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Ling Xi was discovered by a talent scout in an underpass.

His personality was optimistic, silly and his appearance delicate and pretty. Ling Xi who could only compose music and write lyrics, did not manage to be a superstar. His record sales were not very good and could only float in the entertainment world where newbies are always coming in. Until his agent used all his effort to obtain a job for him – to perform the ending song of a xian xia show and act a small role in it.

An Ruifeng was an extremely popular idol male god with a mixed-race appearance. Even though he debuted not long ago, he had the looks, the talent and a good background. Such a gifted person would have a number of rivalry scenes with Ling Xi in the show.

But what surprised Ling Xi even more was, the mighty An Ruifeng was actually very kind to a humble, insignificant singer like him, and willingly let him hug his golden thigh to increase exposure!

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Lòng Có Lăng Hi
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patch rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Comedy, warm, fluff, and romantic. This story had it all. The story is short but fulfilling. It show the beautiful side with very little conflict. MC was positive and enthusiastic (in many ways). He was unique and you might not find a character like this a lot. ML wasn't an OP film emperor. You will find the character grow and understand them in less than 50 chapters.

Highly recommend.
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Devrai rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: Completed
5 Stars 🌟 for the Fluff and Romance but if you are looking for an entertainment related novel where they are working their way up... you might be disappointed with this story.

This novel surprised me with a kind of realism rarely put in light hearted novels. While MC is gifted and writes good songs, he always missed the opportunity to attract fame. Sometimes it has nothing to do with your ability but everything with luck. Although ML is on the top and he gives him the chance to rub off... more>> on his fame, MC is rather realistic here and decides to go another way. While the whole love story is sweet and gives off a warm feeling, those moments of a sparkling out career and disappointment made me really cry for MC. Luckily MC is a rather bright personality. While coming across as overly naive (bordering s*upidity), he doesn't shy away of change and already has a plan for his retirement.

ML is the pampering kind but not overbearing. He gives his help freely but does neither force his opinion on MC nor take action without MC asking for it. This couple is good, communicates and left me with a wholesome feeling.

Of course there are some weaknesses in the story but those are mostly parts you would encounter in such a short story. While it didn't feel rushed I would have liked more... like the coming out and family life. It felt like there should be more. So I took away one star. <<less
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Eccentricstate rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5

Pairing Type: famous actor gong x indie singer shou; shou MC x gong ml; lazy, dumb mc; hardworking, kind ml; doting ml; powerbottom mc

Tropes: entertainment industry

... more>> Triggers: none

Heat level: medium-high, leads are very intimate, moderately explicit love scenes

Re-readability: low; it was a wonderful one-time read

This novel really surprised me in a great way. For starters, it’s only 46 chapters but the chapters are long. Altogether about 2 western novels in length. Thought this was gonna be a quick one but took me a few days to finish.

Anyway, this was not what I was expecting at all. From description I was expecting a down-on-his-luck shou struggling in the entertainment industry getting picked up by a domineering, golden-thigh gong and bolstered to super fame. Not the case at all.

To properly explain what makes this so special, I’ll have to provide spoilers:

Instead, it’s about someone that enjoyed singing but only coincidentally ended up making a small career out of it. He tried his best and cared about his fans but wasn’t driven to succeed like his lover.


After realizing that he had made his best effort and didn’t have the chops, he gracefully bowed out. I think it was likely because he saw just how driven someone has to be to make it to the top. You either have to have connections or be insanely passionate and even that has no guarantees. It was realistic, didn’t sell some outrageous plotline, and clearly showed that just because you have the talent and the looks doesn’t always mean you will succeed.


But it wasn’t a depressing story, the MC was really an artist at heart, rather than a celebrity. He wanted to share his arts and his talents with people, regardless of how many that is.

And with an artists heart, he eventually fell hopelessly in love with someone very different that him.

Love the MC and mls dynamic, they bounce off of each other very well. ML has some standard gong traits but absolutely no vinegar and he didn’t take himself too seriously. Always great to see a ML that can joke around, yet still act as a good foil for the MC in addition to being a romantic interest.


I also absolutely adored the side characters. The main career rival is incredible. Loved the fact that she was this Tsundere lesbian that’s secretly kind hearted. We, as a reader, misunderstand her just like the MC does. You totally expect her to be this snotty green tea bit*h with a silver spoon. But nope, she’s great. More of this please



One thing I did think was weird was the fact that the MCs singing is never mentioned again after he leaves the entertainment industry? Even if it just mentioned that he enjoyed singing to friends and family, or at his cafes that would make more sense. Seems weird to completely drop something you enjoy.


All in all, I’d say it’s a wonderful read. Seems like a lot of people haven’t given it a chance yet but I highly recommend. Typically I wouldn’t rate something as 4.5 unless I absolutely intend to reread. But I made an exception because I thought this was well crafted. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aynaed rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Fluff, pure fluff !!
MC is simple and plain adorable without being frustrating. Really easy to love his character.
ML seems perfect at first but along the story we discover his struggle. This makes him not like the typical perfect no flaw ML.
All the side characters too, also hv their own characters.
No intriguing plot, drama free novel
Overall a satisfying short read and honestly I will reread it again and again on a bad day.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dee_ism rated it
February 11, 2022
Status: --
While there's no complicated plot, but the story is warm and makes your heart full with comedy here and there.

