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Life is mysterious. Even when the difference is as vast as that between the sky and the earth, a relationship can be formed and a love can come into existence.

University teacher x Hairdresser

Zheng Siqi x Qiao Fengtian

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Mirabilis Jalapa
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New comixmcj rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c20 part3
This story is both bleak and sweet. Normally I wouldn't read this sort of story but I am glad I did. The translation is so good, really top notch and the story grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I can't wait to read the rest. Translator-san thank you so much for your hard work! Highly recommended
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UsaYuki rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
As another reviewer has written, I want what Zheng SiQi and Qiao Fengtian have. I have never been in love, but I hope that the love that I will experience, can be as strong as theirs. It’s really heartwarming. I love their little warm moments, their conversations, just... seeing them happy makes me happy ヽ (;▽;) ノ


... more>>

MC and ML meet while MC is chasing down a guy on University campus, to beat him up (it’s really reasonable, if I could, I’d do so as well.) Since ML was a University teacher, and saw this, he had to intervene. Afterwards, he drove to the hospital to visit the patient who was there bc of that guy. On the way, they had quite a deep talk ayeee (Before getting to know each other, when they meet, MC often asks questions... that you have to think quite deep about. Teacher Zheng... well I don’t know if his answers are right or wrong, but I agree to them, and the answer he gives, is just the right answer that MC needs.
MC, though strong, thick skinned and confident on the outside, also really... I think he looks down upon himself a lot. When he was 16, things happened, and he was “out of the closet” “forcefully” (so, he didn’t tell anyone, but was discovered by others) since MC lives in a small village, with ppl that despise others different from the norm, they’ve been raining down curses left and right, and really... cut MCs young and vulnerable heart deeply. Even his own mother has hit him, and cursed at him... aye I won’t talk too much about it, but really, it’s sad to think about.

So, Major Events in the novel

  • First, MC and ML meet and get to know each other, through coincidences ^^ also, MC gets to know MLs daughter~
  • MCs brother and nephew move to the city, where MC is, so that MCs nephew can go to primary school there (They don’t live with MC, have their own house). MCs brother works, so asks MC to pick up his nephew to eat lunch together. The nephew has a Deskmate with whom he shares the snacks, that MC made. Later, MC saw that the deskmate is MLs daughter, things happen and he takes her with him, and they’ve been eating lunch together. ML finds out, finds his daughter, they talk it out, and MC get to know each other more once again (closer) :)
  • Another major event. MCs brother has a heavy traffic accident, is hospitalized, and MCs bears all the burden... very heavy, especially since everything costs so so much. Ge had to sell his home for treatement, his mother also found out somehow (he didn’t tell them, since he didn’t want his old parents to worry). She came, they quarrel, etc etc.
  • An incident with his mother, that stuck in my mind, was that, after coming home, he found out that his room was cleaned. He looked into the drawer, and found that his stuff (lotion, “toys”) were gone. He asked her and she... well it was another cursing ah... it really hurt to read. And what MC thought... hurt even more. He thought, why, the “lustful and shameful things he did” (according to them) we’re only in his own room, within his own four walls. Why couldn’t he even be free in his own home (I can’t remember completely, and it was mtl, so I’m not 100% sure, but that’s how I understood it) and... he squatted outside, searching the tr*sh... It really hurt ah... and, yeah, why can’t he even do what he wants, in his own room. He didn’t let anyone know, he didn’t disturb anyone, why can’t he be free there...
  • Ok, so with ups and downs, they move MCs brother back to the village, and MCs mother will take care of him. She want to take the nephew back too (so that he’s not a burden for MC) but MC doesn’t want to agree, but also can’t say anything against her... long story short, ML helps with moving MCs brother back, and when MCs was gone, had a talk with MCs mother. She didn’t say anything afterwards, but basically reluctantly agreed to let the nephew go to school.
  • another major thing... ML CONFESSES! Bc of MCs insecurities etc. he runs away (ML understands) but does agree quite fast. I forgot what happened, but ML asks to live together, until MCs moves into the new house.
  • Another big hurdle was probably MLs family. He told his sister, who gave him a big slap. Later on, she didn’t agree, but also didn’t do anything to oppose. I guess, just accepts reluctantly. MLs father... well it was said that he found out later in the extras. He was... calmer than the sister :)

Yeah, many things happen, they have their ups and downs, so many things happened to MCs and he really didn’t deserve all that (nobody does) but, their love persevered and that’s great.

Little things that were stuck in my mind

  • MCs nephew once said: “Who Uncle likes, is none of our business” and yeah. Who someone likes, is really none of my business, nothing that anyone can judge or give comments to. It’s their business.
  • Quote from MLs letter to MC (no worries, nothing happened, he just wrote a letter haha)
    But if there is only one time, only you and me, no one is there, no one will criticize the rationality of our being together, no one will stand up to accuse you and me, what do you want to do when there is such a day? I want to brazenly hug you in the sun. Hold hands firmly, go to the mall, go to the cinema, go to the supermarket, go to the park, go to school.》 (mtl)

And I... it made me think, and feel... so emotional. The wishes that he had, to hug openly, and all that? It’s like we’re taking it for granted, that everyone can do so, but it’s just not true (you can, but then there will be judging eyes, ppl talking behind your back etc). It’s like, you can’t hug, hold hands (romantically or maybe as friends) in public, without other ppl having wild thoughts, judging what they see and all that. It’s sad, when thinking about it. Something so ordinary as giving a hug, can also be a lifelong dream, that others can only wish for. It’s saddening but also often reality.
Beim alive is already hard as it is, why make life difficult for others and yourself. I hope there will be a day, when everyone can accept others as they are, their hobbies and their preferences, the people and things they love (within moral boundaries) Live and let others live. I hope everyone can have a happy life


I really, really, realllyyyy liked the way the author wrote! There are so many moments, in this novel, that really overwhelmed me, emotionally ah...

I really liked

how the author ended the main part of the novel. It was a letter written by ML to MC and... just think about it made me tear up. I admire their love, their strength, and hope they will forever and ever be happy together.
Another thing, was that the extras ended with MLs daughter winning an award in a „composition competition“, in which she wrote: „I am the most fortunate. It's me who has two dads I love the most. Bit by bit, bit by bit, very happy.“ (mtl, part of it) and yeah, I teared up again.


And the translator did (and does) such an amazing job ahhh thank you for picking this up and translating this! It’s amazingggg <3 <<less
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Yukaa rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: --
Heartwarming, Pure Love, Innocent Love, Beautiful Relationship !! All moments of life is here 💟
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achatea rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: c8
I want what ZSQ and QFT have!!! Such a lovely cp and the story is just so heartwarming and with a good pinch of angst to get your feels going. You can't help but root for QFT and also protect him.

The translator is doing such a good job and I'm eagerly waiting for the new updates (even though I've already mtl-ed the whole thing myself lol)
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