God’s Monster


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∥[Notification] Minjun’s first believer is praying.

After eight years in the other world, what greeted S-class hunter Minjun was the side effects of dimensional travel and an incomprehensible notification. However, he only pays attention to it for a moment before deciding to hide his identity and live a lazy retirement life.

“Have you ever heard anyone say that you look like hunter Minjun, who went missing eight years ago?”

“But I don’t look like him.”

Yoon Soohyuk, an S-class hunter who admires him, keeps approaching him.

And then,

∥Name: No. 749 Bond Of Fate B

∥Description: When a pair of rings is worn by two people, they have a chance to permanently increase their stats by 10%.

∥How to use: The owners of the item must physically bond with each other once every 9 days for a total of 9 times.

∥For every 9 days that passes without physical bonding, the item owner’s overall stats are permanently reduced by 10% from the point of wearing.

They become entangled in a bonded item that cannot be disengaged…

“Just close our eyes and do it.”

“… Why are you so fearless? Do you know what that means?”

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신의 괴물
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New Fuchou rated it
February 11, 2024
Status: c120
God, I love this sm. The story is similar to The Hunter's Gonna Lay Low, but both the MC and ML are less one-sidedly guarded against each other? They just go on their own pace and they have mutual trust and mutual respect too. None of those rivalry-hostile sh*t that's the norm these days.

ML is crushing hard on MC but when MC says no, he backs off obediently. He's a rare green flag in a hardcore KR BL Novel I've read in a while. He's also very 3D too-- he... more>> has likes, dislikes, drives his employees to overwork lovingly much to his employees' vocal ire (although to be fair, he overworks along with them). He's always thirsty for the MC although at first he was really guilty due to the age difference (although the MC is older than him, not that he knows). He definitely feels real for me lol, like I could imagine meeting a guy like him irl

MC is also very likeable. He's blunt af to the point of making ML speechless

As in he literally asked the ML if the size of his c*ck is proportional to his s*xual drive in the morning after they went at it for many rounds last night. ML laughed for a good while and so did I


The supporting characters are nice too, full of personality. The plot is also something to look forward to since there's still some mysteries unsolved. Anyways, the s*x is nice (after the first one, since MC's first time had hurt which is realistic) and very consensual.

It's very refreshing, 10/10 would reread again in later days. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oceanskyice rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: c15
I’m really liking how it’s going so far! I think one cliche of KR bl Hunter novels is that the mls are always yandere and a little unhinged. I’m not saying that this ML isn’t (it’s a little too early for that) but I like how he respects the mc’s boundaries and is sincere in his intentions to recruit the MC into his guild. He’s the kind of guy who does whatever he wants, but not when it hurts others, which is more than what I can say about some... more>> other mls out there. I’m really liking the progression of the story, as well as the personality of the MC so far! Fighting! <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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