Exclusive Rights to an Online Voice Actor


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To Producers, the two of them couldn’t be more drastically different voice actors.

One of them had an easy-going personality, was eloquent with his way of words and hard to pin down.
While the other was aloof, hiding in the safety of the tall walls he built and was difficult to read.

In a clash of voices, the real interaction between them had only just begun.

“Can I… have the exclusive rights to you?”

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25 Reviews

New Iahsha
Sep 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I have been in a reading slump recently until I found this novel. It hit all the right spots. The characters are so well fleshed out and the plot was very engaging. The translation was also done very well. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a nice healing novel with characters you will fall in love with.
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New shuulys
Sep 23, 2023
Status: Completed
I have never read a novel about voice acting before so it's really fresh and interesting. This novel makes you smile, laugh, cry, and feel heart broken for the characters. For me, this novel is not a strong dose of sugar but a soothing warm cup of tea. Like there is more healing and finding one' true self than just pure fluff so it felt very meaningful to me.

It's a slice of life type of novel so it may be slightly draggy at some parts but the plot is worth... more>> it! I skipped some of the online comments part though...... like I read some of them and skimmed through the rest especially when the author have multiple short paragraphs of multiple online comments :>

I particularly like the MC, Qi Jing because of his character. Especially the way he 'blossomed' after letting go of his past and really looking towards his future with the ML, Shen Yan. I also want to give the ML a bigbig hug because no child deserved to be treated like that by their parents, especially the actions of his mother. To be honest, I don't know how he could forgive his mother because if it was me, I would not be able to forgive that lady for what she caused me to go through. It's jail for her!!! Ok jokes aside, I do know that she has some psychological issues but stillll.... it does not mean that you can treat the ML like that 🥹 he was just so small and all he could rely on was his mom. And yet it was the mom that caused him to go through his horrible past. <<less
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May 07, 2020
Status: Completed
A cute and light, slice-of-life story that involves the 2D world of Voice Acting/Dubbing. MC is a news reporter with a hectic schedule that causes irregular sleep and diet habits. The story is about the journey and progress the MC and ML make in their attitude towards Voice Acting and how it applies to their lives.

Both MC and ML have been hurt in the past by different circumstances, they learn to confront and overcome these with the support and help of the other.

[spoiler: about ML] ML is a Vet that... more>> MC meets in real life through an interview. He has a selective speech disorder as a child, and has improved since he became an adult, but had relapsed a few years before meeting MC.

The overall pacing is slow, and a lot of the author's focus is on the comments of the fans, side characters, etc. Enjoyable read to see a quick pairing between the two (doesn't drag) and a faithful/loyal pairing without a 3rd party.


One enjoyable surprise is the fact that our couple isn't stereotypical and just stick to their top and bottom characterization. There is actually a scene in which the two swaps positions and the top actually ends up doing the receiving. Which I find pretty rare in this genre.


The longest antagonist of this story is persistent but fades/resolved by the end. Overall an enjoyable read, but definitely not something If you are looking for a lot of excitement. The most exciting/face slapping occurs in the middle/end where the MC confronts the antagonist in a voice acting audition competition. <<less
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May 06, 2020
Status: c38
Tl;dr: Novel great, I love them both. Not much voice acting focus atm, that's a good thing imo. 4 star placeholder rating, will be higher if novel's quality persists.

I only just started this, currently on chapter 38, but I wanted to write a few things just in case it might get people interested in it. Sorry for rambling in advance... and sorry for my poor writing skills.

Personally, as of right now, I really like this novel. I don't know what rating I'll give it at the end, as I cannot... more>> predict the future, but if it continues in quality it'll probably be 4.5 or higher. Right now the only thing I don't like about the novel is the description, but that's only because I think it's not entirely accurate...
Also, whilst there is online voice acting, and the drama that it entails, at the moment it doesn't seem to be the focus of the novel, and I think that's a good thing.

Going off the description above...
"One of them had an easy-going personality, was eloquent with his way of words and hard to pin down."
This applies to the MC. (Shou)

"While the other was aloof, hiding in the safety of the tall walls he built and was difficult to read."
This applies to the ML. (Gong)

Whilst it describes the ML as someone hiding in the safety of tall walls, this also applies to the MC; the easy-going personality descriptor might belie this. Both characters are damaged in different ways, and I think they act in an appropriate, and realistic** manner as of chapter 38. (I'll spoiler-tag their problems just in case)
**I technically can't really judge if the ML acts in a realistic way, as I am unfamiliar with what troubles him. In my untrained, non-medical opinion though, it is currently quite realistic. I DO think the MC's behavior is realistic as I can similarly relate, others may disagree.
The "hard to pin down" attribute of the MC not only applies to his difficulty in having a regular output of CV material due to his work, but also to his aversion to getting close to people. (At least I think so...)
The ML isn't aloof, he's kind and sensitive. He is, however, seemingly aloof. There's a difference!


