Even if it is Trampled and Broken


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“Since god abandoned her, it doesn’t matter if I pick her up.”

Hestia, the Princess of Ellsworth and the current saint.

A new saint, Annette, appears and Hestia position narrows, and she even sentenced to a terminal sentence. The only way to live is to be promised true love.

However, on the date of the ceremony, her fiancee chooses Anette, and Hestia ends up facing her death. But when she opened her eyes again, her time had somehow gone back to a year ago. Marriage is unavoidable as many interests intertwined. Hestia wanted her new shield and found the right person to her. He is called a savage. A man who hates her. Aslan Kalati.

“I will trample and crush you.”

Aslan accepted Hestia to avenge her

“Then wither or die by my side.”

Standing I front of herm he rages wildly, but contrary to her heart, she cannot calmly push away.

Like land of ice.

Can a single flower bloom in that cold place?

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짓밟고 부서지더라도
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