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A collection of short stories featuring non-humans!

(Six novels that can be read independently with very different styles, just pick your favorite and read along.)

① The King’s Pearl. Jiang Mian was adopted as a child by a professor whose life revolved around researching mermaids. After his father dies, Jian Mian is the sole person with this secretive research. When the research institute captures a ferocious mermaid, Jiang Mian becomes the only one who can get close enough to the imprisoned creature.

② A God’s Marriage. When there’s no longer something to guard, the guardian gods will dissipate between heaven and earth. The sea otter was the guardian god worshipped by the Ice Sea people, but the new era was also full of new gods, and in the ancient sea otter clan, only one particularly large and white sea otter remained.

The big albino sea otter lived alone, wandered alone, and waited for the fated finale to come. Until one day, on the beach, it found a living sacrifice intended for a new god, covered in bruises.

The great sea otter: a wild pup from the sky! Now mine, quickly tucked away.

③ Dark Sky Sanctuary. Yu Mengzhou is a professional horse farrier. He was born to be close to horses, and all the horses whose hooves he had repaired would put their big heads into his arms to be pampered. Until one day, Yu Mengzhou suddenly fell into a new world.

The demonic war horses of the other world were huge and lofty, with black flames burning around them, and the lords of the herd had just started a rebellion, tearing and devouring their former riders, and sizing up the frail humans who had fallen from the sky, baring their fierce fangs – Yu Mengzhou stared at the warhorse lord studded with th**ny bone thorns hooves, hesitated and spoke in a whisper, “Do you need to fix your hoof? Experience price… can be free of charge.”

④ Utopia. Gu Xingqiao did not want to live. He was demoralized and lost everything, and there was no other sorrow or joy in this life. He finally fell into a disused battleship of unknown centuries.

After thousands of years of wandering and silence in the universe, the abyssal battleship finally found fresh prey again. He wanted to torture him, give him hope and then mercilessly deprived of all, He wanted to make the other party wail, cry, scream in despair! He …

[…Uh, why don’t you run away?] Gu Xingqiao: “Why, silly?”

⑤ The Sepernt of Pharisee. Male Echidna x persistent human painter

⑥ Inquire Here. Dragon carrying the evil of all worlds x human royal son who was sacrificed

One sentence synopsis: I love you, beyond the stars.

Intention: Love transcends everything.

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New bunnycore rated it
July 11, 2024
Status: --
I LOVE this novel. I'm waiting for it to be fully translated, but so far it's really great. I really liked the first story, "The King's Pearl", as well as "A God's Marriage", the second one. My favorite so far is the fourth story, "The Serpent of Pharisee" (still being translated).
The pairing in "The Serpent of Pharisee" is Male Echidna x persistent human painter, and if anyone's wondering like I was, Echidna is actually the half-human, half-snake "Mother of Monsters" in Greek Mythology. ML is basically just her male descendant... not the animal. Before knowing that, I wasn't too surprised with an echidna ML, as the ML in the second story (A God's Marriage) is a sea otter. Lol
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Akiru122 rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this. Each story was detailed, and I was very invested, especially in "The Serpent of Pharisees".

The whole story was very unique and even made me tear up a little at the emotional ups and downs.

I did not finish reading Utopia, I was unable to get invested in the story very well and finally left it and moved on. This is the same outcome for the last story, "Inquire Here" or "Ask Here, " I could read up until about the middle of it but overall could not finish... more>> it, I suppose I didn't like the MLs in these two stories.

Every story (at least I think every story) covered every point...? I don't believe there were many if any plot holes, the writing was nice and although I got confused with a few terms and there was some mix-up with pronouns here and there it was good!

Anyway, I would recommend this story! I don't usually read stories like this, (mainly because I haven't found a lot of them) but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will too, just give it a chance <3. <<less
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