Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle – The Black Sorcerer Is Offered a Seat as a Member of the Demon King Army’s Top Brass After Being Kicked out of the Hero’s Party Because They Didn’t Need Debuffs


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“The Hero defeated the Demon King in the war of men against demons…”

Those kinds of stories are a thing of the past. Nowadays, adventurers, demons, Heroes, Demon Kings, and so on are all occupations that no longer involve putting one’s life on the line. Peace has returned to the world, and dungeon exploration has now become a form of entertainment.

Adventurers and monsters now all fight using clones they’ve created with magic in an extremely popular form of dungeon clearing where nobody dies. The footage of the dungeon getting cleared gets broadcasted all across the continent, and I’m a member of a Hero’s party that was ranked the 4th most popular in the world… but not anymore. Parties had a limitation of 5 members, and I was told that an unpopular job like Black Sorcerer would only get in the way of getting to 3rd place or beyond.

Now that I became unemployed, I was forced to find another party but I just couldn’t find one. One day, I encountered a beautiful blonde red-eyed woman who told me she had a job for me. After being so touched from having someone recognize my abilities far more than my past comrades, I ended up agreeing to take an interview without asking for the details. When I arrived at my destination, I was at the world’s hardest dungeon where no party has ever reached the final area, the Demon King Castle, where the Big Four and the Demon King were waiting for me.

This is the story of a Black Sorcerer that was kicked out of a Hero’s party and joined the side of the Demon King Army to repel the Heroes.

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Nankoufuraku no Maou-jou e Youkoso ~ Debuff wa Fuyou to Yuusha Party wo Oidasareta Kuro Madoushi, Maou-gun no Saikou Kanbu ni Mukaerareru ~
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13 Reviews

Apr 18, 2021
Status: c50
Interesting idea, horrible execution.

What caught my attention immediately is that the MC is way too positive and happy-go-lucky after years of verbal and mental abuse. He doesn't feel like a real person at all, and is totally unrelatable.

Another thing I don't understand is, if his control of dark magic is so great, then why couldn't he have just made it seem like he was actually contributing in battles whilst hiding his real skill level, so it wouldn't attract too much attention? Why erase all traces of your contribution and make... more>> it seem like you're doing nothing? Obviously people will assume you're profiting off of the relationship with your best friend - I don't blame them, you presented yourself that way.

Moreover, this story is incredibly black and white. Why are 'heroes' seen as heroes? They are literal pieces of entertainment for the mass media. You are not a hero, because you possess a 'hero' class and you put on a show everyday. That's just f*cking ridiculous. An actual hero would've - for example - set up an organization to help people who get assigned classes such as 'prostitution', and don't get a chance to succeed in life, or combatted the power abuse that is rampant in dungeons (see backstory of vampire lady).

Lastly, all the characters in this story (including the MC), maybe expect for Fenix, the MC's best friend, are incredibly one-dimensional. The relationship between the MC and the vampire lady (forget her name) feels unnatural and forced too.

I liked the little girl, she was cute. <<less
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Aug 14, 2020
Status: c155
Another one of those "They didn't know I was useful so I got kicked out of the party" stories, except this time even if they knew they were right to kick him out! Because when fighting is entertainment, a guy using abilities with no visible effect is boring, so if you want to be #1 in the world it's much harder to include a guy like that, even if it does make it much easier to win fights.

It's also nice that the main character has support-type abilities, so even when... more>> fights revolve around him, he has to adapt to the allies he's working with currently. That makes each fight scene and each arc different. The setting is developing pretty well and the magic/combat system is solid. The fights are entertaining... and it makes sense for people to use really flashy attacks or save second forms and special abilities for the last minute.

The only reason this isn't a 5* review is the romance part... If a woman goes out of her way to sleep in the same bed as a man, you'd normally think she's attracted to him, right? 155 chapters of a beautiful woman throwing herself at the protagonist at every opportunity and yet he still doesn't seem to think there's a chance of them being a couple. There are also fake harem elements with all sorts of women relying on him and getting closer. Fake for the same reasons I consider the romantic elements to be terrible, super dense protagonist, and also because the main heroine is yandere and might kill the protagonist if he showed signs of being interested in other women.


As a side note, it slightly bothers me that they use the Lemegeton and a limit of 72 demons, and many characters have the right names, yet he contracts right away with Carmilla and later with someone named Thor. It's fine if their original name isn't a Goethia demon to keep the reader from automatically knowing the character will be a comrade, but they could have had a different name for the avatar he summons, and it's kind of sad that he will never be able to collect all 72 of the original demons.

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Aug 29, 2021
Status: c110
Nosebleed331 summed it up fairly well.

I checked the raws up to ch200, still zero romance between MC and the female lead. Yet the author keeps throwing women at the MC that fall madly in love with him.

This MC isn't just dense, he's a neutron star. A female throws herself at him, he likes her. She's in love with him and has her reasons why. She starts staying over at his house, cooking him breakfast. They sleep together, but just sleep! No touching of course. This MC still just calls her... more>> a friend and doesn't know how to react to her. She's come on to him in the absolute most obvious way. If you don't like her, or you need time to recognize your feelings, that's okay.

f*cking say that then. This female character bends over backwards for the dude and he's all "hey thanks pal" yet the author is trying to write him as a nice person.

