Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely


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After saving a kitten from being hit by a car, Sudou Nozomi (25) unfortunately left this world.

Although I was lucky enough to be reincarnated, it was to a place where my previous self’s best friend was obsessed with. This is the world from an otome game.

However, I am not the heroine who finds happiness. Only a bad end – where my engagement is nullified – awaits me. I have become the villainess Roselia! However, the current me is still only five years old, so I have time.

“I still have time to spare! The future is hopeless, I might even die, so let’s live freely until then!”

I will improve myself leisurely.

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Akuyaku Reijou ni Natta no de Jiyuu ni Ikitai to Omoimasu
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Potata rated it
February 27, 2019
Status: c9
There are only 9 chapters yet but oh boi you wouldn’t believe the number of problems in this novel.

1. Logic basically doesn’t exist. The author is just trying to advance in the plot in the quickest way possible, but it just seems messy in the end.

2. Because it’s messy, it’s just really awkward. Especially the dialogues. The author wants the MC to be the typical perfect girl so every love interest falls in love with her within 10 minutes. She says all the right things to trigger love flags but... more>> it just sounds cringy in reality.

3. The scenarios are even worse.

She died saving a kitten. What a brave thing to do. But, girl, it’s been done times and times and again. First of all, who would jump on a road to save a kitten ? If it was in front of a truck, at most it’ll pass right under it. I’m obsessed with kittens, but even I wouldn’t do that. Plus, animals aren’t s*upid. Their hearing is much better than humans. This kitten should’ve heard the truck coming, so why did it cross the road ? Second of all, why are all drivers blind in mangas/novels ? Istg, they all die in a traffic accident. Stopping a vehicle shouldn’t be that difficult. Just saying, but let’s try to be a bit original here, there are tons of ways to die. But I’m just ranting here. Of course it’s okay to die like that, but because it’s like that in every novels, I’m getting annoyed. Don’t mind me.


The worst scenarios are the ones where the MC and the love interests meet, and when fall in love with MC.


MC begs for a pet, she gets a freaking beastman s*ave ?? Wtf.


The thing is, no one is shocked at all. They all go « Oh wow ! » For like 2 seconds then it’s over.

And I don’t like the way the author just shove informations in our faces so it goes quicker while there isn’t much development.

Don’t read this novel seriously. It’s meant to be very fluffy for no reason. I would recommend if you’re just looking for a distraction. I’ll try to update this review once there are more chapters. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c13
Game knowledge? Knows she's in an otome game and is the villainess... that's it. Her friend played the game not her. She doesn't know shit, no flags, no endings, etc.

Modern knowledge? She was an animal lover and got hit by truck-sama for a cat. She's got no other useful knowledge.

You can just take out those along with "otome reincarnation" and literally nothing will change, some reverse harem fluff isekai. No cheats, no powers, no knowledge. Unlike many other reincarnation stories, the fact that she's reincarnated is utterly pointless.
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Azure_1802 rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: --
Well, to be honest, this "novel" is more like an outline of an essay or just a record of random ideas. If you ditch every spect such as logic, description, introduction, coherence, cohesion, etc. And just go for the cuteness and fun, this novel will definitely be one for you. If you want something like Common sense of Duke's daughter, Bakarina, and others, you will be disappointed.
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czlr rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a great story that's severely underrated by the older 2-3 star reviews. Translations finished less than a week ago. So, I'm reviewing this as a complete story.

What I like about the story, what you should expect going into it, and thoughts on other reviewers' criticisms:

- This story has a proper romantic ending! This is so important. Take a look again at the other dozen otome game novels out there (even 4.5+ stars). Most are stuck in limbo because the author's written themselves into a corner with no death... more>> flags/suspense remaining for a climax. Basically, they're stories that should have ended, but didn't, and now they can't... and now they're on hold indefinitely. This alone puts the story in the top percentile.

- Pacing is good. The individual chapters are short. Despite the ~100 chapter count, you can binge through it in a day. Around the length of 2 LN volumes.

- Story is very lighthearted. MC mostly tries living a normal life. MC explains early on that they only know the game from their friend's ramblings, so they don't know what to disrupt anyway. It's more fluff than plots/strategy.

- This is definitely a feel-good story where things always end up well for MC. Similar to The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, Extraordinary Ordinary Soap, etc. While there's no physical fighting, you do get some of that OP MC vibe.