The MC, in my opinion, sorely lacks love. Seemingly disowned by his family, and the novel hinting at a troubled romantic past, he doesn't like to get close to anyone. It seems like he was close to accepting that he'd be alone for the rest of his life, and I think that quite sad. He also has to hide that he's gay from basically everyone, as he works as a news reporter, and considering the novel's setting, his orientation wouldn't go over well with the public. Only a small group of online friends know.
The ML is seemingly aloof solely because he was abused as a child, often told not to talk or make a sound by his mother. It's not entirely clear as to why she's trying to hide him, I assume from the father/father's family, and maybe it might even spring from good intentions for the child at first, but it definitely crosses into abuse territory quickly. He eventually develops selective mutism, and whilst he has overcome this as an adult, his past still troubles him.
I presume everything involving both of them is revealed in future chapters.

ANYWAY sorry for rambling.
This novel, currently, isn't so much about voice acting, but the couple overcoming their weaknesses and healing together... and I want to hug them both, as they both currently need the love.
I think it's great. <<less
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Jun 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The reviewers said it but this story is definitely worth reading! This is a beautiful and emotional tale of two lonely, insecure, yet pure souls coming together to heal their wounded hearts.

Both leads are well-fleshed out and their reactions and thoughts feel authentic given their personalities and histories. This story reminds me a lot of Tattoo (another fantastic BL read) in that both leads actually act like they are mature men in an adult relationship. There’s no unnecessary drama, jealousy, or otherwise s*upid behaviour because they actually communicate with each... more>> other and gradually learn to trust and support one another the way partners should.

I like the fact that both their jobs and their hobby as voice artists is woven into the story naturally because while I’m a sucker for romances I can’t stand stories that deal with nothing besides the characters’ all consuming love for one another cause that’s not realistic or interesting. But on that note, holy crap is the 2-D voice acting circle depicted in this story chaotic lol. I’ve read about voice acting in other stories before but wow this story takes that to another level. Some of the fans of artists and some of the artists themselves sound completely brainless. For instance, later on, some people try to create strife between the MC and another character by sending both of them edited screenshots of online conversations to make them think the other party hates them. I assumed stuff like that only happened in the actual entertainment industry, not in the amateur voice acting circle. That aside though everything else was lovely.

The MC is great because he’s a rational but compassionate guy and the ML is great because he’s so gentle and thoughtful. Once they decide to be together (about a fifth of the way into the story) they both try their best to make things work which I adore because I hate stories where only one side ever makes an effort. Their relationship is equal and they both become better people because of it. <<less
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Nov 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is suitable for the more mature BL lovers among us (excuse me for not wanting to say "advanced in age" as it makes me feel old). Both the main leads and most of the side characters are already working adults which makes them more relatable for me.

I really liked the plot as it was pretty realistic without being too mundane which makes a good slice of life novel imo. It is basically a story of healing and being healed. Two lonely people with emotional trauma found each other... more>> and became each other's safe space and port to return to.

The story made me laugh and made me cry so it was pretty engaging. There were also a lot of scenes that had me feeling all warm and fuzzy. And while there was no blatant sugar-filled fluff that you often get with novels targeted at a younger audience you do get a more subtle romance, one that is more warm and cozy comparable to drinking a hot chocolate while snuggled up in a blanket in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night.

With an engaging plot and a main cast that is full of green flags and with good character development it is only natural that I would definitely recommend reading this novel. <<less
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Jun 30, 2020
Status: --
If I were to describe this book, it would be like staying for a vacation in your family's cabin by the brook and its raining. Its a novel about two tired and hurt souls falling in love. Both of them deserve the world and I'm glad that they found each other.