A 20 year old man is sleeping in the same bed as a woman who says she loves him and has shown it/proved it in multiple ways and he's like "but what does this mean?" It's the pinnacle of dense MCs. It's so ridiculously absurd that I can't wrap my head around it.

This novel is garbage. The entire premise is garbage. "We're heros!" No you're not. You're TV stars. It's just bad. <<less
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May 14, 2021
Status: c59
The story is good but sometimes it feels as if they're repeating facts and exposition too much, the dynamic of Fénix and Lem is your typical good rivalry but it's interesting, and his relationship with his master is very intriguing

I did skip a lot of chapters specially the Mila ones, her character seems too one dimensional and her whole deal with Lem is annoying
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Jul 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I just say this story' is enjoyable, ITS like he become the demon lord hhe... Give it a try

The MC is kinda deptesssing I mean he must hide his power because of a childhood promise with his teacher so he is unable to shine at least until he become the demon lord (?)

My favorit part is

... more>>

after ge defeated the hero and friend, he meet again with the Hero and friend outside and BAMMMM!!! he reveal that he is the demon lord hha! MOTEOVER WITH ALL OF HIS OTHER DEMON FRIENDS (FLOOR BOSS) HAHAHHAA!

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Feb 27, 2021
Status: c56

This is the only way I can describe my emotions.

I saw this novel wayyyy back then but never really tried after reading the synopsis. I thought it was just the same kind of revenge story where MC is treated badly then later we learn that he is badass and now he takes revenge bla bla bla.

... more>> Only this isn't so.

So this morning I was bored and all and thought. Why not just give a try. And man I don't regret it. I binge read it in one go. I wouldn't say the story is the best I ever read. But the writing flow well and the main casts are very likeable. What's more even those not likeable aren't one dimensional.

The world isn't simple demon vs hero. But rather its a business. Basically it's like football or any other sport.

The MC is really powerful and he knows he is but he is power isn't really flashy since it's debuff and his true job would give the bad kind of attention.

Anyway the MC is indeed underestimated, but the focus of the story isn't about a poor whimp who only cry at his destiny.

It's a little slice of life with some hot blood moment and the romance is believable.

The MC isn't dense as one said since they basically confirmed their relationship before CH 30. Just because they don't have s*x doesn't mean MC is a whimp. The story isn't harem (at least as of CH 56).

All in all, you should give a try and see for yourself. <<less
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Jan 15, 2023
Status: c8
it's seem to me author want to attract audience with Forced Job setting and forced master and apprentice promise, on premise and it did well job.

I found less interesting when MC didn't defend himself or similar scenario when he stops thug and didn't take credit, it's gives of vibes spineless MC instead kind apparantly author trying project. overall tasteless dish of 5 star Hotel.
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Ntr Hunter
Ntr Hunter
Jun 20, 2021
Status: c92
It's good but there are some flaws like the MC was actually an extraordinary person but still has problem in just tapping out the other stronger people even after coming out a little bit. At sometime you'll see him being referred to as the greatest underdog man currently but also at the same time he has hard time fighting one-on-one to a member of top 100 party. Although he was made a character like a underdog, but it didn't really felt like it sometimes.
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Jan 12, 2023
Status: c226
One of the most underrated novel in this site. And I'm not exaggerating as I've been reading a lot since 2016 that my standard in story raised just as the ratings in this site. It seriously deserves a high rating because compare to most isekai with the same one (and even some of those with high rating) this is just much better.

This novel has things that I like, mainly, a peaceful world, a best friends rivalry, wholesome moments, and very decent characters. I usually don't like dungeon crawling, as it's... more>> mostly about repetitive grinding and explanation of monsters we don't even care. But this one is different, since dungeon crawling here is a form of entertainment, and the author's storytelling is not boring that most of the things you'll get are useless info dumps that only the MC cares.

If I were to give an example of a novel that like this, I'll say it's Bofuri, but has a more serious tone, and where characters are not happy-go-lucky. I like the MC here, despite being clever and strong, he didn't act like an arrogant bastard. He's not hyperactive and more like a passive person but he always take actions whenever necessary. The wholesome moments are wholesome, and the MC's relationship with other characters are really good. This is not harem (which is I don't hate), and the number of female and male characters are balanced. So yea, you don't question things like "why the heck only female are coming to the MC?".

The fights are also exciting and portrayed really good, it doesn't just came as MC reading his opponents so accurately. And neither his opponents are just simple minded persons who just bulldozed things with their strength.

