Favoured Imperial Concubine Goes on Strike Every Day


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Consort Yi, who was breathtakingly beautiful and the most doted on in the imperial harem, had a nightmare about the future.

The crown prince was deposed. The fourth prince ascended the throne. Her sworn enemy, Consort De, became the empress dowager. Her son, the fifth prince, was not allowed to have an important position. The ninth prince died while he was imprisoned. The eleventh prince died of an illness during infancy. Although Kangxi spoiled her with sweet words of love, he took in many women in his later years and cast her aside.

Kangxi urged the new emperor that if Consort Yi was domineering and disrespectful after he passed away, then the new emperor did not need to take his feelings into consideration.

In the end, she died in desolation.

After awaking from her dream –

Consort Yi: We are not going to bother.

Whoever wants to be the favoured consort can go ahead and be the favoured consort!

The emperor didn’t say anything, but knew deep down that out of all those in the imperial harem, only Consort Yi had his heart.

She was beautiful, considerate, thoughtful, and knew how to handle various situations. Once in a while, she had a bit of a temper.

But suddenly, one day, Consort Yi went on strike. In order to refuse his favour, she did everything she possibly could.

Yun Xiu: I am jealous and malicious…

Kangxi: ???

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Favoured Consort Goes on Strike Every Day
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Loislalion rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: --
I'm reviewing this because I almost passed on this series due to Majin's silly review. The characters do not have their names listed in "15 different ways" but are introduced with their titles and then actual names (i.e. Consort Yi, Mrs. Guo Luoluo). This is only done while introducing them and at some sporadic parts afterwards but for the most part, the characters are addressed as Consort X, Consort Y, Noble Consort Z.

The translator does a serviceable job of translating the series. If you get filtered because you can't keep... more>> track of names during the first two chapters, then thats on you. Readers aren't drip fed characters slowly, true, but you can get the know all the cast along the novel.

Thank you Jalyss for translating this series! Jiayo! <<less
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o LaLa o
o LaLa o rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: c26
Can't find mtl anywhere so I can only comment on the translated chapters.

The story seems to focus more on the power struggle within the harem than on the romance.
As a result the majority of the text is about the schemes of the different concubines and consorts, who are all surprisingly well characterized.
The ML is a similarly realistic character. He is an emperor in ancient times, with tons of concubines and children with women other than the MC. His attitude is entitled as hell and the relationship with... more>> MC can best be discribed as 'bestowing more favor' upon her than others because it's so unequal.

I personally find this a very interesting setting because it goes more for realism than fluff (unlike most other novel of the ancient harem genre).
The translator also does a great job. Thanks for that. 🙏🏻 <<less
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Majin rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: c2
Couldn’t get past chapter 2. Each chapter is just people’s names being listed 15 different ways with nothing happening. Sure something happens at some point but it’s too difficult to get there.

Not sure if this is mtl or if the translator is simply not a native English speaker, but the sentence structure is just plain bad.
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