- MC is dense, but that's pretty standard for the genre. That's like complaining people are too arrogant in xianxia novels. I will emphasize again though, that the story does have a proper romantic ending.

- Antagonists are okay. Your typical corrupt nobles, delusional people, etc. Nothing special, but that's what fits the story. Obviously, they aren't going to be complete cringe like [everyone betrayed me and now I'm seeking revenge] type stories. Nor are they going to be completely fleshed out like those [dual MC on opposite sides] type stories. Don't worry about this too much. <<less
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May 20, 2020
Status: c30
NSFW warning don't look up the Japanese girl's original name. Sudou Nozomi is an adult video star; she's beautiful but holy crap explicit as hell LOL. II wonder if the author is really into her or if that was a joke or what LOL.
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CassieJo rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: c11
I'm really looking forward to where this is going to go. It is similar to other villainess stories, but I have loved most of them that I've read so...... if it's not broke don't fix it? lol

Update now on chapter 11: The story is a weird mix of slow moving (due to short chapters) and fast paced (due to little information). The translation is well done over all. Hopefully the author starts making longer, more detailed chapters as we move deeper into the story. I shall keep you updated!
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Narutolvr rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c87
I made it to chapter 87 and couldn't do it anymore. You could read worse, but you can also find much better. I'd rather not spend the limited amount of free time I have to read on such a subpar novel.

The Good

Compared to other otome game reincarnation stories, this novel has some good points! There is a decided male lead pretty early on so we actually get enough time to get to know him outside of the 'handsome prince' typeset. We don't see the MC trying to force... more>> Japanese food/policies/standards on the completely different world around her when it's convenient, then pulling a 180 when being a wealthy noble becomes advantageous. But that's pretty much it for where the good ends. And, contrary to a lot of other readers, I appreciate a faster paced otome story (not this one per se, but I appreciate them in general). I'm sick of the stories where the MC only goes to school at chapter 400 (looking at you Shomin no aji) so I don't particularly hate stories where I can skip some time in between chapters. 7 years might have been too much though...

The Bad

This novel also carries with it most of the issues otome game novels usually have. For one thing, there's the Mary Sue of it all. Everyone seems to love her immediately for no reason and thinks of her as the most beautiful and kindest thing on the planet (naturally, the MC is completely unaware of this). Doesn't really make sense and seems to serve no purpose other than to show the world how great the MC is without trying. Another is the denseness of the MC- calling her airheaded is an understatement. While she's not as brain damaged as other otome MCs, it's shocking how much she downplays every dangerous situation that seems to befall her. Nothing is an issue until she's staring death in the face, I suppose. Add to that, an inability to learn from her mistakes, and some odd confidence that nothing is wrong, even with daily death threats, it's a frustrating read to say the least.

The Ugly

I've already said I don't dislike the faster pacing, which I don't. Problem is, if it's going to be fast paced, the author has to be on her toes about lining up plot details exactly. This author was not. So we end up jumping over huge plot details, only for the author to have to list them out to us later. Ex: after skipping 7 years, we were suddenly introduced to several new characters that became somewhat major parts of the story. Or, we'll just be told something happened/is happening with no foreshadowing and no details.

The repetitive and played out plot was also pretty aggravating

how many times was she going to get kidnapped?!!!

along with her reason for dying in the first place. I couldn't have been the only one who was flabbergasted that she died to save a kitten from getting hit by a truck right? It just didn't make sense- a kitten would just be underneath it right? And aren't their reflexes much better than humans so, on the off chance it was going to be under a wheel, it could have gotten out of the way easily? I'm pretty sure nearly every cat that's died in a traffic accident has died being hit by the bumper/windshield from jumping out onto the road suddenly rather than being run over by a wheel. But if it was in the road long enough for her to run over and grab it, it definitely had enough time to move. Anyway, I don't want to spend too much time on this; I just found it so strange I had to reread this part to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding.

The ages for this novel also seemed badly done; at one point the author ends up sl*t shaming a 13/14 year old? No reason the characters couldn't have been another 3 or so years older when the action starts, either. It's not as if the author is averse to skipping huge blocks of time.