I just really love our MC and ML Both are a good people with kind heart and no drama.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fozzy Bear
Fozzy Bear
January 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I see this story is rated a 4.7 (at least when I’m writing this). It deserves it. This short-ish story is sweet and funny and full of good characters. I like me some good characters. And by the way, the cover art has something to do with the story but it is a little confusing. Look closely, its suitcases (which is part of the story).

This is a story about Ling Xi, a talented musician who isn’t very successful. He has loving but airhead parents and an agent who’s more like... more>> a father than a business manager. The MC meets An Ruifeng (the ML), a famous up and coming star on an airplane trip to an audition. The ML is surrounded by a sarcastic manager and towards the end, a very strange brother.

There are some comedic moments and some poignant ones. Never once is the MC weak even though the ML helps him out a bit in the beginning. The relationship progression between these two is quite lovely. There’s even a love rival (she’s hilarious) and an evil leading actor (some funny interactions between him and Ling Xi). I don’t like to leave spoilers, so I’ll just say, this book left me in a good mood.

Hats off to Chipoholic. The translation was superb. It was obvious the translator loved this story as much as we readers did. If you want short-ish, sweet, funny story, please give this novel a try. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SweetLove rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: --
Totally recommend!! Very heart warming, sweet and funny.

Ruifeng is sexy and romantic but Ling Xi is very funny, adorable and can spew a mouthful of honeyed lines. 😍😍 I had a great time and laugh reading this series.

Thanks to Chipoholic at Chrysanthemum Garden for your amazing work on this.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fakeluff rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Read this on CG. The MC is an utter joy and will bring sunshine into your life and perspective. The short novel is full of good humour, good pacing, good characterization, and surprising lustiness once the couple got together. Translator did well in bringing across the flurry of jokes in every chapter, and the wistfulness too.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
peachtoplease rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I read the LC translation and It’s super fluffy story. First of all, I’m a fan of this author and always trust her when it came to the humor and fluffy in novel.

The MC is typically no-named singer, those that talented but never have a chance to shine in the eyes of people. ML is super duper famous actor due to his appearance, background and hard-working. They met when they work together. Mc’s funny and cute character makes ML interest in him so they got to be friend at first... more>> place.
What I like the most about this story is MC’s attitude toward life. He’s hard-working, self-conscious, brave but still have the soul of innocent kid. I’m really surprise by his choice in career at the end but It’s realistic and reasonable one.
So 5/5 there’s nothing I can point it out. Just read and have fun everyone! <<less
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Ritsuka rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Writing a review because I really feel like more people need to read this.

This is unlike most showbiz BLs which include Climibing to the top, face slapping, Everyone swooning for the MC and all that stuff. Rather, it is the story of talented boy who entered the industry when given a chance but never really got popular because he never got the lucky break. My heart aches for Ling Xi thinking how talented this boy was and yet he never got the chance to shine but the focus of the... more>> story is not on that but its on Ling Xi’s journey on finding his love after being an unknown artist for 11 years and finally choosing a new path for himself.

I absolutely loved the mentality portrayed by Ling Xi in this novel very much. Even though I myself am a person who is goal oriented and love people who strive for their ideals, I still have a lot of thing i’m laid back upon and have let go of and Ling Xi teaches you that its ok to do so! If it can’t be achieved, then appreciate the process, be optimistic and move on. There’s no need to be petty and have regrets.I especially loved how he didn’t let himself be wronged in the circle, cause he knew he could leave the circle at any time cause he had no mental burdens regarding it!Sometimes we should deal with stuff like that too!This was such a fresher for me after I've read so much rigorous novels lol.

The romance is super cute. The ML is doting and surprisingly human lol not some OP guy who can do anything. The side characters are super cute too. And ofc Ling Xi is the best in leaving you speechless!I really recommend it if you want to relax and enjoy! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
damnmei rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Wow. This novel truly is like a breath of fresh air. The two leads are humanized, they aren't perfect and they actually go through hardships and can't just wave their plot armor around to solve them. The MC is hilarious, and he seems very naive and carefree at first, but he has a lot more depth to his character than that. The way that he's able to take care of himself and stay mentally strong despite setbacks, and at the same time be able to open up to ML and... more>> his manager and not try to handle everything himself!! Truly something that is not easy to do.

I really love too that the ML in this isn't a perfect film emperor, as is common in showbiz novels. He's just a hardworking person who is extraordinary in appearance but not in acting skills, and he actually has to work to get better. It's so refreshing to read a ML that is not perfect at everything and looks down at all other mortals as a god. He's also just such a good boyfriend, compassionate and supportive, thinking highly of the MC and defending when necessary. He's a good listener, and he takes feedback well.

