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[Nakseong High School, the heads of 300 people exploded!] Lee Joon, an ordinary high school student.

During the entrance ceremony, he was caught up in a strange phenomenon and died.

[You have died.] [Restarting from checkpoint.] [Loading…] And then a message appeared before his eyes.

『Welcome to Nakseong High School that is full of mysteries and secrets.

Uncover the dark secrets hidden around the school, or fight against urban legends and myths to earn points and unlock special abilities.

Then, gather companions and stop the resurrection of the demon king before you graduate.

The world is in your hands.』

Associated Names
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Urban Legends Club
괴담 동아리
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VirginSlayer rated it
October 1, 2022
Status: c422
A Korean modern fantasy novel which was initially serialized on Joara for free, but didn't really hit it off with the audience since the setting of the novel was against the prevalent 'Munchkin' webnovel trend back then. Eventually more and more people started to notice how underrated the novel truly was, and it from old fashion word of mouth the novel became popular and got converted into paid serialization by Kakao. Now it's widely considered as one of the most well written Korean novels. So you need to be patient... more>> with the start even though some stuff seems obscure, they play a huge role later on.

Genre: Academy, Comedy, Horror, Modern Fantasy, Occult, Regression, System

The novel is a blend of numerous elements, but comedy, horror, and occult themes are prevalent. Usually it's really hard to pull off comedy and horror at the same time, but the author managed to do it seamlessly.



The protagonist of the work Lee Joon is chosen as a hero by a bizarre system for unknown reasons. He forms his own hero party (Ghost story club), completes quests (Ghost stories), and levels up the club room and his party members all in order to defeat the Demon King. In the first round, he basically ignores the system warnings and after escaping from the first ghost story massacre, he changes schools while living with that trauma. He was send back in time after Demon King awakens 3 years later. This time around he resolves to survive the ghost stories and avoid that future.


The true charm of this novel is the author's exceptionally immersive writing style and the way he retains the quality of the plot for well over 400 chapters. Partly because some of the ghost stories were based on some real incidents and the author even went to visit the sites so he can better write the scenes.

The chapters are long, and the author has put a lot of emphasis on details for every single chapter. A testament to that is chapter 231, which is a whopping 6k words long. The horror and thriller elements were portrayed beautifully and their quality still remains top tier over 400 chapters.

There are many plot twists that keep you at the edge of your scenes aside from the vivid horror scenes. Also, the quality of the chapter to the price ratio on Kakao is good for a change.

Characters and World Setting:


World Building


    • It's a game-like system visible only to the main character. There are also various checkpoints which MC returns if he fails to survive in a ghost turning. Even though MC returns to checkpoint points, the MC used to upgrade or buy skills remains static. It's also insinuated that the system might have powers beyond just rewinding time.
    • The system isn't like a cheat system that helps MC monopolize everything. The system is more geared towards making MC, the hero, a 'leader'. It has a lot of features that primarily focuses on managing the club and growing the club members. There are separate 'Club Management' and 'Member Management' windows.
    • Every time MC completes a ghost story, that point in time gets registered as checkpoint.
    • System is also has a space expansion feature, which helps expanding the club room once certain conditions are satisfied. The transformation is similar to 'Transformers'
    • 'Nakseong High School Management' feature is added once the Club room hits level 10/15 (I forgot the exact number since it's been a while).

Item Grade:

The item grading is inspired from Overwatch and similar to that.


Most of the quests directly or indirectly try to strengthen the bonds between Lee Joon and club members.


Lee Joon:

Lee Joon described himself as someone with a contradictory personality. No matter what he does, he doesn't finish it till the end. The system labels him as Two-faced and this nature is also revealed in his inter-personal relationships. Even though he appears to be weak in front of girls who are extremely pretty, he always draws the line because he believed that this sort of atmosphere in the club will deter him from completing his goal and will be detrimental to the club's growth. That's he states that he isn't ready to date anyone yet. From an outside perspective, he appears to be a cold person whose intentions can't be seen through. It's partly due to Leen Joon's nature of hiding his inner feelings. To summarize, the protagonist is an average normal high schooler who has leadership qualities. Overall, I like the protagonist because he seems alive and real. There is proper logic behind each and every one of his actions.

Ahn Gyeongwon (the elitist)

He is the bespectacled guy in the cover. He appears to be an arrogant elitist, but in reality he is just lonely wants to make friends. He is the brains of the club. He showcases his intelligence during clutch moments with his vast knowledge in regards to ghost stories.

Yoon Sunah

She is the cute puppy-like girl in the cover. She is the character who went through the most character development in the story. Initially, she stutters and socially awkward since she has no friends due to the fact that she is from a really poor family. After surviving many ghost stories, along with Lee Joon and other club members, she goes through a lot of character development. By the end of freshman year, she overcomes her passive personality and could speak comfortably without stuttering.