Awesome read honestly. I am more of a slice-of-life type of gal so this is my cup of tea. This could really be a great afternoon drama, I can just see the potential!
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Alice in the garden
Alice in the
Nov 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I have never fallen in love with the idea of love as I have with this story, it made me laugh and cry and I can say even when I have hated a character it was not because of how they were written but their actions, this author is one I will forever keep track of and this story is one I will forever love. This is my first review so I will try to do more content when I edit this review if I ever do.
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Nov 08, 2021
Status: c11
I am so inlove with both leads. The best things in life truly isn't the extravagant ones. What the ML did is the most sweetest thing ever (Oh lawd pls bless me with someone like him). I'm on chapter 11 and its the most heartwarming thing I have ever read. I can't help but leave an early review.

Edit: I've read some reviews saying that its slow burn but I think its not that, not slow burn at all!! There is attraction emanating from both leads since their first meeting. Sometimes... more>> when something happens I think, " \ (°o°) / so quick!! Its only chapter xx!!" The novel's not completely fluffy, I've teared up a couple of times. The characters are fleshed out. <<less
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Nov 03, 2021
Status: Completed
Finished reading this novel quite some time ago and have always been impressed by the story.

Both MC and ML have their primary professions and are voice actors (?) in their spare time, which is great since the author seems to know their stuff really well.

It’s warm and uplifting with a tad bit of tension, but well worth the read.

Kudos to the translators! Will come back for a re-read once the story is completely translated.
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Jun 27, 2020
Status: Completed
this is a good book and I do recommend it as a light-read! Most of my review will be about flaws I felt were part of the novel;

when I first read the summary my first impression about assumptions of the plot were; the MC and ML were well known voice actors (or at least the ML was) who would be part of the same cast and achieve a budding romance from there.

honestly speaking I was expecting the ML to be a cold CEO-u know some rich guy, and the MC... more>> to be a fresh graduate on his way to becoming famous in the circle.... but oh was I wrong, SO WRONG!!!

over here the MC mad ML are was more grounded. they are both like any other white-colored worker in real life..... even the ML's education level was simply a college degree-im not complaining/belittling but saying it cuz usually you'd see that the ML's are always some kind of unattainable geniuses. A lot of things about the MC in the circle was how realistic he was in that his job in real life did not allow him to be active in the virtual world.... the family issues and the burden of their financial status was relatively realistic not to mention their appearances were not exaggerated or over the top. Their looks did not supposedly 'stand out'.

the situation of MC's ex-boyfriend was interesting, where he got married to a good wife and had a son. but its limited to this-they should not have put in that 'almost r*pe' situation. (dont get me wrong nothing happened but the guy had come to his workplace and due to MC being injured in his arm the ex managed to force him to follow him to his apartment nearby and wanted to have s*x with him. luckily MC managed to call the ML who came in time and rescued him)

one thing I dont understand is how the ML could forgive his mother for all the torture she put him thru both psychologically and physically and care for her so thoroughly and calmly. Yes she gave birth to him and suffered a lot bu the child never did anything wrong to suffer for her mistakes, when she had cancer IMHO he should have just paid for the treatment, get off some words off his chest and left. not how exceedingly caring he was and not to mention the MC.... if my bf mother abandoned him at abused him from a young age even if he is good to her I would have a very distant sense of politeness at the most, not as enthusiastic as the MC (no offence)

honestly as much as I liked the main couple how the fell in love with each other is just absurd.... how quick things were.... my god! like I love a quick romance but some things were zip zapped and zoooooooooooooom! a bi of it was very reasonable but... sigh anyways I loved the couple!

what I loved more was how this author did not give either of the the GONG/SHOU setting-it was just natural. MC proffered being bottom for the most but had times when he topped the ML. I like when they can switch it up.

about the whole voice acting circle.... honestly from the beginning of the novel I felt very detached from it, could be the translators fault or authors fault but with MC's attitude of he couldn't care less about what happens in the circle was infectious was never invested in it or felt deeply into the plot. although the story revolved around it I didn't feel so attached.


personaly I ddint enjoy MTL'ing it.... it was a bit confusing and chaotic.

thank you author and translator for your hard work ad thank u for reading this! <<less
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Sep 22, 2023
Status: Completed
➺ 4/5 🌟

trigger warnings: animal abuse, child abuse, h*mophobia

i know that this novel felt heavy based from the trigger warnings above, and it does sometimes, but I swear, this mostly has sweetness and wholesomeness that makes me grin from ear to ear, albeit having some bits of painful angst sprinkled in it. This is more of a healing novel and a pretty good one.

