Everything Is For You


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The man she loved, Azen, died in front of her.

Roa was aware that Azen’s life would be in danger if they married, yet she chose to overlook it and pushed ahead with it.

It was all her fault.

Her fault for not letting him go, even though she knew.

After witnessing his brutal death and losing consciousness, she woke up in the lush backyard of Clarion County mansion, where she used to live.

She was given another chance to save him.

And it was the day he visited the mansion to ask for her hand in marriage after completing the Grand Duke’s coronation ceremony.

“I think it may be difficult to marry Grand Duke Trone.”

Azen’s gaze, which used to be full of infinite love for Roa, was nowhere to be seen.

Gazing at her with only venom and possessiveness, he confined Roa, who pushed him away, in the cellar.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why are you pushing me away?”

“It’s all for you.”

“I, too, do everything for you.”

The story of a woman who must push away the man she loves and a man who must confine the woman he loves.

Everything just for you.

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이 모든 건 당신을 위하여
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