Father, I Won’t Do Anything


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[Just as your birth brings me no emotion,
Your death will also hold no meaning to me.]

Reincarnated as Jaina, a tragic supporting character born as a half-human, half-dragon hybrid who is neglected and meets a miserable end.
She is branded as an abomination and abandoned in a Magic Tower by the dragon tribe.

And there, she meets her father for the first time, Diamid, the Lord of the Magic Tower.
As described in the original work, he seems to feel not an ounce of intimacy towards his daughter, merely looking at her with a cold gaze.

“You claim to be my daughter?”

Jaina trembled at the measuring gaze that drew close.

“Blue eyes… But that’s not proof that you’re my daughter.
You could have brought me a child you had with another human.”

And so Diamid leaves her and departs.
Jaina, left to reside in a shabby storage room in the Magic Tower, rather than making futile efforts to gain the favor of her father, the Tower Lord, decides to indulge in small luxuries she never experienced in her past life until her death…

“You don’t have to think of me as your daughter. I also won’t call you father, Tower Lord.”
“Tower Lord?”

But, the father who should be indifferent slowly starts to show signs of obsession?

Father, can’t you just leave me be?

Associated Names
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아빠, 저는 아무것도 하지 않을게요
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Loosergirl rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c20
There was a mass release so I decided to read this. I'm glad I did. It feels like a darker version of those father-daughter stories that have become so popular.

What makes it darker? It's all in the characterization. The would-be doting father is not just an emotional iceberg for a couple of paragraphs but still hasn't melted by the chaper I'm at (chapter 20). You have to hold on and don't get too frustrated when the main character doesn't get her fluff-ever-after with him right away. This father-daughter relationship made... more>> me want to cry.

The twisted brother/cousin character and the lunch lady, on the other hand, do soften up to the main character. The brother/cousin acts all cute and tsundere. Just don't expect either of them to turn into goody-two-shoes just like that.

The main character herself is a reincarnated abuse victim. You can feel her detachment and hopelessness. She acts mature beyond her age, but shows her childlike side when some people begin to care for her. Bonus points because she is half dragon.

Five stars, definitely worth a read. But bring tissues.

Edit: Some of the chapter links on Novel Updates are broken (perhaps due to dates in the url). If you're having trouble accessing a certain chapter, try the chapter 1 link and click around on the translator's site to get where you want. The chapters are still there. <<less
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monstah_cookii rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: c40
I honestly am hoping for this angst. Though I love the MC a lot, she deserves a better father, and I honestly hope the author can give a justifiable pain towards the father. I want him down on his knees begging for forgiveness, he deserves so much pain. I want him to suffer, make him suffer, author-san. I'm here for it.
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SuMaCR rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: --
I really loved how the MC doesn't try to persuade her cold father in order to live.

She accepted that she would die when she became 17 years old, and try to have just a little welfare.
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Crantz rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c59
this series was a very good read, can't wait for the next chapter :D

it's about the FL who has no hope in her new world, too abused to even think she can live a decent life. She never had expectations of her father loving her back cuz she read the novel, but she hoped that before her death that she could at least live a life with a lil bit of luxury (well compared to how she was faring from her previous life and this).

What I like about this is... more>> that both the FL and her dad ddn't immediately have a very good relationship. Because in most stories the Dad is just "HAh, I have no child" then after the FL acts different from other ppl he's like"MY DAUGHTER <3". No, in this series the dad really holds on to the belief that FL isn't his daughter (to the point it was suupeer frustrating), but little by little he is met with facts that he can't just consider as coincidences. Slowly but surely, in his heart, he starts to acknowledge that truth but still doesn't know how to deal with it. But because he is aware that the FL doesn't quite like him, he awkwardly shows his affection through actions though the FL misunderstands.

The FL in this series carries a lot of traumas, thus never really caring much about anything yet being cautious of her actions. She tries to take on everything by herself cuz she has no one to rely on, and probably doesn't even know how to do that. She is smart, yet ignorant when it comes to emotions or just love, but she is also kind. Thankfully, her older cousin Michel (i disliked him at the beginning, and slightly dislike him now. Not really a fan of tsundere, tho he has good moments) and the Chef lady (I forgot her name lol), and a bunch of others showed her love, which she never considered she would experience. It may be long, but she did soften up and relax more, but not to the point where she has forgotten every painful experience she had and the unfortunate things that she expects to happen (death by her dad's hands). So tho her dad may be acting more affectionately now, she still can't quite get that, at least she isn't as scared of the dad as before.

