Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono


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Count’s daughter Emil Vorst 13 years old, was participating in an end-year party for first-year students. After the party because of an accident she remembered about her previous life. After that she tried to enjoy living in a fantasy world with magic power that didn’t exist in her previous life, but….

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Hakushaku Reijo wa Cheat Tenseisha
The Count's Daughter is a Cheat Reincarnator
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Tachi Works
Biah_belle rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: v1c6
Wow the reason I got my seven likes was back when everyone agreed this novel started off great. Logical MC with a backbone who doesn't let herself get bullied by a "heroine", but what do you know...

Some Japanese psychopath b**ch possesses her with "past life" memories. Since when was remembering your mediocre half assed school girl life supposed to turn you into some kind of cold blooded slaughter house? The original amazing girl gets ruined by the Japanese boring monologue overwrite and on top of it all she has... more>> no regard for human life whatsoever like some wannabe wuxia goals.

It plummeted from a 5 star to a straight 2-3 for me. 2 honestly cuz I can almost not bear finishing what I started but a 3 for the dead pre-memory MC and the death of what a great story it could have been. <<less
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Promethean rated it
October 3, 2016
Status: c29
Well, the first chapter was great...

Then came the reincarnation part of the series, and it all goes down hill. The main character's personality pre-reincarnation was exceedingly more interesting than post-reincarnation. What was once a refined noble lady, is now just generic Japanese girl (with killer tendencies).

Its boring.

... more>> *edit*
At chapter 29, Dropped. Her personality remains boring. No plot.

New rating: 1 star

Its not because of the genericism, but because the first chapter is really good and had really great potential, and how every other chapter after that being complete sh*t, destroying all the potential.

I would love it if someone did a redo of the whole series, except only based on the first chapter, and not having her be possessed by some japanese b***h.

Recommendation: Read the first chapter. Be amazed by the fresh premise. Then stop. Because it becomes pure disappointment. <<less
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lnv rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: v1c29
I think a lot of people are being a bit unfair to this series. While it is still early and sad that the series has been in hiatus making it a bit early to judge. Based on other reviews they couldn't be more wrong. I think a lot of people were expecting otome game or something, it isn't. Now to address a lot of the comments and misconceptions:

... more>>

1) People seem to claim that her personality was better prior to gaining their memories, which is false. We know very little about her personality prior. The few things we do know about her prior seem to be the same. Her personality did not change much, other than interest in magic. She was a hikkimori in both lifetimes. Just because she acted cool in 1 scene in the beginning doesn't mean she acted like that in every minute of her life.

2) People say that this is generic, but it isn't. While the theme is generic in general, there is a lot of uniqueness to this. From the characters being smarter and actually noticing the change in the MC, to her abilities being out in the open. And so far, no harem. People are not falling for her left and right, they are interested in the heroine more and she is fine with that and encourages that (despite hating the heroine).

3) People seem to think that by her being a Japanese, she somehow becomes unable to be human. I know a lot of JP novels try to push this nonsense of how "Japanese values" have transcended them beyond humanity. But that is nonsense! Let us break down what happened. She was with her little sister in a store, and suddenly she got kidnapped with her sister and knocked unconscious, when she woke up she was tied up in a basement being threatened by some bandit. Out of desperation she unleashed her magic power and killed him. She then threw up because she didn't feel good about killing people. She then went to rescue her little sister and escape.

I also find it interesting that people seem to think it was the Japanese hikkimori that let her kill people, and not the noble from the middle ages who has sword training. People seem to forget that nobles during middle ages didn't think much of commoner's life. Or do people think "Japanese values" > all?
4) People seem to say she has no regard for human life, except she actually rescues a person when they were attacked (when no one cared, because guess what in middle ages life was cheap). And she doesn't kill the attackers either, the only time she kills is when her life and her sister's life was in danger. That was it!
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whitecrow90 rated it
November 12, 2016
Status: v1c7
Overall: It's an okay read, typical of a webnovel it is a bit short per chapter. It is nothing to write home about. I quite agree with the other reviewers' preference for the original Emil (MC) persona. She was a Noble young lady who didn't put up with the "heroine" 's crap. It provided a nice spin to the played out cliche "conviction event" that most shoujo genre has. I was a bit disappointed with the typical "hikkimori" average japanese student the author just threw in there, quite frankly it spoiled what was a quite good MC already.

