The Baby Concubine Wants to Live Quietly


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I possessed a supporting character in a reverse harem novel.

As a young concubine who gained the interest of the emperor. The concubines and male lords eventually killed her for treason.

Fortunately, I possessed her just as she was entering the Imperial Palace. Everyone in the Imperial Palace was wary of me, but didn’t hate me yet. I don’t need nor want to be loved by the emperor.

“Come to my room tonight. I’ll read you a fairy tale!”

‘Woo, don’t cry. I’ll give you this.”

But why is everyone so soft towards me? I don’t understand.

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Tiểu thiếp chỉ muốn sống yên bình
아기 후궁님은 조용히 살고 싶어
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12 Reviews

Feb 18, 2021
Status: c16
This is hilarious.

I'm gonna break the rules I have for reviewing a work because I need to put in words what this is so that you will read it, yeah yeah, translation: 10, pacing: 10, tone: 10, plot points: 10, plot devices: 10, set ups: 10, and pay offs: 10 everything is great so don't worry about that because it's very well written and beautifully translated, Koreans are still the best story writers from Asian countries I've read.

Imagine a 20 year old woman in the body of an 8 year... more>> old girl aware that the book she is in starts with the mu*der of said 8 year old to portray the brutality of the work she reincarnated in (she's basically the "red shirt" of the book).

Then, imagine all those possible mu*derers, aware that the "child" isn't acting as a "child", manage to find out that she was abused and is acting that way because she's terrified of them.

Now have them all try to make her happy, as she is waiting to be mu*dered by them at each turn of the page.

This novel relies entirely on misunderstandings and POVs, I'm not really into those kinds of stories because the author "forces" the misunderstandings to the point of breaking immersion because they prefer to shatter common sense to keep forcing them, but here... Author managed to make it hilarious because SHE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to think the way she thinks.

I'm hesitant to put stars because it's very very very early, but I keep laughing my ass off at every chapter.

Let's hope it doesn't force the misunderstandings later, and genuinely portray character growth. <<less
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Feb 24, 2021
Status: c21
It is certainly not as illogical and s*upid as other novels in the same genre but it is not very good as well.

Imo the novel has a lot of contradictions. On one hand the child MC decides to live like a child, on the other she acts too much as an adult. She is afraid of the powerful concubines but still tells one of them to leave her room. She refuses to believe good emotions that the concubines have and fails to recognise the real maid who assists someone in... more>> killing her.

I will wait and read more coz I am curious how the MC will grow but for now, the novel is 3 stars.

T/L - 3.5/5 stars <<less
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Feb 21, 2021
Status: c18
It is too early to give it a true rating, but it is annoying that it is currently less than a 4 which it doesn’t deserve since currently it’s great. Most misunderstanding LN requires the author to break realistic situations, but here the “misunderstandings” are perfectly valid. As a modern person she’s sure to know just how vicious harem intrigue was, especially since the universe she gets into is full of people who have caused her bodies death.
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Aug 08, 2022
Status: --
Honestly, the story itself is not that bad, and the MC, while sometimes can be so oblivious it became annoying, she herself is pretty cute and nice.

My only problem with this one is actually just how much I pity the Original body MC took, that is the real child concubine. It became worse when on so many occasion, MC always said "I'm not even as good as her, how tf will I do this", and not 2 chapters later, her enemy will swoon for her cuteness cause she "pretend to... more>> be tough" by not crying.

Like, how is the only thing that made everyone fall in love with MC and not the OG is the fact that MC did not cry AND manage to get sick 2-3 times in just 3 months??? (Of course she won't cry, she's an adult in child body, she actually have the will to toughen up)

I usually someone who won't realize that a MC is Mary Sue until another reader pointed that out, so came my suprise when I just went "well, that is a f*cking Mary Sue" on just 30 chapters. Honestly, MC even admitted that she only have a pretty face, while the OG have the smart and diplomatic skill she didn't have.

