An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku


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The high school girl Manami who had fallen down the emergency stairs at school had, before she noticed, become a three year old in the world of an Otome Game. What’s more, that little girl was one of the rival characters that appeared in the game; the can’t-take-a-hint-burikko-type-rival daughter of a marquis family. What awaited her at the end was social obliteration. Though she did get a bad feeling about this… Manami decided not to worry! It was a dream after all, so that had nothing to do with her. For now, she’s going to master magic! Hooray!

Associated Names
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Aruhi Burikko Akuyaku Reijō ni Narimashite.
Magic Otaku
Otome Burikko
Otome Game no Burikko Akuyaku Onna wa Mahou Otaku ni Natta
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xdhakspy rated it
December 14, 2015
Status: --
I like the story so far but...

... more>>

The fiance is irritating, the MC can kill a dragon solo but the fiance is overprotective.

The MC dedicated all of his youth to magic (so is OP) but she falls in a pitfall, and got in to a bear trap and so the fiance comes to rescue...

In the start of the story the MC had a unique personality and did a lot of things to gain merits but now with the fiance intervention the MC is like a doll that can’t move without permission. She can’t do anything if the fiance didn’t permit it.

So she is lead around by the nose because of the overprotective fiance.

I know I know in a Otome like novel (game, wn, etc) when the prince in white horse rescue the heroine is like kyaa kyaa a good thing BUT in this story I dislike the fiance (childhood friend) and dislike the progress of the story...

I dislike the progress of the story because the MC is near a cheat magic talent (can kills dragon solo, at age of 6-7 kill a person involuntary and others things) but now is like she uses a few magic and is out of mana and is super careless (how can she can kill monsters solo if she is like that).

And for the other part is like the fiance think “she can’t do anything alone, if I don’t stay suuper close by her side I can’t stop worrying” for god sake is supposed that the fiance is the intellectual type a “non-combatant” why why he is best in the missions than the MC and always rescue here in the pinch moments.

Aarggh in the end I don’t dislike the story and setting but each chapter the personality of the MC is going down and down.

I’m somewhat irritated at this point... Is good to read but I really dislike the parts that I mentioned, so have fun and read it I’ll stop reading today at chapter v5c10 and continue other day (I’ll read it to the full progress and I hope for a tiny bit of progress (◞‸◟))

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ziki rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: v4
The beginning is great and MC is super likeable and supporting cast makes the scenes with her even better.

The first three volumes are mostly about MC doing her things with her two friends for the most part and the story is generally focused on her and this part is really great.

Afterwards though... sigh. It does get much much worse to the point I currently dropped it mid way... maybe I will muscle through it at later date. There are few main issues that appear.

  1. The story that so far was mostly about MC doing happy things making it a super light read, suddenly turned serious for no reason.
  2. There is too much perspective changes. Other than MC, the main male lead gets a lot of his own chapters but actually those chapters destroy his character in viewers eyes. Also having the perspective of both of them let's the reader understand them both completely... but when reading the individual chapters and seeing how the two misunderstand themselves is really annoying... what's more male lead isn't that good of a guy either.
  3. Still, while I would like to hate on male lead, the one that is really at fault is author who forgotten to put any sort of character development for MC. Like this story starts from when MC is 3 years old and progresses as she and her friends grow up. BUT to begin with MC is a reincarnated high school girl but from the get go she acts like a little girl she is... sure that's fine but the issue is that after 12 years, she basically doesn't change at all and remains ignorant of the world. Before this I thought that there were many dense male MCs I seen in my history of manga and anime but this girl beats them all.
  4. And last but not least, MC is supposed to be OPOP magician, which she technically is... like she goes on the missions and kills dragons and such! (those missions are skipped)... so she is supposed to be OPOP but even though she is so OP how often it ends up as her being rather useless and can't even defend herself properly. Truly MC has the magical tattoos that are supposed to protect her and sure they do... but author makes sure that from time to time she will take them off AND EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME SHE ENDS UP IN TROUBLES BECAUSE OF IT! The worst part however is that tattoos aside, she should still be OPOP in magic regardless as tattoos are simple buffs... but somehow she can't even cast a single damn spell without them because of plot purposes! Truly if it was like that why make her magician in the first place... ah wait the title.
In any case the beginning part is really enjoyable but what comes after... basically MC never grows up, that's the main issue I see.
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enigmator rated it
March 21, 2017
Status: --
This is pretty standard fare as far as the 'reincarnated as an otome game villain' premise is concerned. Still, the story was much better before the actual engagement of the MC with the Achile (I think?). At the very least, while the usual tropes (OP powers, nobility, harem etc.) were still a thing, I didn't have to deal with her fiancé's overprotective clinginess.

