Gourd Farm


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In the bustling urban center, Yang Feng couldn’t make ends meet washing dishes, so he reluctantly returned to his hometown. However, he never expected that he would discover a gourd on his way back that could grow top-quality crops.

Starting with selling strawberries at a roadside stall, Yang Feng gradually made his way to the pinnacle of success. The fruits and vegetables he grew were all top-notch ingredients, sought after by five-star restaurants.

“I want 500 pounds of tomatoes!” a group of guys in Mercedes-Benz cars shouted, waving wads of cash.

“Why don’t you go steal them yourself!” another person yelled.

“Who the hell stepped on my foot?!”

They all surrounded Yang Feng’s vegetable garden, hoping to get their hands on his produce.

Riding his tricycle, Yang Feng arrived and said, “What are you all doing? Line up and take turns. Today, each person is limited to purchasing only 30 pounds of tomatoes.”

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Avrohom rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: Completed
This one is a true farming novel, there is daily farming on every page. It starts very small, from the ML harvesting wild strawberries from a patch growing next to his abandoned house in his village and selling them from a tiny stall on the side of the road.

He has a gourd that fell on his head from the skies when he lost his dishwashing job and his rental apartment in the city.

That gourd is not for eating, it's a hollowed gourd with a cork and a red string around... more>> it designed for carrying water and other beverages, a calabash. In China, its traditional use is to carry medicines and it is associated with several magical folk beliefs. In this story, the gourd spontaneously fills up with special water every day, a small amount, one gourd's worth per day, the magical water that makes plants thrive and grow very fast.


This eventually ends up as a powerful agribusiness enterprise involving the entire village.

The ML is very hardworking, very, both as a farmer and as a salesperson and deserves success.

The FL, his girlfriend and eventually his wife, is not as remarkable. She is portrayed as easily oppressed, weak and submissive as he once was when he worked in the city as a dishwasher until he hit his rock bottom, rebelled, fought back and got out.

So, the romantic part, them getting married, having kids, is not that interesting, but the farming part and its modern Chinese setting is quite satisfying.

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sanuser rated it
June 2, 2023
Status: c60
it is look good so far for a farming novel... it is a complete farming novel and it is slow build tooo... he never get rich in day or two.. I only have complain about his cheat he never complain nor have gratitude nor didnt even question how he got this golden finger..., when some one get a supernatural think it is natural to have a question about supernatural or god... he never even mention it is as supernatural he just treat it is a natural object...

but his villagers and... more>> uncles are so annoying... he himself admit no one in the village helped him till now but he still help them with their crops... but the are noisy and annoying

romance never occurred till now. I think romance very little bit.. people don't like romantic plot dont have to complain

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