The Daily Life of a Sandwish Cookie


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Arc 1 ✓

The shameless s*x life of Lu Ming and the Song brothers…

Brother Song Yanchen is a top; Brother Song Yanxing is a bottom and Lu Ming is a switch sandwiched between both of them.

Arc 2 ✓

The story of the adopted inters*x brother and his two elder brothers…

The hermaphrodite brother Fu Jiangran, the eldest brother Fu Jiangxuan who has dual personality, and the gentle second brother Fu Jiangyuan.

The eldest brother’s secondary personality is a bit dark and paranoid, and there may be training and other plots.

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New Strictly_nsfw_Business rated it
May 1, 2024
Status: c22
Double is my type of smut, but the writing wasn't very enjoyable.

I wondered why and finally decided that the kink was good, the overall was good, but the bottom's dialogue was absolutely terrible. I'm just thankful that the author knows how to play well with toys.

There are two arcs; 1v1v1 sandwich cookie arc, and 2v1 inters*x wife arc. In both, there was an annoying character who needed to close their mouth. The tops are sexy, but why are the bottoms so airheaded?
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