seem pretty one-dimensional and uninteresting. ML is a complete Gary Stu and “perfect gentleman” with no interesting personality quirks. MC seems super nonchalant and decisive in the first few chapters in the way he interacts with his coworkers and chats with ML, but once he realizes he likes ML, he starts being super anxious and overreacting to... more>> everything and it gets a little annoying after a while. <<less
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January 25, 2023
Status: --
MTL’d it, was very sweet. MC’s anxieties about transmigrating and ML is right there, supportive and bright... a very loveable couple. The misunderstandings are mild and not frustrating ... more>>

They meet online and ML assumes that MC is a 26 year old doctor and MC believes that ML is a middle aged man 😭

and there is little to no conflict. There are some minor plot b**boos that made no sense to me but I wasn’t reading too deeply so maybe I missed a detail or two~ Very cute side characters as well ✨ <<less
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Adlt_1226 rated it
March 22, 2023
Status: Completed
i think this is a very healing story and portrayed a very realistic (in my opinion) reaction in the event that you either find yourself transmigrating into a novel (in mc’s case) or finding out that you are a character in a novel (ml’s case) ; their overall characteristics were also realistic and relatable, none of the characters were overly oppressive and powerful that you’d consider the story too fantastical; if you’re looking for a story that gives you a warm and healing feeling without the face slapping and the... more>> dog blood, this is highly recommended. <<less
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