I mean, he gets really overbearing with his antics: spiking her food/drink with alcohol to keep her docile, controlling her actions like a parent, getting her to wear... more>> an engagement ring with a built-in tracking device, etc. I'm sure there are people who might find these sorts of things cute and endearing, but I can only find it creepy and gross. <<less
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Nothinglez rated it
May 14, 2016
Status: --
Its a great read.. One of the greatest japanese novels with romance genre without harem (yay!)
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: v6c16
It's good. I kept finding myself empathizing with each character. It's because the story is written from the POV of different characters. Thus, I don't particularly hate any character. They all have good reasons for their actions.

The romance is quite refreshing as well because the MC doesn't actively seek it out--in fact she tries to avoid it. Too bad that it doesn't seem to be getting updates anymore. It really is good.
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Thormation rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: v6c16
A fun read with a variety of interesting characters, all with strengths and weaknesses. Yes, the MC can be a bit of a ding-a-ling and the fiance can be a bit overprotective, but it is those flaws that make them more real and fleshed out than most light novel characters.

The biggest shame is that the translator dropped this about a year ago, and no one has stepped up to continue it in the meantime, so it "ends" in an awkward place.
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March 18, 2017
Status: v6c16
It's a good read, but MC's personality really takes a nosedive as the story progresses. That, coupled with overbearing fiance that treats her as a mentally challenged child really takes a bit of enjoyment out of it.
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Gaelas rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: v6c6
This is a shining example of all that the Otome Game Reincarnation genre can and should be. Our MC follows the normal route of waking up one day after a blow to the head and discovers that she is not who everyone thinks she is. Par for the course, really.

Where this novel really shows its prowess is in the author's outstanding use of multiple POVs. You get switched between POVs every few chapters, but they come together to tell a complete and compelling story.

Other than that, this is a fairly... more>> standard otomege novel, with abrupt romance between mostly likable characters. Notably, the Queens are very fleshed out, and present varied, relatable characters. The overarching plot has reared its head in the latest chapters, and the classic 'protagonist turned antagonist' trope has shown us how far it can really be taken.
Plus magic, amirite.

Unfortunately, this novel is translated on Oniichanyamete, which means that the releases are rare at best. Fortunately, however, is the fact that these are some of the highest quality JAP translations out there.

I highly recommend this story for anyone looking to set an impossibly high bar for Otome Game novels from now on. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: v3
What a muddled mess this novel is. To begin with, the MC obviously gets older through out the novel as she begins at 3 years old so this isn't a spoiler. So around volume three she's in her teens, but in addition to her last life that makes her technically around 30 or so. So why is it she acts like a 10 year old?? The way she acts was somewhat enjoyable when she was still a little kid, but now it honestly became annoying and off... more>> putting. Act at leat half your age please.

Also, the MC in all honesty begins to feel more and more like a side character as more characters are introduced. For a while she's just one of the crowd of girls that fight over the royal prince, and act like a loyal dog, doing anything for him and exploding in joy for the slightest praise. Absolutely off putting for a main character to act like this.

As for the male lead, he's another annoying cliche. The possessive hypocrite. Girls constantly swarm around him and the MC never seems to really care, however if the MC even makes EYE CONTACT with anoter guy, the male lead grabs her by the arm and pulls her away, or wraps his body around her. What girls actually see this stereotypical kind of character as a good guy? probably the ones that end up divorced and bitter with a kid 5 years later in reality. Their own fault.

The whole otome game theme for the most part is absolutely pointless. Especially when..


half of the characters turn out to be from her world as well. This isn't some great unveiling by the way. The MC is barely even surprised before going back to classes.


It feels like another one of those novels where the writer comes up with the main idea of the story only to abandon it while getting caught up in the current moment of the story, if that makes sense. Think of how many other world novels there are, where a character comes from earth, only for the fact that he or she is from earth not to matter in the slightest bit as the story unfolds.

This story is just so muddled. The author wants it to be an otome game novel, a romance novel, a magic school novel and a magic combat novel. Normally a talented author could merge these themes into one story, but this one can't. It feels like your reading a bunch of different stories jammed together haphazardly.

I honestly can't recommend this novel, especially when there are MUCH better otome game themed novels out there being translated.