Though I know it takes a long time for the FL and her dad to reach a barely ok relationship, but I think that's what makes this great. The dad can just magically expel his negative thoughts about the FL's mother (tho he did magically remove his ability to feel), and the FL (who has gone through abuse, and is certain that she will die) cant just love her father immediately. With the help of others and time, they learn to adjust adn hopefully become a father-daughter duo that can go through anything.

This story mainly focuses on how a broken person heals, and how broken relationships are mended. There are some hints of romance, but I'm not really that excited about it, mainly cuz it feels like a subplot. So if your want to read establishing familial love through a step-by-step process (not rushing it), and a person coming to know love and happiness this might be for you. <<less
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Venus9x10 rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: c40
This story is amazing!!! I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, the translator dropped it. I wish somebody would pick this up already.
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Rizen Lizz
Rizen Lizz rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: c40
This story was good. The child was so melancolic & gloomy. But, there was some scene where the character interaction was warm and not forceful. Slowly but surely, people around the child become love her at their way. How they show their love was not forceful, not out of character, and because of that all the relationship & the story was warm bittersweet.

And yeah.... This tragedy was occur because... more>>

the child's mother who lying the her father. The father was cruel & bad, but it not fully his fault. But the father fault was he not recognize the his child, talk bad thing, and want to make the child despair long time (because dragon live long life more than human). He was bad and even make the child die in the future (if the follow the storyline). The father fault was hate the child who was innocent.

At my opinion, this tragedy surely occur because the mother not bring honest with the father & even make her child suffer. The mother should think when she bring cursed & dying, she shouldn't make the father feels betrayed, even not tell she gas child with him. She should think with wh and where also how her child will grow & living.


I not quite like the prince, he Somehow rebellious. I wish he not the ML. But I love how Michail & the woman at the eating place (I forget her name because long).

They was the first person who love the child. Expecially Michail, he become bad because he lost his family & cant not have familial love until the child come & call him brother.

That was warm & bittersweet. I love this story. I wish there more chapter Will be translated. <<less
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Junkraccoon rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: c40
the MC doesnt beg love or feel something other than indifference at her dad, I really like it cuz his dad was pretty sh*t in the begging

I like found family tropes and this is it, the fact that her mother side of the famile treated her like that, her dad, no wonder she is a bit dense (or dosent want it) to the afection demostrarte by the others characters but it is slowly building to that point (love a good slowburn)

The passing feels rigth with the event that happends,... more>> no rush in there

I really hope another team can take this novel <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
darlene_16 rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c40
I really loved this one, its different from your normal daddy daughter MCs who are ultimately going to die but choose to try to persuade their “cold” fathers in order to live. The MC, even with the insight of her tragic future as an abandoned daughter, already has given up on trying to change her fate. Instead, she aims to live quietly until her timed death (sadly) and doesn’t wish for her father’s affection. Its a nice change, and don’t worry we still have doting side characters too. You get... more>> too see her become more lively as the story progresses and form relationships with other people. At times she can be a little sarcastic or just ignore others all completely while also smiling brightly time to time on her own accord, instead of faking a happy go lucky sunshine personality like other mcs. She’s honest. Which is way more captivating and intriguing. This novel is really a fresh breathe of air. I hope the translators keep up the good work. <<less
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icecream0223 rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c62
One of the best novels I've read lately!

This one's more slow-paced and focuses more on growth and character development. Which I personally like. I know most rofan readers like fast development and stuff but this story is still a pretty good read despite the slow pace.

I also like how realistic it is in regards to the relationship between thr FL and her father. It will take a while for the both of them to warm up to each other, especially after being indifferent for years, but that's what makes me... more>> like this novel more.

The father will soon realize that he's a piece of sh*t for the way he treated her and regret it but by then Jayna feels totally indifferent to him as a father and considers him like a landlord lol. Serves him right hmp.


I really like how the FL isn't "Even though you hate me, you're my dad and you have no choice but to fall for my cuteness uwu!" but is instead "Even though you're my father, you seem to hate me so there's no reason for me to like you and treat you like a father, right?" Not that there's anything wrong with the first one, it's just that most korean rofan with kid MCs that I've read are like that and while that's okay, I personally vibe with the latter one more (speaking from experience lol).