what I loved the most about this novel is the healthy relationship between qing ji and shen yan. No unnecessary miscommunication, misunderstanding and toxicity. They're both precious... more>> human being that needs to be protected at all cost! Two of the greenest flags i've ever read!! Both of them struggled from their own trauma and they find the comfort and healing that they needed with each other. Despite their own pain, they both have an incredible personality but still feel realistic. I loved how they handled their own 'ghosts from the past' and how they overcame it. Saying that they're perfect for each other is probably an understatement.

this also has some satisfying 'face-slapping' moments that I thoroughly enjoyed. I also loved the heartwarming friendship dynamic among the characters. Though it appeared almost halfway through the novel, but it's there and it's so good to see. The side characters have their own charm too and they added their own flavor to the story.

objectively, this novel is not perfect and it has its own flaws, but I actually really loved this from the bottom of my heart and I would highly recommend this to literally anyone despite the trigger warnings. <<less
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Jun 04, 2023
Status: c22
The vibe, the mood, the characters, and the plot are all on point, especially when handling emotional scenes, I can't help but go along with the emotions. I cried, and smiled with the character I empathize with.

The pacing and the settings, though, they just ruined it. It's like the climax you almost achieved, but it fell short.

    1. Chapter 17 The car crash accident is very abrupt, and it feels like it just happened to show the MC's bad relationship to his family. Like, are you f*cking serious? The car accident was so abrupt that when I saw the chapter, I want to make sure it's the right chapter I'm reading. I double checked it, I triple checked it, even quadruple checked it!!!
    2. And what's with the voice actor circle? If this is gonna be a minor thing, there shouldn't that much drama in it. It feels like the voice acting thing was the focused of the novel when it wasn't.
    3. The title was very misleading, the voice acting circle was too loud, and the first thing to introduce in the chapter 1 was the voice acting. Why didn't just the author make the voice acting the focused of the nocel instead of the real life trauma matters? The not handled well of shifting the perspectives make it looks like a two timing bastard.
It feels all very manipulated. The car accident = existed just to show his trauma to his family. The voice acting circle = existed for him to meet the ML there, and for him to fall in love with him. I'm really super sensitive right now so I'm quite irritated by how this was handled.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 11, 2022
Status: c1
Wow. I'm thoroughly shocked speechless at this quality.

When the author said that the genre is "healing", she definitely meant it 100%.

I'm so overwhelmed with joy knowing that this is getting the proper translation it deserves, and that I'm lucky enough to have read something so wonderful. I have not felt this about a story for a long, long time.

What needs to be said has been said by other reviewers. I can only add that this novel is the word home.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 19, 2020
Status: c19
I absolutely love this! I really am a sucker for slow burn and fluff, and this really hits the spot for me! The way it was written (and translated) is just so calming, and sort of melancholic at the same time.

I haven't gotten far yet, but I plan on reading MTL for this one! I'm curious as to how their relationship would bloom! Despite the tone being more serious than the dog blood novels (my guilty pleasure) I've been reading recently, I seriously enjoyed this! It had a touch of... more>> humor, and the interactions of the MC and ML are just toooo sweet! <<less
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Sep 15, 2020
Status: Completed
What a Great story! Really100x great! Even by MTL, this novel can still moved me!

It is a story of two broken people who filled the holes in their hearts with each other. They're each standing on cracked floor but they're able to standing upright by supporting each other.

I'm a voice-con and love to listen to audio drama so this story really intrigued me especially at the ML-competition part. It was sooo touching!! The ML is such an incomplete, broken but tragically beautiful person! And he is so caring & considerate... more>> towards the MC, relieving the MC anxiety and insecurity, helping him to overcome problems in life without the MC need to tell everything. He is sooo understanding! Plus I love to read the part of ML working as vet.

And I also want to say that all the confession parts between ML and MC in this story is so heart-touching and beautiful! <<less
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Jun 14, 2020
Status: c108
4 stars

This is a really long story and I really like it! There's a bit of hidden identity plot at the beginning that unravels quickly and it's a sweet slow burn-ish romance (but looking at the actual timeline, it's actually going pretty fast). The synopsis may pin the easy going person (MC) as outgoing and the aloof person (ML) as more cold but it isn't the case as ML is the one who is more active at the beginning. They both have issues to work through and it shows (I... more>> get a bit frustrated at certain points where just that little bit more communication would have helped but I understand that they might not have reached the stage to comfortably talk about such deep-seated issues yet).