However, speaking of translations.. The translator and/or editor do a fantastic job with this. There are barely any mistakes send it reads smoothly enough. That's rare, especially for Japanese translated novels. Keep up the good work!.... but maybe a different novel?.. <<less
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Cookies rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: v6c16
I don't often find myself enjoying these types of novels. With most of them completely template. However this novel is a page turner. I pulled an all nighter to finish this novel, purely because I was unable to put it down. I highly suggest this novel to anyone who enjoys fantasy in general. I must warn you however that the novel was put on hold by the translator, and is not likely to be picked back up for a long time.

Welp on to re-read again
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jabberwocky rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: v6c16
Awesome novel. Seriously, I know it's not perfect since there are problems like how Camille doesn't grow a lot but there is something people forget and it's that she died an adolescent and honestly since hitting 18 I haven't felt that different even though I have changed.

The fact that the plot is not centered around her is also refreshing, time and again we get shown how this world is real, breathing and how many things affect it even if we don't see them. The change of perspective bother many but... more>> not me, Aquille is very practical in thinking unlike Camille so we get to know many more things without ridiculous situations happening to catch her attention. That they misunderstand each other is also good because they act as people, better, different people. And if you look beneath Camille's exasperating obliviousness you can see the trauma of being ripped from her past life. No one pretends to be living inside a dream for three years if they are really okay.

Another thing in its favor is how the romance pacing is perfect. It's not rushed or drags along for eternity, it is also not harem but because the relationships grow as they interact it feels a lot more natural. And when you get tired of a character or situation it switches to the life of another, their problems and perspective. And the best is how gradually you are building the whole picture of the situation as a whole. Every character that gets introduced appears later on in a big role then, and their life unfolds separately from our main cast.

My only complain is how despite Camille being so powerful the only side we see of her in battle is when she loses or gets hurt despite knowing of her awesome wins through conversations. More battles are needed too! I love the political shenanigans but more action won't be bad either. <<less
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Immy rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: v6c16
I had pretty high hopes for this series with its awesome sounding premise and beautiful covers, but in the end, it just turned out pretty mediocre for me :< I just felt that it was kind of dry and lacked a certain spark.

The author did some really good word building and I was super interested to learn more. I love the whole faction thing going on within the school as well as the political circumstances of the country. It had massive potential to explore the magic school but the author... more>> hardly took advantage of this setting which was kind of a waste.

I also wasn't really a fan of the romance, I found the male lead to be off-putting because he was way too possessive and over controlling.

I don't really consider it romantic if the MC has to avoid him when he is in a bad mood and the fact that he trusts her so little, he forces her to wear an engagement ring (which only he can remove) to track her location and actions.


On the bright side, I loved the side characters a lot, especially Beatrix and Mei. I enjoyed the various POV's too but I feel there were way too many alternate POV chapters that were basically another character describing what happened in the previous chapter only slightly differently, so it was kinda like reading the same chapter again. Kinda wished we got more chapters from Mei's POV too. : ( Overall, it wasn't bad, there were some enjoyable moments and action scenes but towards the end of the end of the translated chapters it just kind of drags on. The translation was also fantastic. :) It wasn't really for me, but don't be afraid to give it a try, you might like it <3

Though the cover for the 3rd volume is freaking gorgeous, I might just buy it anyway because I'm a sucker for pretty things <<less
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Reishiki rated it
December 15, 2015
Status: --
This story is nice and VERY light-hearted.

The MC is great but the changing of the POV makes me feel that she isn't the main anymore and it seems like her character in general is overlooked by the other characters. The romance seems very one sided with her fiance... she is dense and barely shows that she actually likes him (she is a magic otaku so that kinda explains it). He on the other hand is possessive and very protective. The other characters are also interesting too.

Its not a... more>> bad read overall and can be very enjoyable at times! Best to check it out to really have a feel for it! XD <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: v6c16
TLDR 3 stars it's really meh

First lets hit the good points, the translation is absolutely top notch and the text is absolutely lucid. You'll have no trouble following the story or understanding what's happening.

Why only 3 stars then? It's that story. As things currently stand there's no ending nor will there be. The WN has been taken down, the translation stopped it's done. Lack of ending aside the story is just annoying. The main character is more competent, focused and a more mature personality at 3 then she does at... more>> 17. What's more there are enormous pieces of plot armor to make her weak. Overall annoying.

There's also quite a bit of P.O.V. Shifting to pad out the novel a very annoying practice.

Finally there's the supporting characters. They range from bland to annoying.

Just pass you'll thank yourself <<less
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Lady Lullaby
Lady Lullaby rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: v3c8
I was very excited for this light novel when I first saw it. The cover art were beautifully-made, the summary got me very interested, and the story was fun... at the beginning.