She later on falls for MC and becomes yandere for him. Usually her yandere persona emerges in ghost stories. In her yandere form, she becomes strong and isn't like her usual weak self. Her yandere persona becomes a significant variable in ghost stories. In one instance, MC jumps off the roof so he could reset and start over from the checkpoint. Sunah jumps together with him since she didn't want to get separated even in dead. She usually bickers with In Hayoon a lot in her yandere form. In her yandere form the usual twinkle in her eyes fades away and her eyes sink deeper, making her look like a crazed fanatic.

In Hayoon

The pretty long haired girl in the cover. She seems mysterious, and it's hard for anyone to understand her thoughts. She doesn't seem to have any interest in other members besides Lee Joon. She also despises Deok a lot and frequently pranks him. However, after becoming close to the other members as they go through various ghost stories she starts to consider them as her comrades as well. Her kind appearance is a facade.


The otaku dude in the novel. That dude fully believes that 2D > 3D. He has a strong hate for school violence since he suffered from bullying back in the day. He usues typical japanese phrases in his speech patterns like a typical otaku. He is more like a tank of the team and is quite strong. He considers Lee Joon as a reliable friend.


She is blonde gyaru in the background of the cover. She was forced to join the Ghost story club. She initially finds Lee Joon annoying but knows he is a reliable leader. Later on she slowly starts to develop feelings for him but she is tsundere about it. They became really close friends over summer vacation after Lee Joon had a fight with other club members. Over time, she realizes isn't really a cold person like it seems from afar.

There is a lot of skinship between the two and she eventually confronts Lee Joon if he hates delinquent girls like her, and instead prefers pretty type girls. Lee Joon clearly denies that, thus reassuring her.


The eerie atmosphere and the high quality remains constant over 400 chapters. Also, the infrastructure of Nakseong High School is based on Danggeok High School. Author went there so he can write the scenes properly. So there is high degree of immersion. There are gore and quite vivid Horror scenes later on which are comparable

, widely considered as the best KR horror novel. Also, the way author mixed the overused "regression" and "system" genres together to write such an intriguing content is truly amazing. I liked the protagonist's and other members' mental growth as they complete various ghost story quests and strengthens their bonds.

I can go on and on about other positive aspects of the novel, but I will choose to wait for now till more translated chapters come out since I don't want to accidentally spoil some of the great plot twists.

Final Verdict: This novel is a must read. <<less
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Prestisions rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: c7
Its a web novel with game system which already a popular trope in Korean web novel scene. But what make this series so special is everything outside the game system. Horror element, Supernatural things, and Character interactions. I Think its pretty fresh. Like Namu (Korean Wiki) said, Author really know how to mix those things into enjoyable read, and once you get to this you will crave for more chaps. Great pick by Reaper scans.

And also manhwa adaptation is on the way.
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puukkiss rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: c30
"Popcorn Read" earns a rating of ★★★. While some portions are intriguing, others are strange or follow typical high school storylines.

The protagonist, a typical Korean/Japanese MC, is bored and dense with little ambition. However, the plot drives him forward despite his lack of motivation. Despite being older than his high school peers, he is not more mature and often feels childish.

All female characters (FLs) show interest in him and fit common archetypes: the shy girl, the bookworm, the tough exterior with a soft interior, the sexy teacher. The male side... more>> characters are portrayed as unappealing, both in personality and appearance, eliminating any competition for the FLs' attention. This is reflected even in the novel cover, where they are relegated to the background. <<less
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Disgrace rated it
December 18, 2022
Status: c28
Feels like I'm reading My House of Horrors all over again, except this time it's in school and with friends that are actually human instead of just ghosts. Def very good novel, but the only downside is that I can't find a machine translation site that has this novel for the life of me ; (
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ShadowHunter872 rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: c15
KR novel with a system, MC has checkpoints decided for him as as he progresses through the story, similar to ReZero. What keeps you engaged is the real feeling of suspense as the cast encounters more supernatural beings and the interactions between them. The MC is pretty relatable since he's not trying to fight every ghost he encounters, but he definitely shows how cold hearted he can be at times. Each chapter is a decent length so it's still worth picking up now.

Read up to Ch 15 as of writing... more>> this. <<less
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MynMyn rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: c5
Chapter 1 grabbed me on the hook, it's interesting and I like the premise. But tbh, I'm not sure about the protagonist. He seems okay. I don't like him but it's not like I hate him either, he seems err (?) Well, this is my impression of him for first 4 chapters. I'm staying for the plot.
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Veritas rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: c36
This is one of the best novels I have ever read. The comedy is really good, considering this is a horror/mystery novel. What I like the most about this novel is that, when in other novels the one who experience the mysteries and horrors is only the MC, in here the MC actually experiences them with other people, and they remember them. Even his father got caught up in the story once.

The protagonist is relatable. Who wants the hassle of leading a group when you can just dump it on... more>> other people? Of course, the system explicitly mention that the MC is the protagonist of the story, which means everything will revolves around him.

Sadly, the novel's proper translation stops at 36 (in NU last chapter is 34, but if you click next in the translation website, you still read up to chapter 36, meager amount, but hey. Beggars can't be choosers.) I would try to find a MTL for this novel as this novel is really interesting and I really want to know the development between the side characters. <<less
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DarkD rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: --
Some of the stories are really good, but two of them have really annoyed me.

