Fake Wife


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All the information from the original work has already been used, all the talented people have been put back to their places, and all the romance subjects, including the male lead, have been possessed by the female lead’s completed novel that can’t do anything more.

It’s unfair that the novel I’ve been possessed at most is finished, but I’m really dying because of my uncle who is trying to usurp the count.

One day, in order to save her life, she recklessly clung to the Grand Duke of Valencia, the sub male lord, and lived as a vassal.

I received a contract marriage proposal from him.

Anyway, since I don’t have a man, I don’t have any thoughts of getting married, and my lord has a woman he’s always in his heart, I agreed with a light heart… .

I guess I was mistaken. Grand Duke Cha Donam started hitting me every night.

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계약직 아내인 줄 알았는데요
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