E? Heibon Desu yo??


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Yukari was a high-school student when she died in a traffic accident, but when she woke up, she had been reincarnated as the daughter of a count in another world! But strangely, what was waiting for her was a life of poverty, so she decided to make use of the knowledge from her previous life.

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Eh? Heibon Desu yo??
Eh? It's Ordinary??
えっ? 平凡ですよ??
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AbyssalDaemon rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: c20
Incredibly bland. The story is a cookie-cutter reincarnation story set in a vague European fantasy where everyone is amazed by the MC's knowledge and never bother to question _why_ a little girl would have her knowledge, and said knowledge is always correct -- despite being based on assumptions that she hasn't actually checked.
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DevilScarlet rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
Well if you didn't know already, it's a really slow paced slice of life.
Our MC is reincarned in another world as a noble daughter and like pretty much every japanese light novel she want her modern japanese comfort. (lucky we don't have the usual bath praising)

So.... cute MC, beautifull, smart, change the world with modern knowledge, happy new family, powerfull MC, like cooking and amaze ppl when cooking...

So if you have a lack of fluffy story, are bored by action-type novel with OP MC saving the world, you... more>> should try to read this, really cool when taking this into account. <<less
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Shio rated it
October 26, 2015
Status: --
The webnovel is... bearable to read. But after reading the manga adaptation I just want to flip my laptop and drop this series completely.

I don’t really think that the female lead is smart, because she only use basic knowledge from future, without ever trying to understand the situation of her current world and analyze the effect of her action. The premise is similar to other reincarnation novel. MC reincarnated into past, have amazing knowledge from future, and is gifted in magic. It feels as if the author is taking advantage... more>> of the vague definition of european fantasy setting and purposely lower the civilization level just to made the heroine looks good.

Read if you want to read about cute girl doing cute things with her friend in reincarnation setting pack. <<less
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rdawv rated it
March 16, 2016
Status: --
Impressions as of c14.

The female, domesticated equivalent of Death March, minus the action and excitement. It tells the everyday story of a modern student who reincarnated as the daughter of a humble lord. Carefree and seemingly in a world without danger thus far, the MC began to make changes to her locality using her modern knowledge.

Thus far most aspects of the story is about the domestic life (cooking, farming). Whether she is ignorant of the potential dangers of introducing her foreign concepts is not expanded upon, nor is there any... more>> concern from her parents who seemingly do not question her fount of wisdom at all. Everyone seems to be joyous of the changes she has introduced, and the MC herself barely had a doubt or two about doing so. The introduction of a teacher with a ‘heretical’ background might change this, but it is very, very early days yet.

Each chapter is relatively short and simple. Light and fluffy would be the phrase I would use to describe the story. <<less
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Poor_Hero rated it
February 13, 2016
Status: --
cute mc? Check. Reborn into a fallen noble family? Check. Slow development of plot? Check. Op mc? Check. Using modern earth knowledge to her current world? Check. Dense mc? Check. Have protective family (and other friends & teachers) ? Check. Obligatory cooking chapter? Check. Read it if this is your cup of tea.
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mystichead rated it
November 4, 2015
Status: --
Cooking... cute funny characters... hilarious female lead
sign me up
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