Even I Have Become a Beautiful Girl, but I Was Just Playing as a Net-game Addition


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The story follows the High-schooler Taru, whose confession was rejected by his crush.

His misfortune continues, As news of a gender-change disease turns Taru into a beautiful silver haired girl. the shock of it causes him(her) tries to escape from reality by playing the VRMMO, Clan/Clan…

Taru uses the same girl appearance as the reality, and for the skill alchemy of which many (simple-minded} players call it a trash skill.

He meets lots of fellow adventurers, and becomes stronger with in the game world of clan/clan’s slogan, ‘When one becomes a adventurer, they can fight, steal, control, explore, it invent, it create, and do anything as you like’.
He meets a wide variety of adventurers that help him(her) to grow, Taru hides what happened to his(her) appearance as a bug to his friends who also play the game, and hiding the fact that he(she) had become a girl in real life

When summer vacation is over, he(she) will have to show their face at the school

This about one of the best National-class adventurers, The story of the Alchemist who won a war without even taking a single step.

When an normal high school student suddenly turns into a beautiful girl, what would they do?
The answer is to become a net-game addict!

Associated Names
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Bishoujo ni Natta kedo, Netoge Haijin Yattemasu.
Since I transformed into a Beautiful girl, I'll become an Net-Game addict.
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08/10/18 Estelion’s Secret... c12
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08/07/18 Estelion’s Secret... c10
08/05/18 Estelion’s Secret... c9
08/04/18 Estelion’s Secret... c8
08/04/18 Estelion’s Secret... c7
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Zionis rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c8
So after 15 Minutes of using some online japanese to english translator I think the most accurate tranlation of the titel I can get with them is " I have become a beautiful girl, but I am just a useless Netgamer". Now that less people are confused with the titel here is my review. Most important here skip the first chapter ! Nothing really important happens there aside from his transformation into a girl and the reason why he became a shut -in, but that reason is so disgusting I... more>> nearly quit reading. In the next chapters his friends and sister want him/her to play an online game with them and then it starts to go like Only Sense Online. You can not play as the other gender, he/she picks the trash skill alchemy and so on. So this will most likely be an inferior version of Only Sense Online but still a fun read. It gets 4 stars from me but if you include the first chapter I will only give 3 stars. As I am currently reading ahead with google translate I may update this review soon. <<less
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Xeth rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: c200
If what you are looking for is a mix of "Slice of Life" and "Adventure" with a nekama (?) MC this might be the WN for you.

If you are looking for actual "Romance" or "Comedy" then you should probably be looking somewhere else...

Now for the actual review (as of c200) :

... more>> As the title says we got a MC who turned into a beautiful girl (read: loli) but became a net game addict.

First chapter could give the impression that this might be turning into some sort of romcom but for further development of the story (at least until c200) MC's crush might aswell not exist.

As you might have figured out from the MC turining into a girl thing, the RL part of the story is not that much on the scientific side. The genre of this WN should be "Contemporary Fantasy" even though it might not seem as such at first.

The MC spends most of his/her time online. We get the MC-doing-unusual-build-which-turns-out-to-be-OP-somehow pattern. We mostly get the MC exploring the virtual world (and sometimes the real world) in a kind of mypace style. VR world parts can be kind of bland as they tend to drag on longer then they should sometimes (though that might just be my impression as I have read similar things already). The Real world part is really interesting with lots of changes happening and how all that might or might not relate to the MC (have not read anything similar to that).

Some things that might turn you off though:

-The lolicon virus seems to have infected wide numbers of the population (MC fan club can be annoying)

-Author increased the main cast too much => characters other than MC not getting much "screen time"

-MC's intelligence should be like ~6 times that of an average person and MC is still acting like that... <<less
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Luneder rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c12
Still early but the novel has been good so far and my only complaint would be the translator putting in random images from different anime and games. Let the readers use their own imagination. I am ok with the item icons when the character is making recipes because that can get confusing but spamming images of characters with glasses or cute fantasy girl pictures not so much.
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Sherrynity rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: c7
... surprisingly, it's a fun read.

Pointless? Yes. Plotless? Kinda. Any fight scene? Nay. Any drama? So far, nah.

Yet personally I think it's not that bad. MC seems a bit... two dimensional, but it's not even double-digit chapter so maybe I'm wrong.

There's no notable aspect about this novel so far. Pretty relaxing story with no proper direction... definitely a slice of life, like, in its truest meaning.
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albreo rated it
August 25, 2018
Status: c12
Unless you have played Atelier series, you will probably have no clue why this alchemy thing is interesting. As for myself, I have only played 1 of the game and I don't like it, so I will not comment on the alchemy part. But for everything else, it's your typical jp web novel, it's short, it lacks beefy explanation. The set up also pretty overuse by now as I remember reading the same setup on this translator site. By the way, The way MC decide not to tell anyone about... more>> it and insist on choosing alchemy is beyond normal human logic. And the way he not reacting to the gender change, as much as other novels, is bothering me which make it look like the author put it there for his convenience.

Excellent translation quality as always <3 <<less
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