Also, although it wasn't explicitly mentioned, the FL is someone who has trauma related to family. I think some people might not like how she comes off as a person who doesn't care whether she dies or not and doesn't care about her other people in general (especially in the earlier chapters) but if you consider her backstory then it's a normal response. It's not like she has no backbone either. She knows how to stand up for herself when she wants to. (It's just, , she sometimes just doesn't care if other people try to insult her... Which I personally like about her actually. Haha.)

The whole novel (I think) will focus more on relationships and bonds between family & friends for the most part. As well as growth and how one's environment can influence their growth too. Plus how the characters deal with their traumatic experiences (sometimes, people don't deal with their trauma in a healthy way and we see that here). It's not an action/adventure kind of story though I think there will be some action sprinkled here and there. It's a slow development story too.

Overall, I think it's pretty well-written. The characters' thoughts and emotions can be clearly read. The world building is slightly lacking but then again the FL lives in a tower so it can't be helped that's what we'll mostly read about. <<less
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Trulycloudy rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: c67
I love the FL, she doesn't crave for affection from a neglectful father. Instead she focuses on making herself happy. She meets nice people along the way. It's different from other novels where the daughter acts cute and gains affection.

FL also didn't plan to survive instead and decided to accept her fate of being killed by dragons in 7 years. She decides to enjoy simple things she didn't get to in her past life and this life, there's lots of fluff with her cousin and the alchemist they are so cute.

I read the available chapters twice because I love this novel so much. It's different from other father daughter novels I read and Im here for it!!
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aadawne17 rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c40
The story is quite interesting and refreshing. MC is like having trauma in human relationships because of her previous life which was always treated badly by the closest people who are also her family, and that also happened. In the current life after she reincarnated into the story. Because of that she limits herself to not expect the good of others to her.

... more>>

Here we have a yandere father and maybe a little tsundere in the future too. An older cousin (Michael) who originally wanted to use her as research material because of her bloodline but then became a doting brother, a young prince who became interested in her because she can change the attitude of his tr*sh cousin (Michael) to doting brother, and a "bodyguard" who is also a hybrid who was originally just a puppet boy picked up by her father but was attracted because of his kindness and what they have in common.


So far I think the story is quite exciting and not too angst. I don't know whether TL-nim will continue this project or not, but I hope it will continue as I think it's worth reading especially when relaxing during free time. <<less
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fury emvio
fury emvio rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: c67
I hope someone will continue with translation of this novel.

FL has a very sad past life and childhood in this one but luckily, Michael and Alchemist lady (can't remember her name to save my life), and also Izren and Yurika are there for her now.

She is not trying to escape her death but just want to enjoy little luxuries until then.

We don't see that much of the father even though his name is in the title. In my opinion, it is far too late for his redemption and I am... more>> happy to see FLs indifference towards him.

I can understand that he hates her mother (I still don't know exactly what she did), but to neglect the child for it is too much even for a person who sealed his emotions. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GabyPutri rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c33
I love this kind of story. My rage supressed well by reading this kind of book. Oh, and I love the novel The Villainess Wants to make baby first, revenge later. U can check it out. It's good.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Starlight97 rated it
August 11, 2023
Status: c67
This novel is amazing. It's slightly different from the existing father daughter relationship novel but it's superbly written.

I really like how the MC conduct herself. She is heartbroken from all the suffering she has endured in her past life so she is scared to trust anyone and doesn't want to rely on anyone. It's heartwarming to see her getting along with Michael and Hellvinazia. I really love the dynamic between Michael and MC. Michael acts more like a father (lol😉) and a good brother to her.

The story is beautifully written... more>> and the character development is amazing.

Definitely worth a try.. Hoping to complete it soon so please update it regularly. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise rated it
August 2, 2023
Status: Completed
I'll give this more stars if the system would allow me.

Many comments have pointed out how the relationship between Jayna and Diamide, aka the tower lord and aka her father, is not cute and fluffy and easily restored. It took almost the entire novel for them to be less than awkward. But it wasn't done in a frustrating way, oh no, the plot rolls and Jayna forms relations with other people (which aided her personal growth).

I'm a little sad the translators are no longer updating this, as I read this... more>> through MTL and I don't think MTL did the wonderful writing justice. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 25, 2022
Status: c39
I can see Suddenly Became a Princess One Day has influence on this novel. Though, I am not complaining cause I also like this story.

It's worth reading
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