Get Lost, Damn Money!


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Second-generation star, Li Linlin, became popular on the internet at the age of 15 with a side photo of her face, attracting numerous fans. Unfortunately, she only had a brain for love and was so intent on chasing after her crush that she had no time for her career.

A fortune teller told her that the more successful her career was, the further away she would be from love. So Li Linlin started to be unreasonable and deliberately played her cards badly.

Who knew her role as a villainess would explode, the variety show where she lie flat like a salted fish would be on the hot search daily, and a mediocre web drama she randomly invested in would become the dark horse of the year?

Instead of flopping, Li Linlin became increasingly popular and wealthy.

Li Linlin: Are you kidding me?

Li Linlin: Get lost, damn money!

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Get Out, This Damn Money
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New Jiiemm rated it
May 19, 2024
Status: Completed
The author created one of those silly and warm gems 🥹🥹

One of those stories that made me smile so big. I actually finished this story within 24 hours 🥹👌
One of the stories that I will definitely reread in the near future.

So silly, sweet, and so warm 🥹🫶

I'm a lover of stories with Yandere characters, and I can say that the author is a genius, she paired Yandere character with our Zhou Li character who is silly, shameless, very vindictive, sweet, no-nonsense, yet he's one optimistic and warm person. It's this pairing of Yandere with her partner that makes me feel the most satisfied! I love the author because of this

This story has a chance to create a lot of drama and conflict, but the author is a genius, there are no 'annoying villain' characters in this story. So the conflict can flow and end in a sweet way 🥹🫶
Loved it! Very much!

Enjoy this warm cup of tea. I really do! The translator who translated this is amazing, thank you for introducing this work to us. You did very well 🫶🫶
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Nanya rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Book Summary:

Li Linlin, a 2nd generation star, is in love with her best friend's brother (Chen Yiran) who finally returns to China after being abroad for all these years.

In the midst of a rising career, a new friend recommends a fortune teller to tell Li Linlin about her future love life. The fortune teller tells Li Linlin that the more her career soars/more money made, the more her romance fails.

After hearing this Li Linlin, as the title tells us says, says f* money, I want love and tries to blacken... more>> her career while inadvertently becoming more popular/rich.

However once a certain event happens

she finds out Chen Yiran (the ML) started to go on blind dates after refusing ardently before.

she decides to f* love and get $.

But thats also at the same time Chen Yiran starts chasing her.




(Thats essentially the whole novel to a T. Also keep in mind it is a romance novel so of course ya know, romance. Just leaving that there if you thought it'd be an f* love story forever.)

Lets talk about pros:

    • I had a lot of fun with this novel. I read it in about 2 days and its quite a quick read with MTL. The MTL was very comprehensible so no issues there.
    • The character's are quite likable. For a quick read I thought they were good but don't expect a lot of depth in some as some just play to archetypes (like overprotective Dad, ML's best bud who's always talking about ML's romance.)
    • There's some cute romance moments here, the dates were pretty unique.
    • There's a lot of amusing/comedic things that had me giggling.
Cons (?) Kinda... depends on your perspective:

    • Spoiler

      Li Linlins and Chen Yiran's relationship doesn't become "official" until the last chapter. Thats because after Li Linlin gave up on her love life with the ML she was very adamant. The author really set up a lot of vinegar pots for the ML so he's somewhat abused with that after the pain that Li Linlin has to go through (which was being rejected, hearing about his blind dates after he was ignoring her). Once he actually realizes he has feelings for her and doesn't just see her as a sister figure in his mind, Li Linlin doesn't accept him right away. They do have romantic scenes with each other but it's always with that undertone that she knows she's still enamored with him but won't admit it. Now I'm not saying that thats a bad con in the story, I just thought that was interesting since with the way she in love with him I thought she'd be ecstatic to be with him right away.

    • Spoiler

      The fortune teller thing isn't really a huge plot point. The author makes some coincidences such as if Li Linlin does a "bad" thing for her career, she has an encounter with Chen Yiran vs when she makes bank she hears/sees Chen Yiran with another woman. Its quite a bit of a confidence these scenes but when she does get together with Chen Yiran its not like her career tanks or anything. Its mostly played for gimmicks I guess.