The first ghost story that inserts you into the story used literally no logic to solve it. The protagonist just tried sh*t until he solved it randomly.

Most of the other ghost stories were really good. Creepy, often with specific rules and outside the box thinking to solve them.

... more>> The most recent ghost story though is pissing me off again because it mandates that the protagonist got a very specific skill from a random chance store.

Probably the biggest flaw of all though is that this is a Korean story. Meaning that the translations are destined to be incredibly slow. Any machine translations will be nearly unreadable. And it'll probably be 15 years before this story even gets halfway done being translated.

And before you decide to give it a try, the story is dropped as of chapter 36 from Reaper Scans. There's no hidden paid chapters you can get. I dug through their discord. They released their paid backlog already. 36 is as far as they translated, and they left it at a cliff hanger. And no, there is no machine translation for you to look at. Even if you try and use the garbo korean to english google MTL, you can't even access the original language. The story is source from Kakao page which is the most bolted down fiction site I've ever been to. I think you literally have to be a korean citizen with valid ID to even see the raw and even then, the whole story has been turned into an image making it impossible to copy/paste. <<less
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February 28, 2023
Status: c34
One of the better reads I've had in a while. The MC is by all means completely average in every way except for the fact that he's been possessed by some sort of game-like system and now continually crosses paths with various ghosts. That's a good thing in this case. He's unremarkable, but not boring. He isn't a genius by any stretch, but he's not an idiot. In fact, he reacts fairly realistically in every situation. The author did a great job making the MC realistic and relatable to the... more>> average person.

The side characters on the other hand, are a bundle of quirks and overly-strong personalities, but somehow they're the least interesting part of the series. First off, the 2 male side characters are two-dimensional. I think it's safe to give up on any character development for either of them.

  • One is an obese Japan-obsessed weeb that has made Otaku culture his entire personality, going as far as slipping japanese words into practically every sentence he speaks.
  • The other is a narcissistic know-it-all that looks down on everyone else with his over-inflated ego. Certain events in Ch22 change his attitude towards the MC and only the MC, but that's not character development. He's not a better or more complete person, he just recognized the MC as someone who can get things done and has a bare-minimum level of intelligence. Dude's still an insufferable egotistical prick, and will likely remain the same for the entire run of this series.
The female side characters are much better by comparison, but that's pretty much just because there's still mystery regarding them, it feels like there's still a chance to flesh them out and reveal more about their circumstances and personalities.

  • The first is a dirt-poor, timid and shy girl who under normal circumstances couldn't hurt a fly, but also has a yandere tendency so because the MC was the first guy to show her any consideration/be friendly with her, he has become here target of affection obsession. As of Ch34, she has only leaked her Yan side three times (once when she misspoke and almost said she would be with MC forever, and twice under extreme circumstances where she unhesitatingly and mercilessly attacked a person she viewed as a threat to MC), I look forward to more of that leaking out.
  • The second is a blond delinquent girl with resting bit*h face that sleeps in class a lot because she works a part time job... that's it. There hasn't been much interaction between her and MC because apparently her face and general demeanor are scary to the guy who has personally experienced the horror of death several times. Yeah, okay. Well, even if he's uncomfortable with her, with the latest haunting he has started pulling her along with the club so we'll likely be seeing more of her from here on.
  • Girl #3 is a charming psychopath. She is calm under life threatening pressure, to the point of seeming almost entirely unaffected when people are dying or going insane around her. She has no hesitation towards acts of violence, going as far as choosing a knife to protect herself when everyone else in the group chose blunt, less lethal weapons like pans. At this point, she's the character with the most question marks surrounding her.
  • Finally there's the teacher. 34yo and single, she apparently comes from a family of shamans so she has a tendency to get possessed easily. Also, when she gets possessed there has been a trend of her being weirdly h**ny so I don't know if that's just a regular character trait and we haven't seen her unpossessed often enough to see her be h**ny normally, or if she just attracts h**ny ghosts. Time will tell, I suppose. At this point, she's somewhat of a comic relief character. That stereotype of an adult that while generally competent, has enough disappointing traits that they kind of overshadow her competent ones. That being said, I'm not confident that that's how she's supposed to be read because, similarly to the delinquent girl, she just hasn't had enough screen time yet.
All in all, I love the plot and the main character, and I don't hate the (female) side characters. I expect that as the story progresses and we get more character development and reveals, it will only get better. <<less
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MonsieurLimes rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: c131
This novel definitely deserves 5*

the writing manages to actually clench my cheeks in anxiety, while simotainlorusly making me cringe and gasp in shock whenever they come up with a idea that works. I love the funny ways he deals with them.

... more>>

“I’m gonna literally cuss and annoy a ghost and shapeshifter away, holy crap it worked?!


One critique I will give, not enough people question the paranormal events. The major person who should be questioning it should be

MC father because MC and him literally chased a ghost acting like their mother/wife away

and then after that kerfuffle, he doesn’t even get a mention or a POV thought. <<less
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