Heal That Poor Little One


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After the death of the Empire’s Supreme General, Bai Su, he is selected by the Plane Management Bureau as a tasker. His mission is to restore order to the small worlds disturbed by transmigrated reincarnators, uphold justice, and support the weak. He helps those who were supposed to become main character cheat codes but were persecuted into becoming pitiful big shots, guiding them to the peak. The system says that with his strength, he’s sure to lie back and win.

But on his first official mission, he falls in love at first sight with the target! He intended to suppress his feelings for the sake of the mission. Little did he know, the pitiful one he rescued would turn into a big shot and then quickly blacken, demanding he become their wife?

The kicker is that the target in every world is the same person!

So, Bai Su’s tragic mission of helping the weak turns into him supporting his waist.

Balancing aching back and legs to pursue a career while also preventing someone from blackening.

Later, he realized that “laying back and winning” was not only a verb but also a physically demanding task…

Doting Fanatic Husband vs. Devoted Wife with Strong Possessiveness.

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1 Review

Jun 13, 2024
Status: Completed
If you are going to read this, I'd suggest that you start first with the novel (same author) :

I'm Sending Warmth to the Disabled Boss (我给残疾大佬送温暖 [快穿])

I made the mistake of reading this first and felt that there are so many plot holes. And upon accidentally reading the other works of the author, turned out that it is the prequel (I'm Sending Warmth to the Disabled Boss novel) ! I really didn't know that they are written by the same author until I reached arc 11 of 'I'm Sending... more>> Warmth to the Disabled Boss'.

There are other works from the author as well and I also plan to read those. So I will update this review to include the chronological order of the novels once I finished reading the others. :) _____________________


suggested sequence of reading the works of the author based on its release dates:

1. The villain host is too cruel [Quick Wear]

2. I send warmth to the disabled big man [Quick Wear]

3. Tyrant meets paranoid [Quick Wear]

4. Heal that poor little thing [Quick Wear]

5. Strong pet (quick wear)

6. Cannon fodder and villain are true love (quick wear)

7. The villain is my wife (quick wear)

8~ others (on going)

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