    • Spoiler

      As I said before its quite a short story. It happens around the timespan of a year and the summary basically tells you all the events. Like specifically each one she does to further her career. That was a bit disappointing to me considering I always like to be surprised by how a characters hijinks causes them good instead of grief. The last part we leave off on is that she's going to be in a huge role but we don't see the final results of it. :/


        • Spoiler

          Lastly, there's some characters who we don't really say a goodbye to. Specially Ann (Lu Ruoxian*) who's a male escort who likes Li Linlin. He is just kinda forgotten and since he was the MC's neighbor the ML just forced the MC to move after talking to her lease owner (which btw I did not like that overbearing nature of the ML. Like at least consult the MC??? That was very toxic behavior) And the other one was Ms. Ko (Qiu?) idk. She's a total baddie in this where we first meet her accusing the MC about being her boytoy's mistress because of how beautiful the MC is but they end up being friends. However the ML once again just tells MC to not be too close to her since Ms. Ko is in the business sphere too and that Ms. Ko might betray her??? Idk. This was weird to me.

      Anyways my final thoughts is that its a pretty average story which I enjoyed. I know I gave it 5/5 but I'd probably rank it 4/5 truthfully. I gave it such a high score in hopes of giving it a good starting point. Give it a shot if the description intrigued you, you'll probs like it too. :)
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shampoofaeryyy rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: Completed
ML could have been better, yeah I know FL had an unrequited love for him for so many years but the moment she decided she wanted to move on, ML is there to block it. I felt suffocated whenever ML tries to chase the FL cause he's super overbearing for my taste to the point that I wanted our FL to find another man but lo and behold, there's no other man as great as the ML just because he's the ML :/
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rocca.linne rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: c49
halfway of the story but I don't think I will finish this

it's the average MC falling in love with ML first but ML saw her as little sister, then MC gave up on her love, but ML suddenly realize he loved her, then ML started the journey of chasing wife

the bonus point of this story came from the conflicts are mostly lighthearted and suitable for light reading

... more>> but it's kinda boring after a long time

MC was okay, kinda cringe on how she could fell in love from when she was just an elementary student. I also personally disagree with how she could dismiss & disrespect her parents (especially her father) words for just a man who was not even her lover at that time.

for ML tho... ML has no reedeming quality. he was boring. (lmao, I can't even add any more description in ML characteristics cause he's really just plain old boring, this is kinda sad 😭).

all in all, if you like medium paced romance with little to no heavy conflicts & kinda OP MC, you should read this. beware on the boring ML tho <<less
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Au Courant
Au Courant rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: c55
I wish MC and ML didn't get together.

The thing about their relationship dynamics is that ML is 10 years older and has known MC since she was little. So I think him treating her as a little sister is the morally correct decision here, unless he's a creeper groomer.

Just because MC is infatuated doesn't mean that an older person in that position wouldn't be disgusting if he got together with her. I don't get how the rest of the people would be encouraging that kind of relationship.

Even if we leave... more>> behind all that we're left with a situation where he had clearly rejected her but when he suddenly realized his feelings it felt like clear communication had to be forced out of him. At least apologize for being a hypocritical mofo like-

And he's acting all creepy and stalkerish and MC isn't calling him out on it like girl get some self-respect u rag


c64 he kisses her without consent

c65 he hangs her photos on the wall and sends a picture of it to her

He doesn't want her to go to KTV with her friends and some pretty boy hosts. Meanwhile he's done stuff like attend a formal event with a popular actress and gone on blind dates. And he just says he wasn't clear about his feelings back then but now that he's clear he feels entitled to know her movements and get jealous to the point of forcing a kiss.

He's apparently done stuff like teaching her formal dance and accompanied her when she was getting shots when she caught a cold so we can deduce he hasn't just been abroad her whole childhood; this feels like pseudo in*est but nobody is calling it what it is. Not that I have anything against fetishes in fiction but they need to be acknowledged

There's a small episode in c70 where they're having a business meeting and ML is sitting there with a pretty lady who's a popular writer. He doesn't want the designer who's a famous figure in the fashion world to come but he's allowed to sit with pretty ladies :)

Oh he also kissed her whole she's asleep:)) they're not even officially together

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Fungiball rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Completed by mtling it.

The story was pretty good, decent, and interesting. This love story is basically every girl's dream where your crush is liking and is chasing you back. There wasn't any unnecessary drama and annoying third parties. I will surely read it again when the translation is completed.

