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Lian Qing is a monk who descends the mountain and joins the secular world at the behest of his master. He ends up becoming popular after helping an actress on a variety show.

A little unattractive copy: After the young monk went down the mountain, he became the number one mascot in the entertainment circle by mistake.

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Entertainment Industry's Mascot
Showbiz Mascot
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10 Reviews

New Common_peopl
Oct 02, 2023
Status: Completed
Sweet and Cute overload story! No body drama, kinda unreal bcuz everything is kinda buttery, smooth sailing. Of course, there's something tragic background for MC and ml. MC is silly cutie little monk. And the ML is the typical that only good to MC gong. The story itself is so funny and full of comedy. There's a cute lil bro too~ I like it.
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Jan 10, 2023
Status: c41
Already said in the title... this is hella funny. The MC descended from the mountain as told by his master to experience the secular world. But when he met ... more>>

that actress by chance, I only knew then that his master really must have kicked him out because he eats A LOT. And his junior brother is funny too... was mistaken by MC as sad, only to actually be sleeping?!


Anyway, I sometimes feel uncomfortable because

the amus**ent of the people around MC was from teasing MC. Fortunately, they were not too much knowing that MC is so naive. MC also feels aggrieved, but he can let go of his grievance because he is tempted by food has a big heart


Anyway, MC is really lucky, since he met good people. As for ML, he came out not that too late. He is also kind, but only to MC lol. As to why, it was stated along the lines.

I am entertained reading this, and if you want something light-hearted and relaxing to read - and maybe you want to laugh, too, I recommend this. <<less
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Jul 01, 2023
Status: Completed
A silly sweet novel without much depth, much like the canned sitcoms of yesteryear. This stuff would have worked better presented as a comic by a gifted artist that can make YOU laugh, instead of watching the characters laughing over every uninspired gag and punchline. Aside from the awkwardness of the writing/translation at some key points, the events of chapter 94 were particularly ill-done, and I don't like the way ML conceals vital information from the MC just to keep him jolly. That's the attitude that you have towards pets,... more>> not spouses.

3 stars. <<less
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Jul 04, 2023
Status: c63
Rating: 3.5

I enjoyed the beginning a lot! It was really funny-

I love seeing how the Little Monk interacted with everyone, it’s cute and funny!

... more>> But... it’s always like that. Every situation or people the Little Monk meets get a good impression of him because he’s naive and silly.

There’s nothing wrong with that but at 60+ chaps, it feels like the interactions are just going on circle. Just a different setting and characters but it gives the same feeling making it somehow boring.

I wish there were even just a bit of conflict especially since it’s the entertainment circle.

Anyhoo, it’s still worth a try if you’re looking for a smooth sailing, OP kind of novel~ <<less
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May 30, 2023
Status: c54
This is Hilarious and Cute!!!! In every chapters it made me smile or laugh or both!!!

But then came the Tiny Monk aka MC's Shidi... And made the story even more Cuter and HEARTWARMINGLY PRECIOUS!!!

This Novel is Sooooooo Goooooood!!!

... more>> I Love how MC learn many new things, shown as someone Strong who know Martial Arts BUT no OP ness whatsoever. He's not Super Talented NOR Super Lucky!

The Reality Show he's in, showing his Hilarious side where everyone genuinely laughed BECAUSE of him. They all grow to like him because he's Funny to be around!

Our MC is Cute and Comedic without trying to be Funny. The one who can bright the situation without trying! Everyone Adore him like Friend or Little Brother/Family because he's genuinely likable! A good person, strong, cute, and yet no OP nor Mary Sue-like.

So far I'm Pleased with everything!

Even the romance between MC and ML. While they're still not together yet nor ambiguous, but there's already some Mutual s*xual tension going on. And development is really Good so far!

Also Love how the ML also Charmed by the Xiao Xiao Monk! Our 3yo Shidi is Precious like MC and able to get our ML's Affection! NICE!!!

I pray the rest of the story is as Good and Satisfying!!! 🙏🙏🙏

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Apr 14, 2023
Status: c25
If you want a bare bones fluffy silly book then you will like this a lot. However, mmmm as much as I like fluffy, this type of fluffy is too predictable to me and the writing is pretty..... uh.... stripped. I've read worse for sure. Just 2d writing, formulaic almost after you read some chapters, and once you know the MC's character setting, that's all he is -- no more depth than that. He is a meme-like, not only in the way he gets popular for being like that, but... more>> also his whole characterization is a meme bc there is nothing more than face value. The ml? Omg he's like a piece of bread with a hole in it. There's barely any description of him and his personality seems to be a mixtures of expected cliches and nothing at all. Like a stale piece of bread.

Is the MC cute? Yea for sure. After several chapters of him acting the same way with no detail about anything else about his personality except for being a silly, honest, innocent bean, is it still entertaining to read? Idk. Also why do the variety shows get so much details written (several chapters) about them, but the acting scenes are barely described??? Btw every other character is 2d too and barely described. <<less
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Mar 21, 2023
Status: Completed

I really love this story. It's hilarious from start to finish with fluff sprinkled in between. The MC is a Monk, and his master asks him to go back to secular society in order to experience life. Food is his one-true love lol. He's also OP owing to his martial arts background which provides a framework for some rib-cracking shenanigans. The story revolves around his time in the entertainment industry and his sand sculpture like exploits. It's a very lighthearted read for when you need a little stress relief and laughter. There are some plot holes by the end that I feel could have been better handled regarding MC origin but other than that I didn't really find any major turn-offs. I also love his junior apprentice-brother. He is adorably cute and has the same silly personality as the MC. And there is a sequel in which he(the junior brother) is the MC. ML and MC's relationship was also very heartwarming. 100/10 would read it again. Highly recommend.

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Jul 07, 2023
Status: Completed
I immensely enjoyed the novel. The MC, ML, and our adorabre Lian Sang were such a delight to read. I'm glad that there's not much drama and it was a feel good novel.
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Mar 10, 2023
Status: c30
I'm not a fan of yaoi but some novels are good enough for me to overlook it and this is one, it only gets funnier reading on in the raw. I'm calling it here on 30, even if it goes downhill from here as unlikely as that is it's still the best fic I've read in a week or three.
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Jul 12, 2023
Status: c54
Sweet silly story with a naive but physically strong MC - way too naive for entertainment circle, but! everyone he meets or works with had positive feelings for him, smooth sailings with high positive feedback from viewers and rest of people he meets.

ML was saved by MC two years ago and meet again in yet another accident, MC doesn't remember ML but ML is a real simp for MC...

Nothing much is really happening in the story, it's just MC daily life in entertainment circle, being loved, teased and pampered by... more>> all... <<less
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