Eat The Peach


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33-year-old robust beta, Sungyeon, who works as a social worker, one day finds himself in the body of Omega student, Bokseung, his counseling client. Pale, soft, peach-scented, frail, and poor, Bokseung’s life was drastically different from Sungyeon’s past life.

“Could I possibly become, well, a biological father? I mean, where my sperm and a woman’s egg meet. Yes, that kind of father.” “Ah, I understand what you’re curious about. Unfortunately, that’s a rare occurrence worthy of being reported in academia…”

That day, Sungyeon (in Bokseung’s body) decided to achieve something noteworthy for academia with the dream of becoming a father. But… the good-looking and pleasant-smelling alpha senior next to him is getting on his nerves.

“When?” “Excuse me?” “When are you coming to see the cat? Mark the earliest date on your calendar when you’re not working.”

He’s known to be domineering and dislikes people. Why does he keep nagging and helping?

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잇 더 피치
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4 Reviews

New lemonchizu
May 13, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a decent ABO story. What sets this apart is how the beta MC transmigrated into another person (omega) and how this triggers an identity conflict within himself. It's evident in how he always refers to himself as "Seongyeon" in his inner monologues. For most of the story, it feels like he's just wearing "Bokseung"'s body.

... more>>

Kind of odd that the identity crisis wasn't resolved sooner, considering the OG Bokseung had already told him in earlier chapters to live on as himself since he never wants to come back PLUS he's resolved himself to love Yoohyeon as "Bokseung". His narrative as "Seongyeon" is literally only resolved in the final chapter.


As usual with omegaverse, there are elements of abuse, attempted r*pe, assault, discrimination etc. Still, I'd say they're not as overly prevalent so the sad undertones are significantly lowered. It's not a short story by any means, but somehow both the drama and sweet moments felt too little due to the shoveling haha.

I'm still rating this generously because it is a good light read. <<less
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Nov 09, 2023
Status: c7
Rating ~3.6

MC is a counsellor that transmigrated into body of one of his clients. They knew each other for years and had sort of brotherly relationship. Suddenly his client loses his sh*t and jumps on a traffic road with MC in his arms. Honestly reading how it happened seemed a bit nonessential, but whatever.

MC doesn’t act like 33 years old dude. I never really understood why you have to make someone so old if he was gonna behave like any other teenager. His ‘old man habits’ seemed like something I... more>> would do myself and I am 21.

MC accepted the situation a little bit too fast, but I am already used to such things, in most novels it is the same. What bothered me is that MC didn’t particularly grieve his client who passed away. Like you were supposedly so close and now you are straight up wearing his body and you already more or less got used to it.

Another thing is his beta ass spent 33 years in his world and he didn’t know much about omegas, forgot that alphas existed at all. Like what? Fellow humans you never bothered to know anything about them?

Rating is kinda generous. I tried to remember some good points but there is nothing that stands out? <<less
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Dec 08, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a really, really cute and heartwarming novel. Nothing overly dramatic, just a light enough read to pass the time. The characters are all lovable, especially the MC. Definitely recommended if you are into light reading and fluffy love story.
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Nov 30, 2023
Status: Completed

This is one of my favorite BL novels

You guys are in for a great ride!!!!

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