Now, I usually just push through until the last chapter (till the end or till what's available). However, I can't help but notice how the main protagonist is not growing, only her OPness is. In addition, her OPness is also quite temperamental.

... more>>

Somehow she can defeat a dragon and other monsters on her own, or the assassins/villains who are after her friends or the Prince. BUT WHY DOES SHE ALWAYS BECOME HELPLESS WHENEVER IT COUNTS?!!

There's a limit to how 'careless' she can be. To think that she was a high school girl before turning into the 3 year old here? Haven't you grown twice your original (first world) age?

Protagonist, YOU'RE a magic otaku and you've been there for years. You also know the dangers of that world. For fs sake, you got stabbed when you were young! Why don't you learn some basic self-defense magic aside from those defensive tattoos THAT you also keep removing!


So, yeah.

For those who wanna check it out, enjoy reading to your heart's content.
It might get you interested more than it did me.

I'm dropping this at:



Summer Vacation – Q of Hearts (Part 5)
https://oniichanyamete. moe/2015/03/08/summer-vacation-chapter-8/


I'll check again after reading something more appealing to me right now... maybe i'll continue reading someday. <<less
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Anra7777 rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: --
So, since reading the first several volumes, I keep coming back to this page from different "recommended" sections and wonder, "I remember liking this, so why isn't it in my reading list?" I took the trouble to look at the reviews and then I remembered. The series starts out great, but, as others have said, goes downhill in the middle. I remember now: I was so disgusted by the male lead, I dropped the story. If I remember correctly, the plot also becomes a mess. But I could be wrong.... more>> Left this review to remind myself why this series isn't in my reading list. <<less
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inacio999 rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: v6c10
This novel has a very good atmosphere and story. The MC is also quite likeable and a magic maniac. And thank goodness the romance is developing in a good speed and it not takes around 2000 chapters as it's in other novels. Overall it's a good read.
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cyanat rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: v6c16
first few volumes were alright but it just kinda goes downhill... feels like the MC doesnt develop at all and she doesnt grow up despite being at least 25 y.o. altogether now

the school/learning aspect isnt even delved into that deeply even though thats her original goal, its just really light hearted and tbh it focuses on the romance aspect way too much it becomes a chore to read. mostly because it started out with potential but the ML is just... really controlling/over bearing and MCs kyaa kyaa shy embarrassed reactions... more>> get repetitive after awhile (even though in the past she didnt care at all lol)

also the fact they say MC is op but where? its only ever mentioned but its not really shown bcs ML always blocks her from the front line. but its understandable I guess because shes a dense fool who falls into traps she... honestly should know better than to fall into

im being really negative but honestly it isnt all that bad, if you want a time waster then go for it because the first few vols are quite decent, and the plot itself is quite interesting/unexpected albeit kinda slow to resolve. MCs personality & reactions are charming in the first few volumes, so is MLs but they get aggravating later on (personally).

Its light hearted & funny at parts, and the chars are quite distinct from each other, and it's nice to see the other chars dont follow the (original) otome game plot either, because of outside interferences. Translation is solid too. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: v6c16
A long time ago, it's the novel that hooked me up with Otome Game novels. It's fluffy, funny, full of love, and a lot more besides <3

After reading a lot of translated Otomege novels, I could say that Otoburi stood out even among others in its genre. To begin with, the characters were exceptionally solid; not only the MC, but also her love interest and everyone besides them. They were not flat out simply handsome, strong, and kind, but each had their own quirks.

The Author's narrative was also distinctive... more>> as she exchanged the story's point of view to different characters in almost every chapter. The MC's POV dominated, but we could get other people's insights into what happened in the novel too while the story continued going forward. This solidified their character and deepened the story.

Last, but not least, was the plot twist.

The MC was not the only person transported from modern Japan and knew the original Otome Game plot. Other female characters, and even the heroine, were transported from modern Japan out of blue. Almost all of them rejected the fate spelled out in the original, so they struggled to get to a different ending.

I must say that I didn't see that kind of development coming.

I still can't get over Otoburi and would re-read this story every now and then, although the translation had been on hold for a while now. It's just so good no matter how many times I re-read it. <<less
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Desvato rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: --
It has maybe the best start of the Otome Isekai genre that i've read


But somehow after a while we get stuck of the MC being the damsel in distress even though she's supposed to be one of the strongest if not the strongest character in the whole book, killing dragon while only 12 years old but somehow can't cast a single spell so that she can get saved by her overprotective and overbearing Husband

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