Exclusive Model for the Top Painter


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Mature Artist X Sexy Young Adult, 1v1, HE, involves all kinds of exciting modelling and cosplay, are you sure you don’t want to check it out?
Liang Jin, a model who spends his time on a beach holiday, becomes the personal model of the ultra-divine painter Ji Xiuyuan for his paintings. The two men’s pursuit of art, mixed with palpitations and heart tremors, quietly propels the relationship from indifference to eagerness. The tip of my brush yearns to trace your body, from painting to your heart and soul, is something I cannot stop, sinking and sinking deeper.
“Take off your clothes.”
“What I need is an overwhelming lust: an unreserved, bashful and eager indulgence without reservation in my presence. Can you do that?”
“Sorry, I think…”
“That’s okay, I can help you.”
Top-notch divine painter in the art world (Ji Xiuyuan) X young and sexy model in the fashion world (Liang Jin)

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Top Painter's Exclusive Model
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