One thing that made me super sad was there wasn't any side story about the leads' life after marriage. I was hoping one but I guess there was none. The author left it to our imagination 😭


In conclusion, I will recommend this book for you to read if you want a light and fulfilling love story.
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Blubber_faults rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: --
Mtl'd the rest. It's a good read when you've left with nothing else. Didn't really like the ML or fl. It's understandable why the ML rejected the fl, he grew up with her and he's 10 yrs older than her, I get it. But to then go after her is kind of... eh. Another user had pointed out that he was too overbearing, I agree. He really is. Then the FL kind of annoyed me as well, especially when she's love brained. One of her close friends especially has it... more>> hard, trying to run a business with someone who is tryna tr*sh it to the ground for her love life... bro and then being blamed by the ML for the fls drinking... (?) I would've let the girl eat to her hearts content and left her alone. That's all. Nothing else other than that. <<less
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DemiUchiha rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: Completed
It was pretty good. MC kind of annoyed me a little bit, but I don't dislike her. I like her and the ML. I love stories like this where the MC chases after the ML and then finally realizes their worth and makes the ML chase after them instead, but they still end up together at the end.
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Shortk rated it
April 7, 2024
Status: c47
2.5. I will say being hung up on personal definitions of "overbearing" is not necessary. Everyone's definition for the degree of words is different but still valid as long as it doesn't contradict webster's dictionary definition. Idk if the ML is overbearing imo (i agree with others on how he could be tho), but he is annoying. He's figuring out his feelings while stringing her along. That may not be overbearing, but that's just disrespectful to her autonomy and choices. He's not gonna be some ppl's preference. Rightfully. His personality... more>> is workaholic with a tough childhood basically. It's a bit boring let's be honest with ourselves. I mean I enjoyed it until he was stringing her along / being controlling while being clueless with his emotions.

I think it's fine to hope the girl does more than just want romance in a romance genre because the genre is very broad and includes many acceptable preferences of romance (besides the toxic bs imo) and can have independent badass b*tches who have a great boyfriend and love life. This MC is not that, but I wouldn't say she's a love brain even though she cares only about love because imo love brain means you're s*upid and inconsiderate to others for love.

She's not that. She's entertaining enough because chestnut is a master at engaging romance writing despite cliche concepts. She's witty and typical nepo baby with looks and talent. I liked that she got mad when the ML went on the blind date.

Although the concept is cliche af, a truly masterful writer like chestnut was doing just enough to make the otherwise cliche scenes just a bit different enough to be new and enjoyable to read. That's a talent in itself. HOWEVER, I really draw the line at the ml's controlling behavior (I also started rooting against him) and mostly the cliche af blackout during a shower scene.... like homie I was rooting to give to a 4 star out of guilty pleasure. But now that's too cliche for me. I have roll my eyes and dnf. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: Completed
You consider this.. Overbearing? Ha! Ahahahahahaa *wheeze*

No, let me collect myself. Either you haven't seen overbearing or your standards start with very high demands. Girl, you haven't seen it at all.

Shall we start from explaining character settings on Chestnut novel before talking about the novel itself? Because otherwise I feel like some reviews are quite misleading in their judgement. Let's f*cking go:

... more>>
  • Li Linlin. Daughter of Li Shen, superstar musician often mentioned in Chestnut's shared universe. She actually has a pretty good character, she's good-natured. Now our baby is all grown up and she is 20 and is ready for love. Her target is Chen Yiran who she knew from her childhood. But don't get excited and start acting all weird. Start catching on details will you. She never considered him a brother, but a love target, even when she was small, but technically they didn't grow up together. Due to age difference he was already in high scool and then moved abroad. So this creates a gap and I'll talk about it later. You say she's a love brain. Is it that bad? I mean, what is wrong with loving someone? At least she's not acting like a stereotypical monster brain-dead character. Girl just tries to increase the number of their meetings after he finally returned and you all jumped on her. I consider her brave and I don't think she should be shamed for loving. I don't really understand people who says something wrong when it comes to love, when you're in the romance section. Are you ok? If you want an indeendent woman then go to No-CP tag and read novels there. Most importantly Linlin has her own career and no one deprived her of her right to have it. If you read Chestnut more you'll know that her female characters have a career, they also get love, but it doesn't stop them from continuing doing what they want to do :)
  • Chen Yiran. Now I can return to the gap. He went to study and technically they did not grow up together, it was more growing up in the distance, so in his mind she stays at the point of a little girl, then a friend of his cousin, so of course he has more brotherly feelings and care. And of course he won't react to her confession at first. Some parts because of Chestnut's style lack in micro-detailing, so there is no psychological journey. Boy it would be so weird if there were. But now in front of him is not a girl anymore, but a young woman. The novel actually made a good move when it allowed her to confess early and from that point their statuses changed and divided past from the present. After all she never considered him as a brother figure and now he had no status at all :) At least it started weighing down on him. It would be way-way-way~ weirder if their status hasn't changed and that outage scene happened ok? And after all they're not a pair from a stereotyical love brain, ML is not indifferent to the new Linlin and considers her annoying an dbothering and Linlin herself doesn't really act like a monster. He walks around a small circle to return. And they did not come together that quickly. It is obvious that even if she said she chooses career and severes all ties, but do you think feelings she had for years can be easily abandoned. Seeing that not all was lost of course Chen Yiran would take action.
Few simple words about the novel's plot. Basically as you can guess already, Linlin loved Yiran for years, she finally confessed but was rejected since both weren't on the same page. Linlin decided to move on, but it downed on Yiran that the girl he likes is actually Linlin. Bickering and chasing back your love. Lacks stereotypical dog blood drama, so everything is simpler.

