Dark Blood Path


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Humans collectively arrived in a foreign land devoid of civilization as their planet underwent drastic changes in both time and space. With the disappearance of civilization and the collapse of society, it didn’t matter whether you were once a high-ranking rich man whom thousands of people looked up to or a magnificent and glamorous model actress. In this dark and bloody world, killing and becoming stronger is the only way to survive, while elimination and ens*avement await the weak.

With five years’ worth of memories going all the way back to the disaster’s day, can Xiao Yu aspire to the pinnacle throne with his meager strength? In a world where monsters ran rampant, Could he constantly maintain his ideals and principles while protecting everyone around him?

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New Overclock rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: c300
Its simple yet interesting. If you have ever read novels like God and Devil World, Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils, or other apocalypse survival game/Evolution novels you will like this.

Has interesting kingdom building combining many aspects you may have seen in other novels. Can honestly say that without his comrades and subordinates he wouldn't be where he is today as this isn't a story where a MC can handle everything. He may be strong, but not so much that he can wipe out armies of hundreds or thousands alone.... more>> And characters who survive aren't forgotten.

One complaint.

The MC is a Regressor, but it almost doesn't matter that much. Aside from very early chapters, MC doesn't get a big advantage for having future knowledge. He's a skilled veteran warrior with knowledge on skills and items, but that's about it. At least in the Tutorial area he doesn't get any hidden pieces or know how to exploit the power system to gain a massive advantage or any. Also MC seems to awakened a new ability compared to his past self, but doesn't mention it. I'm assuming it's a new ability since MC doesn't imply he knows his evolution tree or show exceptional mastery right away.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but the novel could have been easily rewritten to not have a Regressor MC and be better for it.

EDIT: MC starts to use future knowledge, but only happens after he escapes the Imprisonment Forest.


Mc's Evolution Tree

0 Order - Eyes of Insight: Basically Sharigan without copy or illusion powers.

1st Order - Bullet Time: Fate/Zero Kirisugu's Accel, sort of.
2nd Order - Kakashi's Kamui.
3rd Order - Tobi's Kamui.

4th Order - Targeted Time Reverse. Can reverse physical matter, Magical powers, or spiritual power. The stronger/larger the target the higher the cost to reverse time. Additionally, the further back the higher the cost. Can't reverse time like a time machine and can't revive the dead.

5th Order - Unrestricted use of his time and space abilities. At this realm there aren't skills anymore but more freedom in your talent ability, though I'm not a fan. MC can basically do anything you can imagine someone with Space and Time magic. His only limits are his energy and fighting people stronger than him who can basically ignore his godly abilities.


Noteworthy Abilities and Item

Book of Wind and Sand - Gives Bloodline of a Demigod and a variety of Wind and Sand element skills and magic.

Hellfire Lotus Flame - A magic flame that freezes and can be used in Alchemy. Later gets the other Hellfire flame, becoming the Yin-Yang Purgatory Flame which has both extreme heat and cold.

Ash Sword - A Legendary Grade Sword used by a Dragon from long ago. Broken into 3 pieces. Destruction Sword, Nirvana Swors, and Annihilation Sword. MC gets Destruction Sword first.

Heart Demon - A monster that tried to turn MC into a demon with high potential/dark powers, but MC takes the power for himself.


Comrade Power

Blood Magic

Flower Fairy


Stone Man


Elemental Archer

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Heartless rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: c7
l'm a sucker for the genre, but the pacing is horrible.

it's hard to keep track of what's happening. "Oh, the world's ending in 10 minutes.", "Oh, the random guy getting chased is my friend long time dead", "Oh, we must enter this random cave that contains undead skeletons for safety". Normally, it would be fine with a bit of chaos. However, everything happens in far too little time. I don't feel any emotional bonds to any of the characters, l barely know their names. I don't feel enthralled by the... more>> world, there are next to no descriptions of anything.

Premise - Very nice

Character design - horrible

World building - what's that? (Lt feels like they expect us to have read other similar novels and don't bother with it at all)

Writing quality - fine, there isn't any major things to nitpick about.

Plot - save the world (or something? To be fair, l have read too few chapters to give a just review)

All in all, not a great experience. <<less
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