F**k and Love


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Yao Yuan has been in love with Li Shengyu for more than ten years, but Li Shengyu only treats him as a free hole, calling and waving him away whenever he wants.

However, even the most humble love will be exhausted one day. To give up on Li Shengyu, Yao Yuan had a drunken s*xual affair with some young officers.

As an unseen hermaphrodite, Yao Yuan has extremely low self-esteem. Faced with the entanglements of a few young officers, he chose to escape.

As a result, the days of f*cking and loving began.

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New shiroykumo rated it
April 20, 2024
Status: Completed
I might be tempted to give this 4 or even 5 stars if it’s not 4P tbh.

First is that I don’t really into harem in terms of relationship (if it’s s*x as gangbang or or*y or sth similar, I might open to it). However, there are some cases that this relationship works.

For this one, I feel that the author leans towards Shen Yan so much than the other 2 (Yang Zhe and Wang Xiaochen). That’s why if it’s only with Shen Yan, I might be tempted to give it higher.

There... more>> are also some plotholes that I feel lacking. Since this is just for PWP, I’ll ignore it and don’t think too much.

Well anyway, it all ends well I suppose. <<less
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March 3, 2024
Status: c3

The writing is not THAT bad for a PWP. (It's not gonna be that good either.) But nothing about this novel excites or intrigues me. We start with a scum (ex) lover, then MC grows some balls and goes to a bar, he ends up harassed by a drunk guy and runs away, but it's okay cus a couple of sexy men in uniforms help him from not getting beaten/assaulted AND immediately ask for an one night stand. That's as far as I read.

Thanks to the translator for bringing us... more>> more smut BL works though! <<less
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