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Although Sheng Dian is a young model who just entered the industry, she really doesn’t want use such cheap way like gossip and scandals that is so common in the entertainment industry to become popular. It’s a pity she couldn’t live up to expectations and bumped into the big star Sui Chen and fashion magazine editor-in-chief Du Yan Yan performing a romance drama in the hotel room, refused the money in exchange of her silence, and also carried away when talking to Sui Chen, and ended up being banned as a result. For the sake of her dream, Sheng Dian had no choice but to use the proverb “A greater man does not take note of a lesser man’s faults”, continuously pestering Sui Chen, and under Sui Chen’s pressure, reluctantly cooperated with him to stir up a scandal and cover up his affair with Du Yan Yan.

In Sheng Dian’s eyes, Sui Chen’s is cold and difficult to talk with, self-righteous and narcissistic, someone who gets easily offended and loves to take revenge on others. His methods of revenge are incredibly mean, and his motives of revenge are absolutely ridiculous. What exactly is so attractive about this kind of man… He’s just a common male creature who thinks with his lower body! “Excuse-me, but no mistake here, when facing you, my lower body won’t even function” said Sui Chen to Sheng Dian when he heard her complaining in his back.

Although she is often bullied by Sui Chen, but to spread gossips about Sui Chen also has its advantages : she met Qi Xuan. He’s also one of the most radiant stars, but he’s so much, so much sweeter towards Sheng Dan. That incredibly splending smiling face is like the the sun in winter, warm but not burning. Exquisite and moist lips, a tall nose bridge, and this pair of powerful peach blossom eyes, would make people feel numb from head to toe, and let Sheng Dian feel some warmth in this entertainment industry where loveable and hateful coexist.

As she spent more and more time with Sui Chen and Qi Xuan, Sui Chen cleared his misunderstanding about pure-hearted Sheng Dian, and gradually let his guard down. When she learned the reason why he was forced to pretend with her and found out Yan Yan’s other identity which caused Du Yan Yan to take action against her “rival in love”. Sui Chen’s indifference and domineering nature, Qi Xuan’s ulterior motives, and Du Yan Yan’s bullying and scheming caused naive Sheng Dian’s quick growth in the entertainment industry. When one day, Sheng Dian starts to dream that the fake scandal may come true, how will Sui Chen, who deeply loves Du Yan Yan, react?

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strawberry-mochi14 rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Clicked wrongly should only be 1 star.

A very frustrating and hair pulling read.... more>>

Spoiler but not really much of a spoiler.

I mtled it so there might be some info gap. The female lead has no backbone. It was frustrating to read how she would always forgive and cater again and again because shes so so in love with the ML even though he loves another.

The male leads a real jerk. He had a scandalous relationship with Du Yan Yan from what I could read was in a relationship with his brother also. Apparently love lorn with that hateful scheming girl (Du Yan Yan) and was using the female lead to hide their relationship.

The ML and FL 's relationship was like 🙄 throughout the end. No real progress or growth just them characters being s*upid l. Oh I would have preferred it more that they don't end up together with all that disgusting ML did🤮.

HE though should have been BE

Ps. Chapter 1 was really disgusting🤮why the need to describe it author?😬

I dont really wanna spoil the events specifically since it's quite rare for me to read something so frustrating, so read at your own risk.

Quite a read if you ever want to feel frustrated

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