Ex Husband wants to Remarry


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“If you love me, you must change for me!”

With just one sentence from Ye Linghan, Ji Ran went from an Alpha to an Omega. Ji Ran endured adverse reactions after changing his physique and endured Ye Linghan’s repeated injuries. After Ye Linghan divorced him, heartbroken Ji Ran turned and left. As wished, Ye Linghan realized his mistakes and wanted to remarry Ji Ran.

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Ex-Husband wants to marry again
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Kuromi.Soldier rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: c199
3.5 Stars

⚠️Dropped⚠️ - currently dropping this novel, I might continue reading it in the future

3.5 Stars; it's because of the plotline and writing. It's psychologically exhausting and disturbing to read, the pacing is fast and nicely executed. The angst and disturbing scenes this novel gave is not "cliche". It shows Stockholm syndrome and how someone is in an abusive relationship, their dependency and inability to escape as well as trying to move on after realization but failed. Also, I never felt frustrated towards uke.

Everyone are a**holes EXCEPT MC and his... more>> child. Yun Song, ML, Zhao Xing, literally everyone are a**holes. They disrespected MC to the point that it should've been a crime, they would be in jail if it were real-life. The plot setting was eerie, it's like a very dystopian patriarchy system in omegaverse.


I especially hated Yun Song (MC's butler) the most, as equal as ML, that's how BAD he was. He tried to take away MC's child away. It's ironic because MC's parents lost MC when he was little and now Yun Song made MC lost his child, technically Yun Song is no different than the bad guys that made MC's parents lost him.

There are no characters to forgive. I can't forget what they did to MC and Sui Sui.

I feel so sad for the MC. It's not easy to escape an abusive relationship so it made me have sympathy towards him whenever he's soft-hearted towards ML.

One thing that irks me with the story is that Sui Sui sometimes talked like an adult even though he's only four years old. I've never met a four year-old that speaks as fluent as him. I always thought Sui Sui was at least 10~12 because of the way he speaks.

The thought process of the characters made me pissed off. They normalize r*pe and forcing someone into s*x (forcing MC to have s*x with them). They also don't understand attraction, they think like "oh I'm single, you're single, it's impossible for you to not like me". If MC is not interested in you then he's not interested in you and that doesn't mean he's interested in ML either, MC's not interested in any of you! In the topic of forcing someone, I'm not against forcing MC to get married because in his case, it's valid. MC isolated himself and let himself be tormented by the past so forcing him to have a new experience and open up his heart could be a way to get him out of his trauma with someone to rely on.


160+ Chapters and still no development from ML. This is not a wife chasing crematorium type of novel. If you're looking for an angst novel with a Stockholm syndrome type of tragic romance, this is for you..

I read up to chapter 199 and I hope this isn't a story where MC ended up with ML at the end 😬 I'm dropping it because there was no development from the ML

PS. Why is ML walking around in society lmao, he should be in a psychiatric institute. It's crazy how people are fine being around him. I guess birds of the same feathers, flock together. ML is a parasite to MC. No words can describe how disgusting and evil the ML is, he is beyond repair and the worst ML I've read so far. <<less
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CrescentRedLuna rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: Completed
If you want scum gong redemnation much worse than shou, this is your cup of tea.

I rather MC without ml, how bad ML treatment to MC. But, I'm the most satisfying how author make ML suffered worse and worse than MC, I love that redemnation. Mostly author won't write something or make ML redemnation worse than MC, this is the most worse redemnation ML got for what he done to MC and I satisying with that!
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