And one last thing I want to say to otome novel: I really wish authors would stop making their MCs adults before reincarnation. From the way these characters are written, I'd guess most of these authors aren't even college aged, much less mid 20s and above. This isn't criticizing young authors, but there's a lot of change that happens to your mindset and way of thinking as you grow, with one particularly big leap happening ~24 years old (a couple years post college and in society). As a 25-year-old woman myself, it's painful to see these "adults" acting more immature than myself and my family members in middle school. An MC who can't communicate, doesn't seem very able to pick up on social cues, and is so unaware of the effects of bullying- much less harassment- has nothing to do with a 25 year old working adult, especially one whose "best friend" was bullied herself. I just wish authors would stop adding random setting details without clearly mapping out how they're supposed to affect the story. Nothing about this MC would have changed if she died at 15 rather than 25.

Wow that was long! My bad. But all in all, I'd say this was a novel written purely because otoge novels are "in". Very little of the setting ever seems to serve a purpose beyond the superficial; I don't feel much for any of the characters; just felt like going through the motions, really. And all of us deserves to read a novel that had love and care put into it. <<less
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Arha rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: c73
The bland story of a bland girl doing bland things. Doesn't do anything particularly exciting or offensive. Honestly, the most interesting thing is probably that the snobby prince who talks sh*t to her and hangs around with the reincarnated heroine is seemingly only buying into the heroine's nonsense because it lets him think he has a chance with the protagonist and otherwise seems fairly aware that the heroine is an untrustworthy b*tch.
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Arrange rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c72
I'm not the right age demographic of this novel but I read it because the premise looked cute... and it was.

Cute.... but kinda naive and the villains are plain brainless psychopaths.
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ike_00000 rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c10
Honestly I only voted it so high because all the other comments were a bit too negative. It's not a great novel but I've certainly seen worse. The target audience is definitely younger, like many 10-15 years old or something. Those of that age would probably enjoy it; it's the typical MLs all fall for MC who is just living her life.
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Senethari rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is fun and fluffy. The characters are about what you'd expect. There is one point where the sparkles and fluff take a deep dip into unsettling, but that is quickly resolve. Translation was superb.

There were only two points that made me taste this so low:

1) I liked the MC, but she was just so dense that it was unreal. Like, beyond not noticing interest, she would notice and then brush it off. Someone that socially inept is kind of hard to swallow. It stopped being cute early on.

2)... more>> For the most part, the story ran on rails. There wasn't anything new, everyone loves the MC, she experienced 2 setbacks, and everyone came running. Eventually, I finished reading for completeness' sake rather than enjoyment. <<less
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HentMas rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: c91
Well... it's as cliché as clichés can be if you're fond of "Otome reincarnation" plots, there doesn't really seem to be a harem, plenty interested but our MC even if cliché and as oblivious as all this characters are, obviously haves a thing for ONE of them which is nice to have an actual "Male Lead" being characterized properly.

It's got very good world building although it also is very ephemeral and vague about it, it explains enough and keeps up with what is important, the tone is very contrasting, it's... more>> all pink and flowers until it suddenly becomes dark and gritty on some scenes so the contrast is striking but I don't mean that as a bad thing since all this is seen mostly trough MC POV it makes kind of sense because of the train of thought of our MC being as it is.

The pacing is INCREDIBLY FAST, blink and you'll miss it, but since all this is kind of "I'll view the story trough a more realist lens" (the author touches very real very dark things, child trafficking, school bullying, even touches on how someone with a "harem" haves bad moral standards) it mostly focuses on those particular instances which I guess makes sense in the minimalist "web novel" approach.

Just remember most of what we are reading is trough an "oblivious cliché reincarnated Otome character" but you realize how biased her view is when you actually read the other POVs, the other characters feel much more real (heck even the other oblivious cliché reincarnated Otome character suffers from the same bias as our MC but in a more twisted and s*upid way).

It's an interesting novel that is very much "self aware" of what it is and uses it to its advantage to give it a twist in a different sense, doing commentary on this stories and still following the same Otome plot. <<less
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Beccablue rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: c13
It's just a cute, fluffy story so far. She knows she is the villainess character through seeing a friend play the game. So she doesn't know much about what will happen or what the flags are. She is just an adorable, loving girl that is at the moment, surrounded by people that love and adore her.

It's a cotton candy story.
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Reading Gremlin
Reading Gremlin rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: Completed
after a long time I came back to this and I got to say that I really liked it. Yes the MC is dense and s*upid, which sometime frustrates me, and the story is illogical but it's cute, short and fluffy if you turn off your brain and just enjoy it
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lamb19 rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c72
I give 3 stars because although the story isn't bad, ot isn't great either.

