Dungeon Busters ~I’m Just a Middle-Aged Man, but I Will Save the World Because of a Dungeon That Appeared in My Garden


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Kazuhiko Ezoe who runs a management consultation firm in Edogawa, Tokyo lives a care-free bachelor life when he suddenly unintentionally activated a dungeon while investigating a strange hole that appeared in his garden. Eventually, dungeon starts appearing all over the world and each of the countries’ government began to consider on how to utilize them.
However the dungeon has a serious secret. If things continue as it is a monster flood would occur and 10 years’ time and destroy the world.

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Dungeon Busters
ダンジョン・バスターズ ~中年男ですが庭にダンジョンが出現したので世界を救います~
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Date Group Release
02/23/23 13th Grave c4 part2
02/21/23 13th Grave c4 part1
02/04/23 13th Grave c3 part4
01/15/23 13th Grave c3 part3
01/09/23 13th Grave c3 part2
01/04/23 13th Grave c3 part1
12/14/22 13th Grave c2 part3
12/14/22 13th Grave c2 part2
12/14/22 13th Grave c2 part1
12/12/22 13th Grave c1 part3
12/12/22 13th Grave c1 part2
12/12/22 13th Grave c1 part1
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