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Fu Lengxiang is a girl born in a wealthy noble family. Blessed with a bright mind, she makes perfume and blends powder every day, affianced to an ideal fiancé, her life is everything that a girl can dream of.
Little does she expect that perfume can be made and blended, destiny, however, is not under her control. Due to a case concerned a drowned female, her whole family is executed. She survived after innumerable hardships, determined to find the culprit behind the scenes, she makes it to the emperor’s palace.
Game of the throne is never peaceful. Lord Han and Lord Qi are both eyeing the ultimate power.
With the appearance of Su Yuan, her fiancé when she was Fu Lengxiang, the game becomes more complicated.
The hands used to blend fragrant powder is now wielding influence, the mind used to only lie in her family is now plotting about the palace.
Alas, it turns out the culprit behind the scenes is the one she used to love deeply!

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New selina rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
This wasn’t what I expected. The story was alright. Some parts where enjoyable.

The ML was incredibly annoying about his first love the whole time and it just went on until what felt like the very end while the FL was going through a bunch of torture? As the chapters went on, I was half hoping the FL would just end up with her ex or just get out of there.
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lou 1
New lou 1 rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c61
I really find this novel intriguing, the plot although it is about revenge is really more about the palace and how she survives jealousy and various plots.

Her family was falsely convicted of rebelling and sentence to death. Her mother helps her escape and she goes to her fiance only to see him being married to someone else, she betrayed by her fiance and his family, gets captured, and taken to prison where she is tortured waiting for death after all her family has already been killed. The FL has a... more>> second chance on life when she is in prison while being tortured, there she meets another woman who knows face changing arts that somehow swops with her and dies in her place. It's confusing at this point how her face was changed and how she escaped death and why this woman helps her, there seem to be flashbacks in her dream that fills in some detail. With a new identity, she arrives at the palace where she embarks the journey in the world of fragrance to become a lady official who makes the fragrance and incense for the palace. In her previous life, she already excelled in the art of fragrance. She meets the 2nd prince and 3rd prince, the former she forms a relationship with which is of mutual benefit. I will edit this review once I have read more of the novel. I highly recommend this novel, it's well written, and the translation is well done, well worth reading and not just a derivative of other revenge novels, it has many interesting twists. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c36
As the novel's description says, the MC dies unjustly and gets reincarnated as a girl in another family without going back in time. Striving to get revenge, she enters the palace as a maid learning how to create fragrances. With her abilities and a bit of luck, she manages to get a little position of influence near the Dowager Empress.

Surprisingly, there is a decent novel on Flying Lines' website, I almost gave up after reading bad novel after bad novel from this site. So far, so good, the novel is... more>> promising: the MC is determined and not discouraged by the usual palace bullying and plotting. As we are at the beginning of the novel, I can't say much about the plot will evolve, let's hope it will not disappoint. The ML is easily spotted as he is, of course, so dazzling and beautiful you can't look away with cold eyes that can never be missing. A shout out to authors or translators, can we have main characters that are not so painfully beautiful? Normal-looking people exist too. <<less
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athene rated it
March 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Although FL is reborn so she can take revenge, this isn't really a revenge novel. It's basically a palace/harem intrigue story, where FL must survive various plots from jealous concubines, the third prince, and others as she climbs up the ranks (thanks to her skill in fragrances and calm temperament) and falls in love with the ML. The mystery of why FL's family was framed and FL getting "vengeance" feel more like side plots - they tie into the underlying political conspiracy but aren't what drive the ultimate story. Instead... more>> the story is mostly focused on FL's love for the ML and her conflicting emotions about hiding her true identity from him and knowing he's in love with someone else.

I mostly like the FL, who is calm and usually intelligent; however, she has to put up with a lot of crap because of her love for the ML. Honestly I think the ML is an unappreciative jerk who doesn't deserve the FL. She sacrifices for him over and over, while he obsesses over his first love. There is a happy ending, but FL goes through a lot of emotional torture (and sometimes physical torture) to get there.

The story is very slow-burn, which might be why it has a low rating, but IMO it's a solid novel and definitely worth a read. However, if you're looking for the usual rebirth&revenge story, this isn't it. <<less
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