There's a nice mix of real life and voice acting drama mixed into the story and the focus is very much on MC and ML.

MC's issue

is coming out to his family and subsequently leaving his family due to it. They aren't on good terms but there are hints that there may be a chance of some form of reconciliation. Also, in uni days he got together with a scum who eventually broke up with him and married. So he's reluctant to start any new romance. Hence ML being more active at the start.


ML's issue

selective mutism due to his mother forcing him to be quiet when he was young. He was born out of wedlock and his father didn't want to marry his mother. Suffered abuse from her. Eventually she remarried and his paternal grandfather took him in and raised him but he later passed on. He's a vet and I thoroughly enjoyed scenes of him and animals and his daily log of animals recovery.


I found the CV fandom a little irritating at times, especially those of the bigger stars and tend to gloss over them. Maybe it's because compared to entertainment novels, I actually listen to audio dramas IRL so I'm not sure how to feel about the novel portrayal of the fandom but I've never been in one before too.

However, the real reason why I removed the one star is because

the plot brought back ML's mother and ML somewhat forgave her? ML is taking care of her (she's sick with some brain stuff at the hospital) as of chapter *looks up* 108? I can't? Maybe I've read too many face slapping novels, too many revenge plot. Maybe I need to look into myself and grow up and learn to forgive but I just can't? She nearly killed him when he was young? She gave him all his trauma, nightmares, tells him how his father doesn't want him and how not to speak cos no one will listen to him. Sure, MC made him a better person so he can't find it himself to be angry anymore (he said so, MC is so proud of him). But I rather she didn't exist anymore then be back. My blood boils. I can't let go of MY anger. Even if they had a heart to heart talk later on, it won't erase what she did. I just needed to rant this. As I continue this book, I'm just going to skip any part with her in it. So I guess what this book lacks is any face slapping.


But otherwise I really do enjoy this story and the best part of it, at it's core is MC and ML's relationship. Just need to keep in mind to consume it really slowly. <<less
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Jun 10, 2020
Status: Completed
The pacing of this novel was great. The romance was great. The online voice actor content was great (and felt very authentic!!!). The plot was great. The character interactions, the character development (!!!!!!!), the characters themselves... what else can I say but "it was great." I really am just speechless because this novel had it all! It had the netizens' reactions, spicy (but not overdone) drama, believable obstacles and battles for our voice actors... I don't know what else to say.

I think SeiraJLoyard's review really captures it all but I... more>> just wanted to say I'm grateful for giving this a try and I'm also a little upset, since how am I supposed to find another novel about voice acting that delivers this much quality content?? The voice acting sections were just so well done this novel could be adapted to a manga about voice acting and shine outstandingly. I have three finals tomorrow but haven't studied at all because I spent an entire day reading the MTL... why does this always happen........ it was worth it though ^_^ <<less
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Sep 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Gonna be a long rant review, lol.

A very warm, sweet, poetic novel that’s like snuggling under warm covers on a cold day. It’s not sensationalised to be exciting or especially heart tingling to read. It’s the kind of novel I wouldn’t choose to read but since I got into it I couldn’t really bear to put down.

It’s not satisfying, there’s no OP face slapping and there’s a lot of frustration with MC’s immaturity and lack of ability to stand up for himself or fight back.

... more>>

When he said he would retire, I was shocked like seriously? What for? Are you a child, just giving up something just because of this?


It’s so reminiscent of real life such that it doesn’t provide me with the escape I want with fictional novels. It’s a slow, steady sort of growth and hard work that the two leads finally get their healing and finally get the ending they deserve.


Like on one hand, it’s very sweet and all, but really from the first few chapters I already wanted them to change out the leads in the Trap recording and redo the whole thing. Was just waiting for it to happen. Took too damn long.


Another thing I struggled with was the importance placed on the ‘2D community’. Like I didn’t get why MC didn’t just fk it and leave that production if he were so unhappy. Why must he let people roll all over him and get upset to this extent and not do anything about it. I really questioned it for a while—like he’s not getting paid for this right? Just smile and let it pass?? Retire?? Putting MC’s ‘gentlemanly’ (?) actions aside, it’s just a 2D world. I get that with his background he is vulnerable, has only one IRL junior friend; it’s a community he visits in his minimal spare time. It’s not like he had the intention to grow big in the community and even had the reputation of playing dead so just heck it and do what you want, boy. I felt like he was too obsessed with what people thought of him (always fixated on the comments), and really needed to grow out of that.

