Dual Life ~Hiru wa Yuusha Party, Yoru wa Maou Gun~


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In a journey to defeat the Demon Lord, three women set out as heroes—there’s the sweet and clingy female hero, the upright and virtuous female knight, and the gentle and caring holy maiden.

But amidst this trio of women, there’s a lone black-robed male wizard named Farsa. Despite being a court magician and a member of the Demon Lord’s Four Heavenly Kings, he joins the hero’s party as well.

In the day, he fights alongside the heroes as a human, and at night, he works for the Demon Lord’s army as a demon.

“I’d be perfectly content with just enough money to get by! I don’t want to climb the ladder and end up busy! I’d rather retire somewhere peaceful in the countryside, spend my days reading or something.”

But his hopes are in vain as he continues to be recognized and promoted by those around him, and now he finds himself on a one-way path, unable to turn back—a hybrid of a human and demon, a precarious secret he keeps, always anxious about when his true identity will be exposed.

Reluctantly, Farsa continues to work day after day, unsure of what the future holds.

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Dual Life ~Hero Party in The Day, Demon Army in The Night~
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titor420 rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c12
The premise of this novel is great. It's written primarily as a slice of life, with a bit of action and comedy. The problem is that the execution is poor. From what I've read, the "harem" is just a typical fake one, where the MC has an entourage of girls that he views as siblings or colleagues. One of the girls at his workplace treats him like sh*t and walks all over him, I guess the audience is supposed to laugh or be intrigued at these scenes but they aren't... more>> funny nor does it establish an interesting scenario. Having a cold love interest is fine, but the execution here is very poor, it left me wanting to drop this story, not learn more about the characters.

The comedy is just a huge miss in general. There's the overbearing demon queen who loves the MC and his subordinate too much. There's the "MC and girl take a nap together and have to explain to rest of party in a seiza". Typical WN humor, but it doesn't really work because 1) we don't care about/know these characters very well, 2) scenarios and dialogue comes off as overly generic.

Just a frustrating novel with shallow characters. Maybe this story does get better later down the line, but I won't be the one to find out. <<less
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Cinque-39 rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c27
I like how the protagonist handles both his lives efficiently! This is quite a fun novel to read so give it a try! Remember not to think too much of it and just enjoy! The translator is great for translating 25 chapters in a few months! They are consistent enough to keep me reading!
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AsianInvasion rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c22
You get right into the story premise from the get go.

... more>>

The protagonist is immediately known to be going back and forth between 2 lifestyles of high positions both in under the Demon king, and a Human kingdom. Neither side knows about his dual lifestyle and he manages to balance these lives out without getting caught... as of yet.


I usually love these stories with OP protagonists that have multiple personas so I gave it a read, and I so far I am enjoying it. Unlike the tag that suggests Harem, so far the protagonist seems to avoid romance, and like a typical JP MC he just happens to be a natural at attracting female companions while being somewhat oblivious to his relationships and his life circumstances. While there a little bit of action, it feels more like a slice of life, as so far the story mainly focuses on character day-to-day interactions. A little similar to another novel that I recommend reading: The Strongest Dull Prince. <<less
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