Fake Boy


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ShenYi Middle School’s school bully and bad boy, Lu Yao, went through lots of hardships to ‘bend’ himself and confess to the ‘male classmate’ he liked.

‘Male classmate’ Li Mingzhu: “Sorry, I can’t accept.”

Lu Yao: “Why?”

Li Mingzhu: “Because I’m a girl, I don’t like gays. I wish you happiness.”

Lu Yao: “!!!”

Lu Yao: Speaking of it you may not believe it, but before falling in love with you I was straight.

Many years later

Li Mingzhu returned to the country and had a chance encounter with Lu Yao.

The little cat that years ago liked to act spoiled towards her became the aloof god of the e-sport circle who attracted millions of attention.

After the reunion, her ex-boyfriend seemed more difficult to coax than before.

Li Mingzhu: “Are you still gay?”

Lu Yao: “…”

Li Mingzhu: “I like gays.”

Lu Yao: “I’m not f*cking gay!”

A certain god had an emotional breakdown: When have I been gay? If you like me, can’t you just say it? Why like gays?

Li Mingzhu: This man, why is he gay for a moment, and not gay the next? So hard to please.

Top headlines:

[Shock! E-sport well-known player is being supported, the sugar mama seems to be the executive director of xx Corporation.] [E-sport god is being supported?! E-sport circle is degenerating!] [Can’t keep watching! The clean living and honesty the fans have so much praised was just a public persona!] [E-sport god’s private life is a mess, how are you worthy of your fans!] The next day’s top headlines:

[Update! My god! They are married!] Reporters collectively said: Shit! I’m quitting being a reporter! This couple is making fun of me!

Associated Names
One entry per line
Jia Xiao Zi
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wethairdampskin rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: Completed
The plot is good. Its has sweet and a lil bit of angst in the right amount (mostly sweet and funny). The chemistry between ML and FL is soliddd. Totally recommended
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reia.krr rated it
March 7, 2024
Status: Completed
The story was actually better than I expected! I really liked the main characters and how their thoughts were described throughout the story. Also there’s no angst, although I wouldn’t mind some anyway. I agree with the review about her relationship with her brother. I wish it was described in more detail and we got to see how they ended up, and also maybe a few extras about JY and LC.
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Tutubitter rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Turned out better than expected.

The first few chapters made me doubtful and was written quite roughly I think. (But I liked the c1, very straight to the point 😅) But it gets better and it’s funny and sweet.

My fav is definitely the no-BS pretending to be male. Idk why, this kind of setting just has a special place in my heart. But there are very few decent ones that doesn’t portray a clown.

Aside from my preference of females-in-disguise, I really like how the Author wrote LMZ. Especially her tenacity as... more>> if it’s carved deep in her bones since young to desperately survive, like a tiger cub. I just like like everything about her even her cynical and cold side. I also really like like that she’s got a coquettish ball of sunshine by her side.

Aside from the rough beginning, I think the plot progressed well.

Sorry to LMZ and LY but I liked that they had time apart considering LMZ’s circumstances at the time.

But it’s also really lacking in terms of details. It’s really a pity that their first meeting and first conflict wasn’t elaborated. As well as a few more details, like concerning LZ and LC.


I really wanted for more.

Like I wanted to see them find real friends the most.

As well as LMZ to have better relationship with LC. Cause LC is sincere to her and she honestly needs more warmth in her life.

Also, read some more about LZ, his times with LY and times with LMZ.

But like this is good too.

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