I'm actually pissed at this rating, it is just undeserving of this low ratings. So I'll comment on the things that the low rating reviews said:

"Up to ch 200 and still zero romance between MC and female lead"


If you read this for romance, get out of here. The MC trains so hard on his childhood that he don't have times on things like this. He didn't even have time to go to school and learn youth. Fenix and him also started as a party even when their young. So you shouldn't expect the MC to act like gigolo or proactive in romance.
Now calling the MC so dense is wrong. First he knows how Milia felt about him. It seems like he's taking it slow, but it's not like he doesn't acts. Of course it's not so much, but as of chapter 226, there are romantic moments, also you'll notice that along the way, Milia became an important person to the MC. Sometimes they unknowingly flirt while in front of their friends and the MC just blush whenever he take an action. In the first place, as of chapter 226, we're just in the fourth arc if I'm not mistaken, so you might think that the progress is just too slow, but it's technically not.


"The MC is spineless, he didn't even defend himself when he was kicked out"


The MC is hiding his powers, because it's too strong, came from the former demon lord, which may brand him as heretic. He also promised his master to don't used it, unless it came to the point that there's something happened that he have to break the promise. The reason he didn't defend himself are a lot. Like how his team is not growing well because of his supports, or how he didn't feel suited in their party.


"The relationship between the MC and the vampire lady (forget her name) feels unnatural and forced too."


Not really. The vampire lady Milia, force herself on the MC, and the MC just feel troubled. If he accepted her immediately you can call it forced. But he didn't instead over the story, he is learning to love her. So it's just a force start but not a force romance


"The MC is too positive and happy-go-lucky after years of verbal and mental abuse."


This is entirely wrong, throughout the story you will learn why he left and how it's their both (him and his party) fault. Also they already make peace.


"The story is black and white. The heroes are pieces of entertainment"

Did this guy read the synopsis. The world is at peace. Dungeon crawling become a piece of entertainment, but it's not a happy go lucky professions. The skills of adventurers are real, same with their strong motivations and what should the heroes do? In the first place not all heroes are adventurer same with other people with combat jobs. Some are on knight order which now acts like a security and there are persons that's not interested in dungeons.
Black and white? Heck, you can say the all characters here are white. It's a peaceful world with wholesome interactions so it's just right.


"All characters are one-dimensional"


The heck? Characters here are so interesting and have a their own motivation and aspiration. If you read only up to volume 1 which is around ch 50 then you don't know much of the characters. In the following arcs we will see how those characters shine in their own way.


The first volume might be hard to pick up, so I suggest reading the manga there. Don't confused this as a revenge story as it is not, there's also barely to none number of characters that you can call bad person. The story really revolves on rivalry and proving each of the character's worth. Despite being an entertainment, the fight here are so good and not just simple ones like a turn-based rpg. As of chapters 200+, the story is still on the 4th if not 5th arc. And all of them are soooo interesting, same with the following arcs and what will happen next. It's really a very nice story. A hidden gem. Something I'll recommend to read. <<less
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Dec 20, 2021
Status: c144 part2
So, when I looked at this novel at first I'd thought "Well why not try this one? Looks neat.". And later on I find myself binge-reading it in one day... Good thing it was Sunday.

The novel is great. It has very interesting characters and they all feel unique. I haven't met even one repetetive character in there. It has a very unique setting where the Demon King is basically already defeated and clearing the dungeons is just an entertainment industry.

I think it's a great slice of life story. No hidden... more>> undercurrents, it just depicts the life of a person with his significant other and their friends. It's a very wholesome expirience overall giving off a very warm feeling. I'd like it really much if there were more novels like this one which greatly help to just cozy up, relax, and read a heartwarming story... I felt like this only a few times and I appreciate this type of storytelling very much.

Have a nice day everyone and be happy =) <<less
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: c103
Basically a good novel that you would read in the middle of class.
-Love the story

-Characters are somewhat unique and don't feel like robots.

-Pretty good MC like he isn't s*upid s*upid like those dense mc's

-I like phoenix hero since he is a pretty good friend to MC.

-MC should be at least a little mad during some parts of the novel.

-A little bit more world building
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Mar 24, 2021
Status: --
The storyline is well-done as far as the ones on this website. Lem gets his revenge pretty early on (40~ish), so we don't have to wait far too long. One thing consistent with a bunch of JP tropes are - no romantic progress + prefer to stay in the background which are the main reasons to dislike the novel. Regardless, it's still a very good (to me) novel, even if the early chapters aren't that interesting, it does get better.
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Aug 14, 2023
Status: c200
I really tried but..

The rating is supposed to be lower, at 2 stars at most but it wont change anymore I dunno why

The idea is quite interesting but frankly the way it was written just bored me. It started of great. These are the pros? Like what could make you read it.

  • The MC is a support type with big dreams
  • Bestfeiends with a hero that isnt a jerk
  • Strong enough but have room for improvements
  • Seems to have a love interest but its a reaally sloow burn like a drawl
However, even after 200+... more>> chapters:

  • Youd think there is a lot of progress already in the story but there is not much difference from the start
  • The way it is written is like a very long soliluquy or if you could say it has long repetitive narratives that is actually a full chapter of that update on the novel
In conclusion, this might be for you if you just want to read any random story though I suggest not investing much of your time and effort on this because of said reasons above but hey its up to you <<less
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