That being said, it’s my personal preference for more mature MCs—in this case, MC has not been able to process his pain with his past and has just covered up all his pain in occupying his time with work and busyness; not matured yet, matured a little through the process of this novel, but not enough yet for me.

ML is tough—I don’t think I can go through what he did and still be as gentle or optimistic to life. He’s a real solid character and I liked him a lot. Steady, caring, intelligent, conscientious. I feel like his characterisation was richer and had great flow & progress.


Although I don’t feel reconciled with the turn with his mother, don’t feel like she deserved such a quick forgiveness. She tried to murder him, for goodness sake. Even if diagnosed with some mental illness, it still isn’t right. His cousin’s actions were another bomb that kind of got suitably explained, but still...


With that said, MC was a good character in terms of being the sunshine/the one to be the stimulus for ML to become who he was by the end of the novel. Of which I am grateful for.

Oddly enough, I did not enjoy the smut/intimacy scenes between the two leads as I normally do. Looking back, maybe it just didn’t feel like a natural fit for me, like the chemistry just wasn’t vibing for me? So I didn’t get engaged during the touchy feely parts which was sad for me.

Special mention to most annoying character: MC’s junior. The noisiest, unhelpful girl that I felt like hitting so many times—and I know I’m not supposed to. Yes, she ‘cares’ for MC but get some chill. Be the adult you are. This is why MC has not grown up, the only friend he keeps IRL. Thankfully, the multitude of other side characters were really good especially in the competition arc. Especially liked the teachers.

Would likely not re-read this, wish there were a lot more face-slapping but, like real life sometimes you’re just unlucky and need to trudge through some shit. Would be interested to check out the author’s other works though. <<less
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Sep 11, 2023
Status: --
This is not a a love story but a story after love... honestly I don’t really read this kind of novel but this one! I read till the end. This book was like a warm cocoon which makes you will feel comfortable all over.

The only complain is that is 2 happy go lucky thing going on for ex Shen Yan mother did so many bad thing but he still has hope that really made me angry meaning the forgiveness was so easy to come
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Sep 03, 2023
Status: Completed
The summary really does not do this novel justice. At its core, this is a story about healing through each other and facing yourself and the scars you've hidden away. The author is exceptionally good at drawing out the characters' emotions. (Props to the translators too!) They felt very real in that aspect.

I appreciated how the gong and shou dynamics were a bit ambiguous, or otherwise not there at all. Of course, it was kind of present with the MC acting in a BL drama/CD, but I think that part... more>> simply just mirrors real life. I, myself, have participated in these kinds of "fujoshi" spaces, and the author's rendition of the fans wasn't too far off.

The pacing is done spectacularly. I never felt as if the story was forcing it, rushing it, or that it was too slow. I was so immersed in the story that I did not care for that, I just wanted to keep reading more and more. I really liked the author's views on life that they expressed through their characters. I cried at times. I laughed (a lot). And I smiled, too.

This novel is truly an unforgettable experience. It's relatable and has such an attractive storyline.

(Well, I'm deducting point off the painful first time where they were legitimately not prepared at all??? Like Shen Yan obviously cared for Qi Jing, but he didn't bother to research gay s*x so that it wouldn't hurt so much for Qi Jing???? I'm so salty about it. It's a trope that I very much dislike. Plus, there are some parts that read like an exaggerated dog blooded novel, but it's tolerable).


But besides that, I did like the voice acting descriptions and the room the author put for character growth. They're not perfect. Even the MC still has a lot to learn, but that does not subtract from the beauty and utter sweetness of this story. So wonderfully written.

Update: So I finished the novel, and I really loved it! It's all kind of idealistic, but I feel as though novel don't necessarily have to be "realistic" all the time. Just face slap those antagonists, dude. I did end up liking the drama and how it was resolved in a way. I loved how it was a HE, and I think I'll carry Qi Jing and Shen Yan's story with me for a long time. This is one of the few novels I've read that center about voice acting, so if that strikes your fancy, this novel will definitely be up your alley. Kudos to the author and translators, who did such an excellent job. 10/10 <<less
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Dec 03, 2022
Status: c65
I don't know why I was reluctant to open this novel after reading the blurb; maybe I thought it might be one of those opposite-attracts fluff pieces. But it's not. As the CG's translator noted, "it's a healing novel at its core." So far, really well written.
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