Favored By The Villain


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Levisia, the 15th daughter of Kraiden, saw memories of her previous life for the two weeks she was unconscious. Discovering her world was from a book, she was overcome with shock. Her fate was to die in the fight between Kraiden’s successors, and so, not wanting to be caught in her demise, she decided to leave the palace in secret.

But the successors, who would bring blood in the country, began to take interest in her. And it wasn’t the end of the ordeal… Levisia entered her servant’s room and discovered a familiar wig.

Dark red hair and golden eyes? Oh my god! He was the one who would wipe out the empire in the future!

Can Levisia quietly get out of the palace?

Associated Names
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Favored By The Munchkins
I am Favored by The Munchkins
먼치킨들의 총애를 받고 있습니다
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chihamin rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c57
Pretty solid. The translation only tended to confused me very little and its a pretty nice style of writing. EDIT: Though, there were a lot of instances where there were pronoun mistakes and I found myself wondering who was talking.

As for the story, the tags don't seem to tell you but this is pretty much a harem with a clear male lead. I personally don't mind harems if every member in them is likable (which they are imo) but I know a lot of people tend to feel iffy about... more>> that.

If anyone out there suffers from second-hand embarrassment as much as me, you're in luck! Fortunately, (and thank god) the novel doesn't really have any scenes where you find yourself cringing because the main character embarrassed themselves.
AND THIS, this is coming from someone who will pretty much instantly drop a series if a character did something even slightly embarrassing that would definitely be redeemable if I had just tried to read more.

This next part is just down to preference, but I really like the male leads personality and development. Lots of people dislike slow development but I find it really enchanting cause you get to watch your character grow and mature —and its not even that slow!! It's like the perfect pace, atleast for me.

One of the critiques I have is that it should be more descriptive about its characters, give me more info like, whats their age? What's their appearance like? Stuff like these.
These questions might have already been answered but if you dont bring it up multiple times in the story, I'm simply bound to forget.


i still dont know if siaphyl is just childish but still the same age if not just a tad bit younger than the rest of the group, or if he is quite literally like 11 years old or something of the sort.


this is my first time writing a review so hopefully I didn't butcher the spoiler feature, its not too big a deal even if I messed it up, though.

EDIT apr 7 2021 : I just got to a bit of fluff and oh my god this is the first novel that had made my heart flutter — even for just a moment — in a long time. I didn't feel the need to mention it before but I'm the type of person who reads romances despite never feeling anything that one would usually read romances for. (This is because I want my heart to flutter but lots of times most romances fail to deliver, but I keep searching just because im desperate lmao). definitely gonna keep reading this for now :) <<less
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Ssen rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c57
I am currently at 57, and things are going well. I like the interaction with Levi and Pel. Chapter 57 will definitely melt your heart. There are still a lot of mysteries needs to be solve, its kind of slow paced but it will not gonna bore you. It is worth the time.
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ChaiTiger rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c57
Its interesting on how this story will became, the FL is trying to avoid being notice but failed to do otherwise. The ML tho, im a bit curious on what he feel about the FL, cuz hes so low key and is good on hiding what his feeling. I thought his using FL as scapegoat to hide his presence but now... idk, ill just wait on update.
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