God of Blackfield


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Kang Chan, who possessed a mysterious sense and excellent combat ability!

But what the hell was this anxiety that made his heart stiff!


A dull sound was heard and the world turned white.

After tried to wake up, a face was reflected in a mirror on the wall and he saw a fragile high school student there.

Besides, there were only those who bother him around…

‘I’ll kill everyone.’

God of Blackfield!

He didn’t know why, but that’s the name the enemy made up.

It means a god who brings death!

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갓 오브 블랙필드
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06/10/21 Maroon Maru c7
06/01/21 Maroon Maru c6
02/20/21 Maroon Maru c5
01/28/21 Maroon Maru c4
01/26/21 Maroon Maru c3
01/21/21 Maroon Maru c2
01/16/21 Maroon Maru c1
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SAddict rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: --
I'm not sure if it's the same as the manhwa but I read the manhwa. Too cliché

... more>>

development moved too fast. Way to many holes in the details.


How did his current body able to withstand multiple fights without any after pain?

His parents does not doubt the fact that he learned french from the internet?

Girls just started flocking and start hitting on him in front of his mother?

In 2 days, he beat his bullies, got his friend to confess to him, got into a fight again, found one of his comrades from his past life and got into a fight with gangsters. He was arrogant through all of it.

I do not see the appeal. Not for me

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