Even if the Villain’s Daughter Regresses


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A child lost everything to a villain.

Ten years later, the child returned as a hero called a demigod.

The vengeful hero begins a bloody revenge against the villain and his entire family.

There’s a problem.

Laila is the daughter of the villain.

“Are you Laila Hildegarde?”

“You’ve got the wrong person.”

“No, I think I’ve got the right one.”

…Pretending to be someone else? Failed!

“Please let me live.”


…Begging for mercy? Failed!

With no other options, Laila chooses her last resort.

“Dying wish?”

She swallowed the ‘Stone of Regression’ and returned to the past after death.

“Meeting you was disgusting. I hope we never see each other again!”

With that, Laila went back in time, waking up as her 10 years old self, and….

and dies again.


Laila tried to survive.

She tried and tried and tried.

She just did….

“Why did you save me?”

The boy answered, his face pale.

“Because you’re crazy.”

…The enemy who had sent Laila to her death so many times, had become strange.

[The villain’s daughter/the heroine who wants to live until 90/still the villain’s daughter after she regresses] [Male Lead, who lost his home and family to the villain/The male lead whose only goal in life is revenge] [Enemies of both sides -> What are you doing…?]
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악당의 딸은 회귀해봤자
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