Heavenly Calamity


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Calamity descends upon a a tranquil world in the black of night, transforming it into a death game! This a a true apocalypse, but this is not the end of humanity!

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Tian Zai
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Slimikyi rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
Since there’s no reviews, I’ll write one. I just finished the whole novel. I'm giving it 2 Stars for "it's okay". It's not spoiler free. Most spoilers are hidden though. And those are just examples, so feel free to skip them.

The premise of this novel was that a higher being, or “system”, tossed everyone into a game-like world. This is a reincarnation; the MC reincarnates from 70ish days in the future. So he has 70ish days of knowledge and experience. Stuff happens but it starts off a very apocalyptic... more>> survival type of novel. It’s fight after fight, enemies after enemies, new people after new people, new places after new places, etc. But then, it escalated into wars. You can think of it as, “the game already existed many many years ago and many different races have already been tossed into this game. The newcomers are the Humans.”

The plot is as above but it doesn't last too long. And the whole horror, survival or tragedy aspect is lost after the first few volumes. To put it in the simplest way, it's replaced with guild wars, faction wars, and cultivation. Later on, even the leveling system is replaced with cultivation. So after the first few adventures, it progressed and they are still "struggling to survive" but it's presented in a RPG-like adventure. It gives off a feeling of being dull.


The MC starts off in a forest and tries to reach a survival camp (village). During that, he gained plenty of allies and eventually a mercenary group (300 people). And from then, it became less of a 1 on 1 or 5 on 5 survival fight but more like guild wars, or guild raids. The MC is just a commander. After the MC arrives, he basically finds out Humans are in war with Dino People (Humanoid Dinosaurs), Gnomes, and Dog People (Humanoid Dogs).

After all that, the MC simply goes to another region to fight another war due to the "system's" quest. And after that, it's at another place with another war. And each of these, the MC restarts from "poor" and "weak" and works his way up again. Finally, the wars kind of stop and it just simply became "kingdom building". A bunch of adventures while MC tries to build his kingdom for humans. But many things happen.

In the end, he became a god. Told you it's cultivation-like.


The MC was originally an author. And thanks to his 70ish days of living hell, he became a very strong willed and quiet character. He's also very tolerant (to humans). He is also part of the "smart" and "cunning" MC with his 70ish days of knowledge. Somehow, he is still able to be on top of others after those 70ish days (plot armour!!). As a leader, he tries to be very fair and equal. He prefers to distribute gold and guild points and let his members purchase whatever items they want from him. Sounds fair right? You work harder, you get more gold/points and you can buy more. Except..."core members" are allowed to borrow gold/points. Orz

Besides that, to a point, he's also arrogant. And more so in the later volumes. And his plot armour gets thicker, beefier and more powerful as the novel progresses. That also means he's also a bit selfish. He grabs the best items as the leader. It's seriously just snowballs with that broken distribution system, which is there's no real distribution system when dealing with the MC.


At first, his class is very modest, a Ranger. It's well-rounded and decent. I know what the author is planning. He wants to give any and all possible things to the MC. And he does. But later on, his class got changed to Hero. And with that, it's more and more OP cheats. Example is that as a Hero, he can use anything and everything. He doesn't get "stronger" as the story progress, he gets more "cheats". Lol


As for the other characters, you got a bit of everyone. The loli, the cool quiet killer dude, the fighting maniac, the seductive girl, the lil sis, the reliable second in command that basically manages everything, etc. But the issue is that it starts off trying to be a horror or tragedy and that usually means a lot of death. A bunch of the initiate characters came and go. I don't like characters dying but if it's part of the theme and it's great. But nobody ever dies anymore after a certain points. It's always just the henchmen that dies and they just become a number.

Overall, both MC and the side characters don't have any growth or depth. If this is his/her role, than it's his/her role for eternity. The loli who became 21 after 6 years of adventuring is still a loli, an ungrowing and unaging loli.

There is some romance. But it's very light and just there because it needs romance. There's no harem but there's still a bunch of girls who like him for various reasons. Like brother-sister relationship, idol-fan relationship, close friends or simply intimacy. It's not great and I feel that it's poorly written.


So, there's a lot of unexplained parts about the romance. For the longest time, there was like 2 main competitors and 1 loli who tries to claim the MC as hers. Eventually, the MC picked one girl but never went into the aftermath. And this isn't the only example. It's everywhere. There are so many loose ends with the human-human relationships.


Ugh...I mention it became a cultivation-like story right...? What is the final step of cultivation?


Immortal or God. In this case, it's God.


And it's a happily ever after ending.

Final Remarks:
Yeah, the plot derailed to something else. But who knows, maybe the author never meant it to be a horror or tragedy and the translators are just tossing it in to mess with us. Not that the characters aren't fun, but they are a bit bland. The romance sucks. But, at least, the title stuck true to the plot, more or less. Heavenly Calamity: heavenly -> divine -> of, from or like of God; and calamity -> disaster. In short, "Act of God". Or "tian zai" -> natural disaster or act of God. <<less
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ZhaWarudo rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
Up to chap 12, when I started reading I thought Slimikyi review was bollocks but as it turns out now I believe him. Though he/she read the whole thing I can see the dullness already - it's kinda like God and Devil World or Terror Infinity only worse
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Fan2zz rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: --
A very good story with a lot of potential. Its interesting how the reincarnated MC used his knowledge to gain a major advantage in a realistic way, yet it was not overbearing and too OP. He is also someone who raises up comrades and cares for them, rather than seeing everyone other than yourself as a tool.

Also, it's fine to compare it to G&DW as one review says, but Terror Infinity and Heavenly Calamity are nothing alike. Not a single element is the same.
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