Entering a Company From Another World!?


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Former black company employee, Jiro Tanaka leaves his job due to overwork. In his home, he finds a job recruitment template which is from another world company. The job is to test the dungeon created by the demon king. There, the days of diving into the dungeon as a “dungeon tester” were waiting for him to complete the dungeon that even the hero would not be able to clear. He has a hot dark elf boss who has an amazing ability “Magic resistance”. The New life of our MC starts!

Associated Names
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Isekai kara no Kigyou Shinshutsu!? Tenshoku kara no Nariagari-roku
Isekai kara no Kigyou Shinshutsu?!: Motoshachiku ga Isekai Tenshoku shite Nariagaru! Yuusha ga Kouryaku dekinai Meikyuu wo Tsukuriagero (Manga title)
異世界からの企業進出!? 転職からの成り上がり録
異世界からの企業進出!? ~元社畜が異世界転職して成り上がる! 勇者が攻略できない迷宮を作り上げろ~ (Manga title)
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scallop rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: c398
I know it's nothing to be proud of, but I certainly am proud to have found this novel quite a while before it's NU debut. [This review contains spoilers]

This story is built on a tried and tested heroes journey structure. MC starts weak, gets strong, beats the enemies. Like many modern favorites, the twist is that the MC is on the side of the monsters, aka demon king.

The setting is mostly on earth, but in prefab dungeons so it feels mostly like an Isekai. The demons, who consist of... more>> all sentient non humans, hire humans from earth to test their dungeons and provide feedback for improvement. They're at war with the humans of their world because the God of Light is a massive a**hole.

MC not only climbs in levels but also climbs the corporate ladder, from simple beta tester, to section chief/trainer to demon king's general. The haremizing feels natural and has good explanations in story and the kids (because duh they're adults and s*x = kids) don't become complete placeholders either. There are parts where it turns into an actual Isekai adventure too, like when MC has too save a bunch of kids who got their while class summoned by the humans. There are also parts in modern Japan like when MC and a wife go on a date.

Overall, other than the parts where this story is a great action shonen, it feels a lot like an ad for good corporatism. MC and a lot of the human characters suffer from the Japanese employment situation what with all those black companies... The story equates good capitalism with rpg mechanics, how hard work should have equal rewards and make promotions actually worth it. Where your bosses are strict for your own good but will help you if you ask in earnest. Where the competent women in the office are also single! <<less
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Dizzcity rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c12 part2
A pretty good start! I like the adult salaryman perspective, who doesn't completely go the opposite direction from his past ways (a.k.a. "Relaxed" OP isekai) but rather still works hard (though not insanely so) for the good of his new company. The office romance is enjoyable too.

If you liked older protagonists (nearly 30s) who have the social sensitivity to not get into teenage / chuunibyou situations, but still enjoy career-progression ambitions in a fantasy world, this is for you.
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April 23, 2023
Status: c4.3
This review is tentative. If I didn't edit this part and the last paragraph out when you're reading it, it means that I read manga to see how's the story up ahead and it wasn't good enough for me to come back.

Basically speaking, we have a good idea (good premise) with good potential. The beginning's looking good (there are some things to complain about, but it's so early that I won't name them).

The protagonist is a bit meh, but still much better than most Japanese protagonists so far and shows... more>> some promise (but knowing life, he won't actually get better as a character, only stronger). The other characters are also showing some promise, though most of them started as a one-dimensional mold that may or may not become something more in the future (there's potential), and some of them have yet to be introduced properly to the readers.

The issue is the fcking translation. The translator really lives up to his name Lazy Translations, lmao. The pronouns are all over the place (Japanese sentences often omit the subject, so you have to use context to realize what the subject is (it's usually things like I, we, me, you, whatever), and this idiot translator makes obvious mistakes, confusing characters who are speaking/doing something), and there's a crap ton of mistakes. There's really no editing to speak of. If the story's good, then I'd rather read the raws with my half-baked Japanese.

Long story short, the translator is a dumbass, and I am not going to read his translations unless the story turns out to be really good judging from the manga adaptation. It's really painful to read this translation, as well as quite disappointing because the first chapter or two were better, and the quality dropped later, as if the translator tried hard at first to make a good impression, and just couldn't be bothered afterwards. <<less
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bankbank rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: 15-2
It's ok. MC is likeable enough. He's hardworking, socially adept (mostly) and relatable. Some parts feel inconsistent though. Like the MC is almost 30 so he's usually more practical, but he splurges most of his initial money on a sword that's basically a gacha item that has a high likelihood of being useless even though it's his main weapon. I'm also not feeling the chemistry between the initial love interest and him so far, though that might just be the TL.

TL is also not great. A lot of parts read... more>> very awkwardly, especially dialogue. <<less
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