Haymand’s Blood


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“You’ll have to hug and satisfy me until I fall asleep again.”

Serenity, who was once a cheerful girl, appeared before the Emperor Kairas of the Bezetman Empire with a sword in her hand. She said he should continue the bloodline of her kind like his forefathers did.

Kairas tried to quench his thirst and achieve his own motives. But as time went by, he fell in love with her and had to face the shocking secrets she had kept to herself…

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헤이망드의 핏줄
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10/02/21 Sugar Babies c6
08/29/21 Sugar Babies c5
08/29/21 Sugar Babies c4
08/13/21 Sugar Babies c3
08/01/21 Sugar Babies c2
06/25/21 Sugar Babies c1
06/25/21 Sugar Babies prologue
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TeaPlease1717 rated it
October 13, 2021
Status: c5
The translation is top notch but the storyline is only okay. Granted it's only 6 chapters but it didn't pull me in. The main characters don't really have substance, and I didn't feel the writer made a good enough argument as to why we (the readers) should care for the characters.

Also, the first two chapters are a little confusing. The pov jumps all over the place and one character that I thought was important turned out to be a throw away character (at least as of ch 6).

Perhaps it gets... more>> better but don't think I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for an update. <<less
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