It lacks believable characters and developments (mostly villains) ; all characters exist to love her except the antagonist; there is little descriptions or context; and the chapters are short and very japanese-style (dialogue that goes nowhere, lots of onomatopoeia, etc).

One of the things that irks me most is the mary sue protagonist and how every male in a radius fall for her at first sight just because and she is oblivious to it.

... more>>
Plus the fact that all the isekai in this story only exists to identify the other reincarnator because all knowledge as Nozomi is useless

But lets not forget this is a fluffy story very shoujo-esque and oriented to young girls.

At the beginning the story is pretty slow until she meets the antagonist and conflicts appear and escalate.

So I wouldn't recommend it as must read but its a perfect lightnovel to read when you are bored and have nothing better to do. <<less
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seanna2k rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: Completed
An extremely underrated and great story. People may say that that the MC is dense and s*upid but that's not true. She's smart and not dense like other protagonists. You just need to understand that she's Japanese. We Chinese and Japanese are usually way too focused on education, academics and research to have time for love. And we're usually somewhat conservative when it comes to love. It's not denseness. It's our culture and protocol.
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July 20, 2021
Status: Completed

The MC is dense to romance and friendship as she doesn't come to realize who the villian is until she almost died.

The romance side is cute but I kinda wish to see her wedding.

The chapters are short so it is easy to binge

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rcpsycho rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: c75
So as expected, the premise leads to a somewhat fluffy reverse harem eventually with no prospects of the original downfall. Rather than trying to deliberately prevent death/downfall-flags with ingame knowledge, her personality alters the course of the game in a way that these almost never come up to begin with. The nice part is that not literally every male character is entirely enraptured with her and that some characters do actually have other interests, even if most of them are still fond of her in some way.

The first chapters are... more>> extremely short and barely coherent, but it improves as it goes on and starts to pick up when the actual school arc starts and the heroine character from the otoge shows up.

Overall a lot of characters behave irrationally and the protection for nobles is so miniscule that you'd think that nobody had ever tried to harm a noble since the establishment of the feudal system.

There are some cute interactions, but when it comes to worldbuilding or even writing deeper characters, the author is fairly incompetent. It works as something to read light-heartedly, but be sure to manage your expectations, as this is not exactly a masterpiece. <<less
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BlondeSnake rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
It's an adorable relaxing read! I have it book marked and have read it once, gone back to read my fav scenes a few times, and now am reading it through again.

Yeah, there are tons of things wrong with it if you are looking for anything other than a relaxing slice of life. I don't wanna be bogged down by those things though so this is a lovely romance slice of life. The MC is adorable, and even though sometimes I forget she's not originally from this world, she transitioned... more>> well basically starting her life over again so the story made me not really care about that, she's too cute and the people around her are cute as well. If I had a friend like her I could see me acting like some of the people around her so the people are fairly understandable.

I mean one of the chapters opens with, "Did you ask for plot? If the answer is no, too bad. If the answer is yes, this is all your fault." I don't mind a story like that at all when all I want is relaxation and fluff. ^_^


The only problem is I don't understand the "herione" even her old irl emotions confuse me. Mind I think anyone with that kind of emotion would confuse me so there's nothing wrong with someone who can't seem to see reality, I just don't understand, it's my own failing.

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Larsn rated it
October 30, 2020
Status: c83
Well... it didn't start off too bad, but it kept getting progressively worse...

How to say it, leaving aside all the other problems this novel has (like its rushed pace and illogical leaps) the MC really has nothing to do with a villainess. In fact, she acts really more like the stereotypical, hair headed heroine instead and she's... incredibly s*upid.

I mean, the childhood was ok, but since she's started school it's been all the same thing - she knows she's in danger, she ignores danger, doesn't alert anyone as she thinks... more>> she's a burden or only tells them but ignores their points, goes off on her own, gets in trouble because of it, gets reascued, blames herself for ignoring others and making them worry and then goes off to do exactly the same thing again and again. Rinse and repeat, to differing degrees.

Just... why? How can you be so s*upid? It's like after childhood she's become completely useless. I mean, even without powers or strength one can still be smart, right? There are different types of strength after all, but, ugh... I kept reading hoping the story would change again but nothing... how depressing. <<less
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