This story also has some of the best and funniest side characters. Loved both agents, the lesbian tsundere, and ML's brother haha all added so much humor to this already great novel. Both main characters in this are just so funny together. I had such a good time reading this story, it definitely had me dying laughing multiple times. Highly recommend for a lighthearted and palette cleansing read! <<less
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July 14, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel taught me that sometimes letting go of your dream is not a bad thing. It doesn't make you a failure. Instead, it will open up a new path for you to take. As my mum said, "It's better to try and fail than not to try at all."
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xiao Yi
xiao Yi rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: Completed
One of the best, realistic danmei I've ever read.

The characters were simply human, not 100% fiction.

The MC will practically teach you that something that was not meant to be will never be meant for you. You just have to gain the courage to let go, move forward and look for things that will make up for what you lost.

And the ML was not ultimately perfect, and its rarely a good thing. He also had his flaws, he feels insecure, he was not omnipotent.

Its a very good fluffy and heartwarming novel.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dday0425 rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm debating whether to rate it 4 or 4.5. 🤔 Honestly, the story is a bit boring, but it has the cutest and kindest characters ever, and the message is quite impactful.

The MC is silly and super lovable. He's funny, and his dialogues are always a joy to read. Despite being a celebrity, the MC lives like an ordinary person who, despite struggling with his career, still maintains a clear mind and a pure heart. I adore him a lot—he's so relatable and easily my favorite character. The ML, on... more>> the other hand, seems to have it all: a solid background, strong skills, high face value, high popularity, and a smooth-sailing life. Yet, despite his advantages, he's humble, hardworking, and kind to people, which is admirable.

I give all the characters in this story full marks. They're all very well-crafted. Even the antagonist, who is supposed to be super annoying, isn't that hateful (except for the MC's management company—I cursed them a hundred times for being so shameless!).

Overall, the story flows nicely; even though it progresses pretty fast and the main couple's interactions are somewhat cliché and overly sweet, the ending really exceeded my expectations. It's probably one of the most realistic endings I've read in showbiz novels. I appreciated the choice the MC made a lot, and the message is quite impactful (yes, I repeat this sentence twice; I was really impressed).

However, despite the pleasant surprise of the ending, the overall story, while funny, is a bit too plain for my liking, and I found myself getting distracted a lot while reading it. I don't know; I just got tired of the jokes at some point and became disinterested towards the end. 😢 It took me a while to drag myself along to finish the story.


However, the extra content is really nice! The dog, little ancestor, is so cute.

I didn't know the retired dog actor would be abandoned after losing his value, though. I mean, he worked for ten years, making a lot of money and fame for the academy, and even got injured on duty. Can't the academy treat him better? He's 10 years old. How much longer can a small dog live? It doesn't cost much to raise him for a few more years. I really wonder what they would have done if there was no MC or if no one was willing to adopt him, since people only care for puppies and purebred dogs nowadays.

Anyway, I'm glad he ended up finding his forever home, where he can now live happily with someone who love him very much.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bafflinghaze rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Super cute!!

The MC is super funny and sunny, and during the low points he and the ML and their agents support each other, and also a super plus that a lesbian character exists in the story!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AnZhe798 rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: Completed
short but sweet

loved this story, and both MC and ml

the unique thing is both characters are not omnipotent and have their setbacks and different lives but they met and merged into each other.... cute.... and some awkward moments lol..i like them all

... more>> ling xi is so funny haha... ive learned a lot from him to be honest. he could appear silly to some people but everyone has different personalities and I really like that author has totally described it in the story

most important thing - its not always a bad thing to let go

at last thank you to author

and thank you to translator for the story! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hiori1996 rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a really sweet and optimistic story, I like it a lot. The writing was really simple and smooth, it had a lot of funny moments without anything dramatic.

This novel shows that a funny and light hearted story can be really entertaining without needing crazy misunderstandings and drama.

The MC has a really nice personality, I mean we can learn a little bit from him to detach from this demanding society that makes you think that you have to be great or famous, when you just need to be... more>> accept yourself to be happy and appreciate the simple things in life.

The couple is so beautiful, I really liked how the relationship was built.

If you're looking to something light to relieve you from some stress from day to day, this is your novel. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
miaomin rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: Completed
A very nice light read. Drama-free and full of fluff.

MC is a simple ball of sunshine, endearingly silly but not s*upid. ML is very grounded and reasonable. Their interactions are very sweet and funny.

Nicely paced and good translation. Overall, doesn’t stray in logic and no unreasonable 2D characters.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HiddenHermit rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Nice, entertaining story... minimal angst and the romance was mostly smooth.

MC, Ling Xi, is silly, happy, and worries roll off of him like water on a duck. ML, An Ruifeng, is an extremely popular actor. They meet and fall in love, it's straightforward. I enjoyed MC's sense of humor and his quips are out there at times. It made the story for me. :)
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lovelies rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Perfect? No. Not the most nuanced book or plot ever. But it has a heart of gold. The fluff and cute character romance aside, the theme of letting go and not necessarily fulfilling out all your initial dreams is so pure and necessary. Although it is a bit disheartening, it truly does go to show that happiness can be chosen not just through success, but having the strength to be content with what you have. Ling Xi is so silly but he has that maturity that I hope to have... more>> one day as well,

Ling Xi might be more of an idealization than a realistic person irl, but that’s fine. I’ll remember him for awhile. <<less
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