Grab the Regressor by the Collar and Debut!


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When he first regressed, Kang Ha-Jin thought he finally had a chance to change his life.

“What brat just regressed right now?!”

That is, until he’s forced to regress four times!

[Single Quest 01.]

“In Search of Lost Dreams:” The fastest way to untangle a tangled thread is to find its starting point. Let’s become an idol trainee within the given period.

Remaining time: 57 days (initial 60 days)

Success reward: Access to clue to track the regressor
Failure penalty: 45% increase in the possibility of activating the 5th regression

You can’t regress five times. In order to escape regression, I will become an idol.

Associated Names
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회귀자 멱살 잡고 데뷔합니다
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New CooCooBird rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: c300
The translation is absolutely terrible, but this novel is absolutely worth it. What sets this series apart from the others is the thoughtful character development. It isn't obvious at first, but the MC Kang Ha-jin has a lot of (realistic) personality problems because of his past experiences. Don't get me wrong. He's a likeable guy from the get-go. But now that I'm 300+ chapters in, and I compare the Ha-jin of now to the Ha-jin of the first arc, the differences are pretty clear. The best thing is that he... more>> doesn't stop developing.

Basically Ha-jin was a kid who was talented at whatever he did, but because of that he became lazy, and then he started to see people surpass him - so he ran away with the justification of 'well I wasn't trying that hard anyway'. Then he began running away from any difficulties in his life. This is so realistic. When he realizes this problem and overcomes it, I thought 'well that's it, but that was awesome' - but it wasn't it. It was just the first step. There is, I think, a very clear theme throughout this novel that is about living earnestly, along with the regular entertainment stuff. If you're interested in that, this may be the novel for you. <<less
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New macaco rated it
May 8, 2024
Status: c50
The novel itself is interesting, but the translation has glaring problems. Besides the usual ones derived from machine translation, like wrong pronouns and strange word choices, whatever they're using strips everything between the <> characters.

Now, this novel puts stuff like skill names and information, phone messages and broadcasting subtitles between those characters, making some parts incomprehensible in this translation.

This might still be acceptable for a free translation, but when the group is asking for money to access advanced chapters, they should at least put in the 2 minutes of effort... more>> to read the output of the machine translation and realise it's missing 20% of some chapters. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
March 4, 2024
Status: --
I like this! The mystery and the protagonist remind me of Debut or Die. This is a quality idol novel.

Someone in the world keeps regressing and everyone resets except for the MC. MC figures out that the regressor is an idol member on his team and decides to make sure nothing goes wrong so the regressor doesn't restart all over again.
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Novirp13 rated it
April 30, 2024
Status: c330
Unlike Debut or Die and tr*sh PD novels, this one doesn't have too much drama (for now). Their company cares for their well-being, their manager wholly supports them, and their seniors treat them like their own children. Definitely a welcome change after all the angst I've read from the previous two novels

But that doesn't mean everything is rainbow and sunshine here. This is a story about Hajin who got accidentally trapped in a Time Loop by someone who just wanted to be happy. In order to stop the perpetrator from... more>> turning back the time over any slight inconveniences, Hajin was then bestowed by the power of a System. With the help of an otherwordly being, both of them strive to become the best Idol ever. So the perpetrator would soon realize that this world was not as sorrowful as they always thought it was

Tbh with you, this might be a novel about Idol but I feel like the Idol aspect itself was not the focal point. Yes, they still created their original songs. And yes, they still have rivals to contend and fight with. But this novel focus was on Hajin's effort to find who the Time Traveler is and keep them reasonably happy. After all, if they become even slightly sad, time will wound back to the beginning and Hajin can't go to the Military for the fourth time in his life, okay?! It's beyond exhausting!!

I like the mystery. I like the characters' relationship and each of their background stories. I DEFINITELY like Hajin's interaction with the System here. System was the one who gave him power and cheat skills, but Hajin sure did make it look like he was the one in control lol. Seriously, how in the heck did Hajin create a zoom-in zoom-out feature, opacity toggle feature, or even a note feature on the System?! This is an unknown power that couldn't be touch by a normal human, how could you treat It like your own phone, Hajin, System wanted to know your secret! Hahaha

My only complaint so far is that they didn't really tell us about Hajin's past endeavors from the very beginning. In the first five or so chapters, I thought Hajin was just your usual office worker but turned out, he had experience as an Idol Trainee. Heck, he even worked at a broadcasting station before! This novel didn't do a good job of explaining Hajin's adult life, so I felt like his past work kinda came out of nowhere. Oh well. Will edit this review when the novel is finally complete <<less
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Zvskdlin rated it
May 8, 2024
Status: --
i love this so much ! I am upto the current chapters but wow I really like the MC and I am curious about who is the regressor! And how they are connected with MC, I am not going to spoil anything but definitely looking forward to this! Also not sure but if the red hair is MC then damn (talking about the novel art uploaded on the official website) Also I wish this gets a manhwa adaptation!
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