Now, concerning other things I'd like to talk about. Since I touched upon the love brain, let's talk about it. Stereotypes in novels are a hardcore thing, before I had no idea how deep it can settle in the back of your head. Before not seeing what I'm used to see in other novels. When I saw the synopsis I thought to myself - uh-oh, don't tell me she will do all those thing. What things you may ask? Confessing her love to ML at every turn (she did not), trying to visit ML as much as possible (she did not, she knew he is busy and so was she), giving ML love lunch/tokens/other stuff (she did not, she doesn't even cook), pestering ML with DMs (she did not), making a fool of herself because of her love (she did not). The only thing I saw is that she tried to increase their meetings and be present at times he could be present, she was mostly just happy to be around him, doing simple things together made her happy. I'm sure this image stayed with him (I mean, let's compare to other females who approached him, they either had an agenda or their reason/feelings were quite shallow), but it's not explained in details because it's Chestnut, they don't suffer from dwelling.

Now, my favorite part :D - overbearing. Let me tell you this. Compared to truly overbearing and toxic people in novels Yiran's just a small snotty kid. Giving you an example of overbearing and toxic from novels I've read, because it's not limited to depriving person of freedom or career, monitoring life and personal life, not taking other person's overall/physical/mental situation into considerartion, stalking after a break-up, not giving a way to survive and almost trapping person with no way out. This my friends is overbearing. When it comes to Yiran the only thing he did was what? Was mad that she came to karaoke, again. And I can understand him, because that place isn't just a karaoke, it's half a host club. Mrs. Qiu maybe a perfect attendant of that place and her circle of friends can be called - disappointed rich wives. Their marriages are unhappy, full of calculation and disappointment, this is why they choose career and fresh young men to follow them. Is it a good place for a young girl like Linlin? I personally don't think so and not because Yiran might be jealous. I just find that if her love for Yiran wasn't so strong and the situation would be different who knows what she might have been talked into. It makes me laugh that when a girl tries to pull she's a love brain, when a man tries to pull the relationship to progress he's overbearing. You never can satisfy everyone.


If we take the episode in the karaoke, I already explained. Despite the light-hearted tone of Chestnut's novels, it doesn't change the fact that they also openly say that outside of club these young men have contact with their clients. This is also true for rl, everyone is aware of it.

As for episode that he used money to bribe their landlord to discontinue to lease to them, then why don't you point fingers to plastic sisters, after all they're all in the same chat, but they were realistically out behind benefits. Is it not the best move, partially yes, but she has many places to live and not in a desperate situation, so he doesn't want to corner her and for her manager-friend who stayed he also prepared a place to live.


And also the argument that they got together quickly.. Did they? I mean I saw weeks/months passing by, Linlin acting like a fuzzy cat, bickering with Yiran here and there. It took time. Good thing is that with time Chestnut grew and their dialogues became better, so it's more enjoyable to read. The ending indeed feels a bit rushed though, even if it says how much time passed it felt like - let's wrap things up here.

For an easy way to spend an evening this is a suitable book. It has no deep drama or dark themes.

RATE: 3, 75/5. For the sake that it's still quite okay.

PS: The only person I'd like to rant about is actually Wu Hui, the manager/friend. I don't know, she annoyed me, it's personal opinion. Advice for life - don't do business with friends. As for Linlin, if it wasn't for her character and their friendship Wu Hui would be fired long time ago. I couldn't see her significance tbh. Linlin's fame comes from her own life, she does not need a strong promotion. When it comes to dealing with things Wu Hui changes tune too often, like in sand sculptures. But one thing got me more, a good friend will allow you to get drunk without a doubt, but a good manager will not do that. <<less
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