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Xiao Chen, “the waste” of Xiao clan, had his engagement to the Young Lady of the Yang clan renounced.

And when he arrived at the sect that sympathized with him and took him in, he found corpses strewn all over the place and a mist of blood in the air. The sect was exterminated by a mysterious group that was looking for the ‘Wind Spirit Jade’.

He himself was left behind only half-dead for ‘wastes do not deserve to die by their hand’. Humiliated once more and on the verge of death, in the surroundings strangeness happened. A whirlpool sucked up the blood mist and diverted it into Xiao Chen’s forehead, transforming and enhancing his body.

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Yoburi rated it
November 9, 2016
Status: --
This is a very fun novel MC starts with 12 years and have waste meridians, classic tropes like break marriage, sect destruction and MC left for dead.

The part that makes this fun is he gets a legacy from a deity cultivator about to die with all kindas of crazy cultivation manuals, powerfull bloodline and tresuares like a divine sword! Now normaly after getting all these things MC would go back to his home and join some dogfart sect even thought he doesn't need but in this case he doesn't.

MC just... more>> goes to a cave in the florest and stays there training like crazy so he can return home a badass cultivator and he is only 12 so far he stay so long there that the little dude can even beat his father now the strongest guy in his family.

Also this is a very light Xianxia because the MC is very overpower so pretty much nobody can bully him only some very strong old guys can. <<less
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nobelvampire1071 rated it
July 22, 2017
Status: c400
If you are an experienced reader of xianxia novels and have read the description thinking oh no it is another cliche shit. Then you are absolutely right. I can probably write most of the novel for you here.

"Its impossible! You cannot be so powerful"

"Does not want dead. Get lost"

... more>> "Little rascal"/"Smelly brat"

"Xiao Chen is crap" (Make it in xianxia lines like waste etc)

"Xiao Chen is awesome"

Repeat these line ten thousand times.

Congrats you have read around 80% of the novels.

Rest 20% is crappy plot with typical revenge and arrogant retarded cannon fodders sent on his way for him to show off. Every one talks too much and of course its all about the MC as if he is the center of the world. Either they are ridiculing, underestimating or praising him like the 2d characters they are. The IQ level of side characters are so low that when Xiao Chen comes back from his training, not a single member of his family had the common sense to ask his cultivation. Everyone is speculating his strength, even his father. Of course he shows off at the right moment and there are all 'oohs' and 'aahs'.

Read this if you have nothing to read. Seriously like nothing absolutely.

Oh and if any of you are curious about what happened to the engagement and if they were taught a lesson


Well MC comes home forgives his family like the sweet little guy he is. His family rebukes themselves blah blah. As for Yang Family he stops corporating with them in some business after giving them one more chance. He extinguishes a rival family and then again starts corporating with them even though he said he wont. No engagement/ The author just writes Yang family regrets and regrets while the former bride has a complex look in her eyes.


There you go. I guess it did make me laugh hard with how ridiculous all of this was so it wont hurt giving it 2 stars. <<less
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BlackHat88 rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c9
If I had to describe this novel in one word, i'd say poor. It's a classic weak to strong, cultivation story which doesn't bother me much as long as the story is interesting as original stories are quite rare nowadays.

The biggest flaw of this story is the author's writing style which seems very rushed and crude. The plot luck is pretty terrible as well, because of the rushed style of writing, MC gets everything on a silver plate (Divine blood, alchemy skills, OP battle skills, OP cultivation skills). In 4-5... more>> chapters, he goes from newbie to the cultivation of an elder from his town, practice his op skills to a usable level and has the mental strength of a level 1 alchemist. The side characters seems overly opinionated and rude. I always have the impression in this kind of story that anybody needs to have an opinion of MC, nobody can just "don't care" MC is a kid treated as a looser and a waste by everyone and elders are really furious when the other clan comes and ends the marriage arrangement because he's crippled since birth as they didn't know it was coming or thought he could do something to fix it. Basically the marriage arrangement was made because his father chief of the clan fought alongside the chief of the other clan, of course when finishing the marriage, why stay polite with the chief of the other clan, why stay polite with the guy who help the chief of the bigger clan, lets call his son a loser in the letter instead of simply declining.

To top it up after the massacre of the sect MC disappear for a year simply because yolo (no real reasons) and he simply let his father who was one of the two people that have been nice to him think he's dead.

Son of the year! <<less
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Xenon_God rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c40
Holy shit.

This novel is written by a 13 year old kid, with absolutely no sense of writing.

The writing is as bland as it can be. The power levels are in mess. You absolutely have no idea whats the difference between them. What is it that separate the power levels.

... more>> People are stuck in power levels for decade, but the MC skims through them like a hot knife through butter.

Oh and the conversation between two characters are so ridiculous that you will bang your head on the wall.

Do not read it. I SAY DO NOT READ IT. <<less
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Nihilist_smoker rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: v1c49
If you want a CN novel with one-dimensional characters, then this novel is for you. Seriously​, even the MC is one-dimensional. Broken engagement, sect destruction, legacy from an op old man. Going around beating the strongest man in other towns, stumbling upon an op beast companian, accidentally finding immortal cave, a mystical beauty and then a tournament - that's the plot till 50 ch that I've read. Damn even NPCs have more reactions than these characters. The only reason I'm​ giving it three stars is because it is amazing in... more>> itself that so many cliches can be found in a single story. <<less
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