The other reviewer's have also pointed out a glaring flaw in the character. It is simply what kind of character would suddenly become able to kill in cold blood AFTER being possessed by an "average hikkimori japanese girl". It indeed is a logic that rings true. There is however a glaring point of fact that was too downplayed by the author for my taste. When Emil cut off one of the kidnappers head she vomited, indicating her shock. There was little to no after effect that was placed emphasis on the MC after the event. Considering that an "Average hikkimori japanese girl" was the more dominant persona it begs to question what kind of person was the reincarnator really.
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makenai89 rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: v1c27
Overall, Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono is a pretty ordinary story, I guess. The first chapter was very interesting, but the development afterward was awkward. The story tells about a noble girl who suddenly regained memories about her past life as an average hikikomori in modern Japan. Or so it supposed to be. Subsequent plot, however, showed us that she was a rather psycho-type over-powered MC.

The idea could be good if framed in the right narratives. But the way the author wrote it made the plot seemed like disjointed,... more>> characterization were unstable, the background unexplored, and the world construct was unclear. Too many monologue that explained next to nothing, while some gaping holes were left for readers to guess what was what.

Still, it could be a sufficiently nice read for fans of Otome game setting and or insane OP MC. Just don't expect the story to go the way you want, because it shall disappoint. <<less
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OfficePony rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: c29
Grammar: 2/5 (Formerly 3.5/5 as of chapter 9)
Story: 2.5/5 (Formerly 3.5/5 as of chapter 9)
Writing: 1.9/5 (Formerly 3.5/5 as of chapter 9)

(Updated as of chapter 29: Lots of generic events, lots of explaining without enough flavor, sharp drop in translation quality and/or the author's writing style. Either way, while there are a handful of good moments, this series is getting rather dull.)

(Update as of Chapter 9: Pace starts to slow down again, but it's still in the very early chapters, expecting some... more>> action soon since nothing that has happened thus far can truly be considered action. Predicted action up swing is about 1-4 chapters from now, anything later and I'd have to consider this series a bit to slow for a... Never mind, just took a look at the tags xD It's an Otome Game type. Any action we find will be a bonus.)

As said in the first review, grammar can be a bit dicey sometimes, but nothing that would really hinder the flow of the story. Story-wise, it's nothing spectacular, though it is fairly entertaining thus far. As for the author's writing, it's nothing special. The details are kind of skimmed over, but it's enough to get you through things.

It's still too early to give it a real review, and the body of the story and writing style are a bit lacking thus far. I'm looking forward to seeing if this series is a hit or a miss.

I personally enjoyed this, and will be checking up on this series in the future. <<less
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Parpaing rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c17
Serious garbage, characters aren't relatable the protagonist is irrational, even more so when you take feelings into account, the writing is cringey, there are several times where the dialogues are downright terrible, others where the author uses tte and the like in a non-speech moment which make the novel feel amateurish because only a child would basically talk to themselves that way while she's serious/bland 99% of the time and has no reason to act that way. She has an infinite amount of power but gets insulted and is servile... more>> to everyone even people of lower status to her. It would usually make you feel for the protagonist were it not for the fact that she has infinite power and is extremely bland and unlikable. <<less
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ThatOneJester rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: v1c7
So I was only able to read 7 chapters in since Zenith Novels seems to have deleted their translation of the novel?

Regardless I wanted to be honest about what I felt about it. The novel wasn't bad, although I preferred her personality before she remembered her past life. The MC is honest and kind, while being an air head sometimes. I've yet to see what people meant by not caring about human life though? When the teachers ask her to reuse the magic she used, she was reluctant. Also without... more>> knowing who it was she ran in to save somebody on ch7?

Would love to read a bit more, and maybe I put too little effort in finding the rest of the chapters. Oh well, I liked the plot I saw, and the characters were neat.

Review over! <3 <<less
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