It's just wasted potential imo. Yeah, yeah, it's nice to see someone from our world being transmigated to a fantasy world. But imagine a book about a literal child having to navigate the Imperial life with nothing but her wits as her backup. Better if she actually manage to gain everything that MC gets while being "sit still, look pretty" <<less
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Feb 23, 2021
Status: c20
It's pretty good! The misunderstanding (which isn't technically a misunderstanding, as the body HAS been abused) is valid and logical, the MC's choices make sense, there doesn't yet seem to be any pedo issues, unlike what I feared, and in general the characters are properly fleshed out, though the MC is an unreliable narrator with her suspicions and bias.

All in all, I don't understand why the rating is so low, except that people read the title and looked at the cover and assumed pedo things were going to happen. I'm... more>> glad I ignored my suspicions after reading the reviews and gave it a chance. <<less
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Aug 18, 2021
Status: c28
I was hesitant to read this story bc of the description (baby... concubine?), and I love it. To others in the same situation, it is cleared up in ch 1:


the empress is a woman, she didn’t know MC was a child. She feels maternal. Original ML seem to be going in a similar direction, so far there is no uncomfortable underage. The ML on the cover is age appropriate.


Thank you pink muffin TL for the great quality!.
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Feb 17, 2021
Status: c4
Interesting so far. Our MC (female protagonist) is married to a female emperor who has male concubines. Those concubines are considered very possessive from what the MC told.

At first I thought female emperor will be the villain and male concubines will fall inlove to our MC but reading it right now, it seems that emperor is actually good to her. Don't know if it will turn to a Yuri or maybe only one of the male concubine will fall inlove to our MC (cause according to our MC that world... more>> is a reverse harem). Or maybe emperor and male concubines will all fall inlove with her but if that will happen then it is safe that the romance tag in there is not "romance-romance" but just platonic love, just like between having a child and parent relationship.

Anyways I think that's why it is interesting. See what will happen next. Need to read more to understand. <<less
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Feb 12, 2021
Status: c11
Literally so cute and the mc's personality is so real and sticks with the character she reincarnated background.
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Mar 22, 2021
Status: c33
The premise is interesting enough. But the slow pace and short chapters leaves you wanting. Not much happens with her relationship with the Empress since she actively tries to avoid her. Though there are cute moments with the Empress, Imperial Concubines, and the maids.

My main gripe has to do with the way the dialogue is written. It gets especially confusing to determine who's speaking when new characters enter a scene or when there's more than two characters at a time. The writing also switches between points of views, which could... more>> give a better insight since the MC's perspective is pretty biased, but this is done without warning and just adds to the confusion. Also, it's never clearly stated who's view it is until the middle of the scene, and there's a bunch of confusing uses of "in medias res" which just gets annoying.

It's not bad. It's just not a story you can read without turning on your whole brain. I guess that's not a bad thing, but I wouldn't recommend it to casual readers looking for something to kill time. <<less
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Feb 27, 2022
Status: c37
Thank you for translating this novel, that's so much hard work..

I really don't like the slow pace story, but this novel intriguing me..

1. Sometimes I think it's about a child with PTSD because of bullying.. That's so much traumatic because that bullying happen within the family.. So I don't expect much with our protagonist behaviour..

... more>> 2. Building relationship.. It's hard for a child that have "trust issue".. Looking how much effort the emperor herself for this child to like her..

3. But this is the transmigration novel that the protagonist is someone who read the novel and know the ending and.. She is an adult..

So, I just hope the translator have patient enough to translate this novel until the end.. Cheers 🍻 <<less
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Mar 11, 2021
Status: c16
it’s cute MC however also quite frustrating MC is supposed to be an adult in a child’s body yet, even though she decided she’d live like a child still acts very mature. But doesn’t understand the side characters the show good will. It’s a over done trope to have the MC be so stuck in the novels story that they don’t realise that others will act differently with their new presence. This is biased though because I hate misunderstandings however i’m excited to see where it goes
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Oct 03, 2021
Status: c1
I was really interested in the novel since the promo webtoon, but this translation is really hard to read... It needs to be beta-ed a lot: the flow of time is inconsistent, one sentence it's present, and in another one it's past; a lot of sentences don't make sense, or really hard to understand; and there are plenty of errors and mistypes.

Overall it feels like a MTL-translation, barely edited to make a little bit of sense to readers.

I don't know if it gets better later, but first chapters are like... more>> this, and it kills all my excitement about the story. <<less
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